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Things to remember...

  • Two-week car insurance policies are available from big and niche carriers
  • Someone who will only drive a car short-term can benefit from such a policy
  • Many car insurance carriers will offer varying coverages and premiums, so comparing options and pricing is pivotal

Car insurance is something that is necessary for every single person that gets behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Car insurance will give you the protection that you need should something bad happen no matter what your reason for driving is:

  • driving to work every day
  • driving to school
  • puttering around town for social reasons

The issue that so many run into with car insurance though is that they do not know of all of the different options that are available. When you go shopping for car insurance, what you usually find is six or 12-month policies. What if you only need car insurance for two weeks?

As a consumer, you need to know first and foremost that you are in a position of power in the automobile insurance industry. The insurance market is one of the most competitive in the entire global economy.

There are so many big and small insurance companies that are fighting for business and market share, and all want to cater to the needs of all consumers.

If you are someone that only needs car insurance for a two-week period, there is going to be an insurance carrier that is going to be willing to offer that to you. As a consumer, the trick is to find the right insurance provider, the most value-add policy, before you bind coverage.

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What a Two-Week Policy Means


What exactly does it mean to have a car insurance policy only for a two-week period?

When you talk about car insurance, you have to think about it regarding coverage terms. Take a look at an old car insurance policy that you had. If you have never bought car insurance before, hop on Google and do a search for an example of policy.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

When you take a look at the plan what you are going to find on the policy are what is known as effective dates.

The effective dates are going to have a start and an end date. Those dates signify the period at which the coverage that is available in the policy is going to be applied to you.

If your policy has an effective date of January 1 and an expiration date of January 15, that means that you are going to be covered, to the minute, for the period that is between that effective and expiration date.

A two-week policy is essentially going to give you two weeks of coverage. All of the policy limits that you are going to have and all of the coverages you are buying will be in effect for the period that the policy is covering.

Knowing that will help you wrap your head around what exactly a two-week car insurance policy is all about.

Who benefits from a two-week policy?


There are going to be many different types of consumers that are going to take advantage of a car insurance policy that provides coverage for just two weeks.

Take a college student that is going to be back home for two weeks out of the year. They know that they are going to be either renting a car or driving a car around that their parents may own.

Outside of those two weeks that they are home, though, they have no need for car insurance for the remainder of the year. This student is an excellent example of someone who would benefit from a two-week policy.

While a two-week car insurance policy is only going to provide you with coverage for that specified short-term period, you are also only going to be paying for that coverage for that period as well.

The consumer is the one that has the power when it comes to the policies that are offered by insurance carriers. You should be well aware of what your options are, and it starts by making comparisons of what is available in the insurance market.

As a consumer, you want to do your homework and have price comparisons done by some of the big insurance carriers to the smaller more niche ones that may specialize in short-term policies such as a two-week term.

Use our free comparison tool today to find the right policy for your needs.

Once you have made your comparison, it is then that you will be able to bind coverage with a carrier confidently.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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