IFA Auto Insurance Review

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Address: 14 Walnut Avenue
City: Clark
State: New Jersey
ZIP: 07066
Phone Number: 1-877-432-2277
AM Best Rating: B++
Market Cap: $10 Million to $25 Million
Year Founded: 1972

This IFA Auto Insurance Review is for the New Jersey-based company that offers personal auto insurance coverage in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Founded in 1972, IFA Auto Insurance services private customers only and does not offer commercial coverage.

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IFA Auto Insurance offers a special discount to employees and members of businesses and organizations who are enrolled in the IFA Affinity program. These discounts can be up to 40% and are available to businesses and the proposed insured at no additional cost.

IFA Auto Insurance has state-specific information on their website for customers from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This includes information about state laws, coverage minimums, and the history of auto insurance in those states. IFA also prides itself on offering insurance to excellent drivers with a clean driving record.

IFA Auto Insurance Agents

The IFA Auto Insurance Company does not have a listing of agents online, nor does it have a search function that can locate agents by name or location. However, there is a toll-free number that customers can call to speak to a live auto insurance professional. In addition, customers can email info@ifaauto.com.

IFA Auto Insurance Locations

The IFA Auto Insurance corporate office is located at 14 Walnut Avenue in Clark, New Jersey. There is no listing of additional offices on the IFA website, as it seems that the primary form of communication for customers is through phone calls or email, rather than visiting an IFA Auto Insurance office. IFA offers personal insurance in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but there is no physical office building located in Pennsylvania.

IFA Auto Insurance Quotes

IFA Auto Insurance does offer online auto insurance quotes. In fact, nearly every page on the IFA website has a link to obtain a free quote by entering your zip code. Once a potential customer enters a zip code, additional information such as name, drivers, type of vehicle and desired coverage is required. All the information does not have to be entered in one sitting – customers can save an online quote and retrieve it at a later time. Customers can also call 1-877-432-0292 or email quotes@ifaauto.com to get a quote.

IFA Auto Insurance Claims

Although there is no way to file a claim online, IFA Auto Insurance Company does accept claims 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Customers can find detailed information about filing an automobile claim on the IFA website, and it is important for customers to have their policy number and details of the accident when they contact IFA. To report a claim, customers must call the IFA Claims Department phone number at 1-877-432-2277 or email claims@ifaauto.com.

IFA Auto Insurance Reviews

IFA Auto Insurance Company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), although businesses are under no obligation to seek or obtain accreditation from the BBB. Companies that are not accredited can be assigned a rating by the BBB. The best possible rating in these cases is an “A+”, and the worst is an “F.” The ratings are based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to length of time in business, the type of business, whether or not the company honored commitments to the Better Business Bureau, background information about the business, and more. There are a total of 16 factors and, based on those, the BBB has assigned IFA Auto Insurance a grade of “F.”

From 2009-2011, there were 14 complaints filed with the BBB against IFA Auto Insurance. Of those, six never received a response from IFA Auto Insurance, and one complaint did not produce a satisfactory response from IFA, according to the BBB. This factor ultimately led to the rating of “F” by the Better Business Bureau.

IFA Auto Insurance is rated “B++” (Good) by the A.M. Best Company but has a negative outlook. In addition, IFA Auto Insurance has a long-term issuer credit rating of “bbb.”

There are individual reviews of IFA Auto Insurance available (http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews105044.html), and the six ratings submitted by customers and other individuals averaged 2.1 out of 5 stars.

IFA Auto Insurance Careers

There is no information on the IFA Auto Insurance website about careers or job openings. This could be either because there are currently no openings at IFA, or because IFA does not promote their available positions online.

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Reviews for IFA Auto Insurance

    • 22222
    Eleanore says:

    They NEVER answer the phone. Good thing it was not an “emergency” when I called!!!

    • 55555
    wayne yescalis says:

    Had geico for 5 years since I was 20. My driving record kept getting better year after year until it was perfect: no points no accidents but my insurence kept going up. I called geico and asked if they could reduce it and they said no because there expenses went up, probably all the advertising they do. I switched to safe auto and that was a nightmare they sent out a lot of paperwork, and within two weeks they said I was late and bumped my insurence up by 50% and then another 5% .Safe auto was extremely difficult to work with, rude, and unrealistic with timing so I cancelled and they kept billing me even when I switched to IFA. I got a good quote, freindly customer service and I’m about to renew my policy. I will probably be with IFA the rest of my life.

    • 11111
    randy says:

    bad customer services, i try to call them , they dont want to answer, the manager has attitude

    • 55555
    Brian Cook says:

    Geico wanted $147 a month for a 2012 Hyundai Ellantra (Good Credit – Perfect Driving Record) … IFA quoted me $71 a month for the same coverage for the same vehicle listed above. They were very nice to me over the phone and the payment plan was reasonable. Thanks IFA !!! I will be with you for quite some time to come…

    • 11111
    Jack says:

    This is the worst company I hnave ever delt with in my life. They have no customer srevice and never answer the phone. Please, do yourself a favor, do not work with this company,

    • 11111
    Michael says:

    The worst customer service ever in Clark, N.J. They do not call you back when leaving a message and had a Terrible experience with them. My agent always went on trips and tried to contact or mail never got back to me. I rather sign up with other insurance company instead of IFA.

  1. Alicia says:

    The WORST !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I switched vehicles and called it in as well as faxed the documents over and the woman i spoke with said ” OK all good to go, your vehicles have been switched” ONLY to find out three months later that they NEVER did!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was paid in full for a year and i am still waiting a month and a half later for my refund due to the fact that i cancelled with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T DO IT TO YOURSELF I KNOW IT”S CHEAP BUT THEY ARE UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

    • 11111
    Jannet says:

    Incredibly slow payment for damages. no response over 2 months. When I called and finally spoke to someone, was told they need to verify my address..Very difficult to contact someone to resolve issues. Phone rings at various desks with no answer or voicemail. Operator just passes call onto next voicemail. 2 month past over my accident and they havent do the pay off to the bank. Incomplete settlement… Changing my company this week

    • 11111
    Camille says:

    If it was up to me they would have gotten negative points! This company is terrible and their staff are trash i don’t care how it sounds that’s how i feel! This is the worst auto company i have ever had in my life! The managers are always ” busy” and no one is ever in the office! The only way to speak with some one in a professional waiting period is when your pissed off and harassing them by calling back to back! My policy was cancelled because of something over looked by a member of their staff!If your considering this company because i’d the low quote please look else where i found nt same deal 2 cats for less than what i had at ifa and it is possible with 2 accidents and a2 point ticket on your history. Waiting on my refund it’s been over 10 days blue let’s get a move on this company was si quick to take the money out of your account yet so slow to put it back in!

    • 11111
    DV says:

    I too have them and you are all telling nothing but the truth they really suck. All they want is the money. They never answer the phone but have an answering service and never call you back its a shame I have been with them for a short time, I have a surprise for them I am about to bounce…..

    • 11111
    Aaron says:

    Very unprofessional, extremely difficult to get in touch with when you actually need to talk with somebody. Refuses to help with insurance claim :(

    • 11111
    Ela says:

    Horrible company have for fifteen years paid them on time. Only because they paid for the car after the total loss dropped me like nothing. No loyalty just people hungry for money. Never go with them they only want your money. When is time to pay for any damage drop you right away.

  2. Ela says:

    The worst company in US. All they care is money. Unprofessional, unethical, disrespectful ,and incompetent. Big mistake choosing them as my car insurance company. They don’t deserve good people, but only trash just like them.

    • 11111
    Brenda Long says:

    TO ALL IFA INSURANCE CUSTOMERS BEWARE: Here goes, my son has an accident in August 2014. He is traveling south bound in a 45 mph zone, the car behind him decides he isn’t going fast enough and decides to pass him even though it is only a “2” lane highway and not a passing zone, when he does, he doesn’t realize a car is coming north bound. So what does he do he cuts my son off and with no where to go my son loses control, he hits a mail box that is sitting on a huge galvanized pipe filled with cement, damage over $10,000.00. Now because my son wasn’t able to get, I guess the license plate number or the persons name (not to mention, he couldn’t drive the car and with that was to upset) they won’t renew our insurance because they have no way to recoup the money. I have been a customer since December 2011 and I’m not recalling any claims and if there were they would have to be small ones if any. Now after the accident they sent me my request for information to renew but I guess when they found out the claim amount they decided nah we don’t want you as a customer and sent out letter not to renew. IFA INSURANCE, I DON’T NEED YOU EITHER…BAD COMPANY TO DEAL WITH!!!!!! I will be posting this on many other sites as a reference for people not to go with IFA

    • 11111
    Antoinette says:

    HORRIBLE!!! DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE! They have recently messed my daughter all around. She is working to put herself through school and this company was told that when she filed the claim and yet they have taken their good old time about getting an adjuster here to look at the car. On top of that, she just got her paper work from them yesterday that SHE has to fill out and send back to them to even get the process rolling on getting her car fixed. She hit the deer and called them the same day to report it. That was OVER 20 DAYS AGO!

  3. latoya says:

    Never get them they customer service sucks
    They are rude on the phone they take there time filing claims

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