GEICO Auto Insurance Reviews (2022)

GEICO auto insurance reviews are decidedly positive among its customers on its website. Nearly 80% of these GEICO insurance reviews contain five-star ratings, but customer reviews for GEICO tell a different story. GEICO claims reviews and customer satisfaction ratings are relatively high in a survey for J.D. power, but the auto insurance company has plenty of complaints elsewhere.

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State: Maryland
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Year Founded: 1934
AM Best Rating: A++ (Superior)
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Are GEICO auto insurance reviews overwhelmingly positive or negative?

Today, GEICO has over 18 million active auto insurance policies, and it covers over 30 million vehicles. Also, it has a customer service line that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

Given that GEICO is a company with over $32 million in assets and an 8.5% share in the auto insurance market, you might be wondering if GEICO has good insurance reviews. Specifically, how good are GEICO’s auto insurance claims reviews?

We’ll discuss GEICO auto insurance reviews below, including data from leading industry sources. But if you want to see auto insurance rates from top companies in your area right now, enter your ZIP code into our free quote tool above.

How good are GEICO’s customer service ratings?

GEICO auto insurance has received mixed ratings over the last few years. Let’s examine customer service ratings from J.D. Power and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

J.D. Power Survey

GEICO had a rather impressive showing in J.D. Power’s 2020 customer satisfaction survey. The company ranked first in the North, Central, Northwest, and Southwest regions. The latter was a tie with American Family.

On the other hand, GEICO did not fare that well in the 2021 J.D. Power study.

GEICO’s 2021 J.D. Power Survey Rankings

RegionRankingScore (out of 1,000)Regional Average
California4th out of 13828816
Central4th out of 13 (tied with Auto-Owners Insurance)845841
Florida6th out of 8823833
Mid-Atlantic5th out of 14835842
New England3rd out of 12841828
New York4th out of 8827830
North Central8th out of 17837839
Northwest5th out of 8821827
Southeast6th out of 16843847
Southwest5th out of 11829832
Texas6th out of 8832840

The decrease in customer satisfaction snapped a four-year streak of improvement.

NAIC Rating

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, GEICO receives a higher-than-average share of complaints.

GEICO’s NAIC Complaint Index (2018-2020)

Private Passenger Policies201820192020
Complaint Index1.041.021.32
Total Complaints386365311
Share of Complaints in U.S. Market2.08%2.18%2.89%
Annual Revenues$4,951,835,031$5,443,626,014$5,455,832,670
Share of Revenues in U.S. Market2.01%2.14%2.18%


  1. The National Complaint Index is always at 1.00, so companies with a complaint index over 1.00 have more complaints than the average.
  2. You can determine a company’s National Complaint Index by dividing the share of complaints by its share of revenues for the year. We have rounded both figures to the nearest one hundredth after the decimal point for this table.
  3. By “revenues,” we refer to the regular payments policyholders make to the company for auto insurance coverage.

With that said, what do customers have to say about GEICO auto insurance?

How good are GEICO’s auto insurance reviews from actual customers?

What positive things do people have to say about GEICO auto insurance? Here are the four things that satisfied GEICO customers (those giving the auto insurance company five stars) often say:

  • The agents are very attentive.
  • GEICO’s auto insurance is highly affordable, and you save money by switching to GEICO.
  • GEICO handles auto claims quickly.
  • The company has fantastic customer service.

What negative things do people have to say about GEICO auto insurance? When examining GEICO auto insurance reviews from various sources, this is what users often allege:

  • It’s nearly impossible to reach an actual person.
  • GEICO sharply increased rates without informing customers.
  • The company takes a long time to fulfill claims, particularly for totaled cars.
  • GEICO will protect its drivers against third-party auto insurance claims, even when those drivers are at fault.
  • The company may change insurance coverages for policyholders when they need to file a collision or comprehensive auto insurance claim.

Below is a closer look at GEICO auto insurance reviews from a few sources, including GEICO’s website.

GEICO Insurance Reviews From the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

You cannot see GEICO’s customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website. (Any links lead to a 404 page.) However, the BBB retains statistics for GEICO on a single page. For instance, it counts 602 customer reviews, and the average rating customers gave GEICO was 1.15 out of 5 stars.

The BBB closed 2,514 customer complaints in the past three years. Also, the BBB closed 754 complaints in the last 12 months.

GEICO Insurance Reviews From Yelp

By January 2022, GEICO garnered around 490 total reviews from Yelp users for various insurance products. The average score is 1.5 stars, and most of the recent reviews are one-star ratings.

Here’s an example of a five-star review for GEICO auto insurance: In September 2021, one Yelp user praised a GEICO auto claims adjuster who took over a customer’s case after the previous adjuster had been rude.

And here is an example of a one-star review for GEICO’s auto insurance: In December 2021, a user who had been a GEICO customer for well over 15 years said that they called the company’s claims department multiple times only for operators to put them on hold.

GEICO Website Reviews

From 13,000+ reviews on GEICO’s website, over 8,400 (close to 80%) have a five-star rating. As of early January 2022, the one-star ratings totaled less than 600.

One five-star review on GEICO’s website dated July 26, 2021, came from a person who had used GEICO auto insurance for three years. The user praised the company’s customer service and had a positive experience using GEICO’s Emergency Roadside Service.

On the flip side, a one-star review dated December 31, 2021, came from a GEICO customer of eight years. The person claimed that GEICO’s claims department made a clerical error and told them that they were liable for damages to their car.

How can you leave a review for GEICO auto insurance?

In many cases, you need to either create an account to leave the review on a website or be a paying customer:

  • Only GEICO customers can leave reviews for the company’s auto insurance.
  • Yelp requires users to create an account to leave reviews on its website.
  • You would need to be a paying member to see or leave GEICO insurance reviews on Consumer Reports’ website.

Additionally, the BBB investigates complaints against various companies, so it needs to confirm that the complainant is a paying customer. The BBB will close complaints within 30 days, and those comments will be inaccessible to the public.

Of course, if you want to leave a review for GEICO on a website like this one, you need to be logged in via WordPress.

How can you file a complaint with the GEICO auto insurance company? has outlined four steps you can take when you need to file a complaint against a company:

  1. Collect any relevant documents.
  2. Contact the company that sold you the product.
  3. Contact any third parties if the seller doesn’t address or resolve your issue.
  4. Seek legal advice and assistance.

To the third point, your options are numerous, and they include the BBB, state insurance commissioners, and federal agencies.

Of course, the BBB is an excellent option, provided it accredits certain businesses. But, in many cases, the best avenue for filing a complaint with any auto insurance company is to contact your state’s insurance commissioner.

GEICO Insurance Reviews: The Bottom Line

As you can see, GEICO’S website customer reviews are mostly positive. On the flip side, GEICO has suffered from declining customer satisfaction, as you can see in industry surveys and on numerous websites.

You can read our GEICO auto insurance review to learn more about the company. That page shows average rates and discounts plus a few comments from GEICO customers.

Hopefully, this primer about GEICO auto insurance reviews has helped your research into the company. And if you want to see rates from top auto insurance companies in your area, enter your ZIP code into our free tool below.