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Things to remember...
  • Saving money on auto insurance is easy to do when you take advantage of MetLife’s 38 auto insurance discounts.
  • MetLife is a well-known and established leader in the insurance industry.
  • There may be other ways for you to save money on car insurance as well.

When you shop around and compare auto insurance policies, you may be drawn to MetLife because of its incredible reputation as an industry leader. This is a company that was established in 1868, and it currently provides insurance to more than 90 million customers spread across 60 countries worldwide.

However, the incredible reputation of MetLife may not be the only thing you are concerned about when you are shopping around for a new insurance policy.

Understanding How Auto Insurance Affects Your Finances


Your auto insurance policy can affect your budget in a few different ways. For example, your premium may be paid in full up-front, or it may be paid in quarterly or monthly installment payments.

Regardless of how you pay the premium, it becomes a regular part of your budget. Remember that drivers must purchase at least a minimum level of coverage to comply with laws in your state.

The other primary way auto insurance affects your budget relates to the deductible.

Each time you file a claim against your auto insurance policy, you will need to pay your deductible.

A standard deductible amount is $500, but you may adjust this amount to be higher or lower as desired. You generally want to have an amount of money equivalent to your deductible available in your savings account at all times so that you can file a claim as necessary.

Determining How MetLife Can Save You Money

MetLife is a leader in the industry, and it is known for providing its customers with great service as well as competitive rates. While the rates are attractive, you may be able to save even more money when you take advantage of a combination of the company’s 38 auto insurance discounts.

Auto insurance discounts each have unique requirements that you must meet, but most drivers may be pleased to discover that they qualify for at least a few discounts.

You may be wondering what the discounts are, and a closer look at the options may help you to determine if you should inquire about MetLife auto insurance discounts.

– Discounts Related to Your Car


Many safety features in your car can affect your driving experience, and MetLife offers discounts if you buy a vehicle that is loaded with safety features. Some of the safety features that it offers discounts for include:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Forward collision warning
  • Daytime running lights
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Stability control
  • Anti-theft features
  • Passive restraint features

– Discounts for Safe Driving

If you have a driving history that indicates that you are a safe driver, you may also qualify for a discount. A claims-free driving record, as well as a good driving record overall, may yield savings to you. Taking a driver’s education course is another way to qualify for a discount related to safe driving.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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– Discounts for Your Personal Factors

There are many personal factors that can result in a discount on your auto insurance premium. For example, military professionals, federal employees, and seniors may qualify for additional premium savings. MetLife also offers discounts for loyalty, family legacy, being a good student, and more.

– Discounts for Bundling Your Coverage


MetLife is a full-service insurance company, and it may offer a discount if you bundle your homeowners or renters policy, life insurance, or other products with your auto insurance policy. In addition, you may qualify for savings if you insure multiple cars or drivers under a single policy.

– Other Discounts to Know About

Many drivers will be pleased to learn that they qualify for at least a few of these discounts and are able to save a substantial amount of money on their premium as a result. MetLife also offers additional discounts that can yield even more substantial savings for you, and some of these include:

  • Low mileage
  • Being married
  • Driving a newer car
  • Being a new customer
  • Being a student or alumni
  • Setting up paperless billing and automated payments

Exploring Other Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Because your car insurance policy can have such a significant impact on your budget, you may be interested in saving even more money. There are other options available for lowering your auto insurance premium. While some are rather easy to take advantage of, others may require time and ample planning to implement.

– Adjusting Your Deductible

Your deductible directly affects your premium. As the deductible increases, the premium declines. The good news is that MetLife allows you to set your deductible at any desired level within reason. This means that a simple phone call to adjust your deductible level today can result in a change in your premium amount immediately.

– Improving Your Credit Rating


Insurance companies commonly review your credit rating when determining auto insurance rates. It is important that you understand what your credit rating currently is, and you can request a free copy of your credit report online once per year.

Determine what steps you can take to improve your credit rating in the months to come, and you may notice a decrease in your premium at your next renewal date.

– Switching Cars

Another great idea is to trade in a car that is expensive to insure for a model that is more affordable to insure. The repair and replacement costs of a model, how frequently it is stolen, the power of the engine, and even safety features in the car can impact auto insurance rates. Therefore, the vehicle that is insured directly affects your premium cost.

– Moving to a More Affordable Area

Auto insurance companies analyze driving, accident, and theft statistics for each zip code. A neighboring zip code may have much more affordable insurance rates than where you currently live. This means that moving even a few blocks away into another zip code could yield premium savings.

Your auto insurance representatives can help you to determine which zip codes may have more affordable rates.

While there are many ways to save money on MetLife auto insurance, it is important to seek quotes from multiple providers before you buy coverage. Remember that other providers offer auto insurance discounts as well, and you may find that another company offers a more affordable rate in some cases.

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