Can you get car insurance for 3 months?

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Here's what you need to know...

  • Think outside of the big national insurance companies for a short-term policy
  • Insurers with a unique underwriting skill-set are best suited to write short-term policies
  • When buying a three-month car insurance policy, find the right mix of premium and coverage

Car insurance is something that is necessary for the vast majority of Americans. When you own a car, the expectation is that you are going to purchase an insurance policy to protect you and your passengers while the car is in motion.

What do you do, though, if you do not need car insurance for the typical policy terms that are offered?

Most of the car insurance providers the marketplace offer one of the two standard policy terms. These include a six-month policy and an annual policy.

When you need to get something that is outside of those two options, things can get tricky.

The important thing to remember here is that if you need a car insurance policy for three months, shop around and you may be surprised at what you find.

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Think Outside of the Big Players


Car insurance is available for all different periods of time.

You can get a car insurance policy for one week, one month, three months, or a year if you need it.

It is all about finding an insurance carrier that is going to be able to service your needs and provide you with the policy that you actually want, at a price that is appropriate.

When you need a car insurance policy that is going to be effective for something other than a six-month or annual policy period, you probably want to think outside of the big players.

You want to get a policy that is exactly what you need in terms of length, with the policy limits you want, at a premium that is reasonable.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Niche Insurance Companies Service the Short-Term Market

From an underwriting standpoint, it is very different writing a risk for such a short period of time as three months.

When you get a car insurance policy for say, a year, the policy premium you pay is expected to cover the risk that you present to that insurer for that period of time.

When you cut that length of time down to three months, it takes a unique underwriting talent pool in order to come up with a competitive premium amount based on the risk that you present.

Niche insurance companies service the short-term market because they have the expertise to write such unique car insurance policies. This means that they are going to be experienced in writing risks such as yours, pricing them competitively, and also servicing them.

More Risk of Fluctuation in Premium


The risk to you as an insured when you have a car insurance policy for such a short period of time is that you face an increased risk of premium fluctuation.

When you have an annual insurance policy, and you get in an accident in month two of the policy, the premium that you are paying is not going to increase until the policy is renewed that following year.

With a three-month car insurance policy, though, the premium is going to increase right after month three when your policy is up for renewal.

This creates an environment for insurers where they can price policies more competitively in terms of premium and then adjust at renewal more frequently so that you as a risk is the price in a way where they are not over-exposed to something outside of their business appetite.

Short-term car insurance policies are certainly available, it is all about shopping the market, though, to find the right policy for you.

This means finding a policy that has a reasonable premium, while also providing good value in terms of the coverage it provides.

The market is certainly out there, it all comes down to you comparing policies that are available and choosing what gives you the most comfort.

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