What discounts does USAA offer?

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Things to remember...
  • USAA is a reputable insurer that is known for providing affordable rates to military professionals and their families
  • This insurer offers a total of 28 discounts to help you save money on your premium
  • Comparing rates is the best way to determine which insurer offers the best rates for you

As soon as you decide what type of car insurance you want to buy and what limits you want your coverage set at, you need to decide which insurers you want to obtain quotes from. While the financial strength and overall reputation of the insurance company are important factors to consider, the affordability of insurance rates also is a deciding factor when you are choosing a provider.

Factors that Determine Insurance Rates


There are many factors that determine the insurance rates that a specific insurer offers to you. Each insurer reviews these factors differently, so rates can vary substantially. A few of these factors include:

  • Your age and gender
  • The type of car you drive, including its replacement value, repair cost, and safety ratings
  • Your driving history
  • Your credit rating
  • How far you drive regularly
  • Where you live

How Discounts Can Save You Money

Saving money on car insurance is understandably a top goal, and the good news is that many car insurance companies offer an exceptional range of discounts that can help you to save money. It is important to note that each insurer offers unique discounts.

In addition, some may have different requirements or qualifications that you must meet to qualify for discounts. This means that you may be able to save more money on your premium by shopping around and comparing the discounts that you qualify for through different providers.

Discounts You Can Expect From USAA


USAA was founded in 1922, and it is a Fortune 500 company that is based in San Antonio. This reputable insurance company has more than 11.9 million members, and these are all active or retired military professionals from all branches as well as their family members.

USAA is more than just an insurance company, and it offers a full range of banking and investment options to its members as well.

This established insurance provider offers 28 discounts that are designed to help members qualify for savings on their auto premium. When you shop around for insurance quotes, a USAA representative will ask specific questions to determine which of these money-saving discounts you may qualify for. These are among the most common categories that the USAA car insurance discounts fall under.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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– Safety Gear on Your Vehicle

There are a wide range of safety features found on modern vehicles, and USAA may offer a discount on your premium if your car has any of these features. Some of the top features the company looks for include antilock brakes and passive restraint features. If your car has VIN etching and other anti-theft features, you may qualify for additional discounts.

– Your Age or Experience Behind the Wheel


With some insurance companies, age and experience behind the wheel can work against you. However, USAA offers both young driver and senior driver discounts to help these groups of individuals save money. Younger drivers may also qualify for additional savings through a good student discount or a distant student discount.

– Your Driving Record

If you have a safe driving record, USAA may reward you. Those who have a claims-free status in recent years may enjoy substantial savings on their premium. In addition, taking a driver’s safety course recently or being an overall safe driver with relatively few blemishes on your driving history may also qualify you for a discount through this insurance company.

– Family Legacy

If your parents or other family members have been USAA members, you may qualify for a family legacy discount. This can be combined with a loyalty discount if you are a member for several years or more. Remember that signing your kids up for coverage when they become drivers can help them to qualify for the legacy discount as well. Officers, as well as family members of officers, may qualify for more substantial savings than enlisted military personnel.

– How You Drive and Store Your Car

USAA understands that how frequently you drive your car as well as how it is stored can play a role in vehicle condition and potential claims. If you are an occasional or low mileage driver, you may qualify for a significant discount on your car insurance. In addition, if you regularly store your car in a garage or in a military garage, you may also benefit from additional savings.

– Insuring Multiple Drivers or Vehicles

Many insurance companies offer a discount if you insure multiple drivers or vehicles under one policy, and USAA is no different. Through USAA, you will receive a progressively higher discount for each additional vehicle that you insure as well as for each additional driver you add to your coverage. Keep in mind that the company also offers even more savings opportunities if you have a checking or savings account, home insurance or other products from USAA.

– Your Billing Preferences

USAA also encourages its members to go green, and you can benefit from a small discount if you elect to receive paperless communications and statements from this company. Setting up an automated payment may yield additional savings.

How to Get a Quote From USAA


In order to get a quote for car insurance from USAA, you must prove that you are or were in the military, or you must prove a family connection to someone who has previously been in the military. Once this has been established, you can then request a quote for coverage over the phone or through the website.

The representatives at USAA typically work with you to help you qualify for additional savings.

For example, they may ask if you want to open a small checking account to qualify for an auto insurance premium discount.

While you may qualify for membership with USAA and you may qualify for multiple discounts through this insurer, you may obtain a better rate quote through another provider. It is smart to request three or four different quotes from insurance companies before you decide which provider to purchase your coverage from. Remember to complete this process every six months so that you never more than necessary on your auto insurance policy.

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