7 Tips for Finding Cheap Auto Insurance for Military

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Things to Remember...

  • Most insurance carriers offer discounts for military personnel
  • If you are deloyed, you may be able to suspend your insurance payments until you return
  • Auto-debit payment plans are a surefire way to always pay your premium on time

Most civilians do not understand how challenging it is to find low-cost car insurance if you serve in the military. However, many companies do recognize your selfless efforts and provide ways to assist you.

Depending on your current status, you could save hundreds every year, just by making the proper inquiry.

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Deal with Providers Who Offer Military Discounts


The first thing you need to do is go directly to auto insurance providers who offer military discounts. Although this may seem easy, you would be surprised how tricky it can get.

Many will claim to take care of people in the military, but they do not have much experience with the special needs of this type of customer.

You need to find a car insurance company that is familiar with the laws and makes special allowances for you, without penalizing you. For example, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners recommends that you work with an auto insurance company that lets you put your coverage on hold.

The majority of car insurance companies will look down on anyone who does not have continued coverage. They may even consider you a high-risk driver. Many will not investigate the reason behind your lack of coverage and just assume you chose to cancel your service.

Nevertheless, because people in the military often receive deployment orders, which could come at any time, you will probably need this kind of option.

You should have the opportunity to reduce your auto insurance coverage to the most basic level or even cancel your service altogether until you return. Since you will not have your car with you, there is really no need for protection, as long as no one else drives the vehicle.

This can save you from making unnecessary payments. Upon your return, you can contact your car insurance company and ask them to reinstate your policy.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Choose an Agent over a Direct Auto Insurance Provider

Choosing an auto insurance agent to assist you with finding the cheapest rates may prove beneficial for military men and women. This is because of the personal touch you receive, especially if they too have friends or family members in the same situation.

When you discuss your specific needs, they can come up with a great plan, as well as look for the most ways to save you money. Agents often have much more authority to offer discounts than direct providers do.

If you choose an agent, be sure that they have all of your paperwork in order and keep them informed of your possibility of deployment.

Even if you think the chance of leaving is slim, give them a call and ask them to prepare anything you need in advance. If they need anything from you, they can let you know too. This will make sure everything goes smoothly, should you need to leave in a hurry.

Remember, a portion of their salary is based on commission, so they need you as much as you need them. They don’t want to lose your business, so good auto insurance agent will provide above average results.

Choose the Auto-Debit Payment Method


If you leave a spouse behind and they will use your vehicle, you should opt for the auto-debit payment method, for two reasons. Primarily, because you will never fall behind in your payments, but also because many auto insurance companies provide discounts when you choose this option.

You could save as much as 10 percent by allowing them access to your personal bank account.

The auto-debit method is highly favored over all other types of payment selections because it is a guarantee that the car insurance company will receive their money on time.

The Texas Department of Insurance highly suggests you pick the auto-debit method. Instead of running a risk of missing an auto insurance payment, which could lead to cancellation, one phone call could remove this from the equation.

The laws do not prevent the auto insurance companies from dropping you if you are late with your payments. In addition, if you go beyond 30 days without coverage, you are likely to receive higher rates when you do find a new provider.

Take Advantage of Base Living

The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Installations and Environment reports that approximately 10 percent of all active military personnel lives on base. They consist of single adults and families. This is an excellent way to find cheap car insurance because of your location.

Geographical location is one of the most important factors in assessing risk and therefore, car insurance rates. If you live on a military base, you are in an extremely secure facility. Be sure to make mention of this during your research for

Be sure to make mention of this during your research for low-cost auto insurance, especially if the representative or agent does not.

If the base is in a city that does have a higher crime rate, be sure to find current statistics that apply to the facility itself, rather than the city.

This will help you dispute their claims that they need to follow a certain process, based on your area. It is difficult to argue when the facts are present.

Use the Resources Available for Your Specific Branch


The military has certain branches, including the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and more, it is best that you use the resources available for your specific branch.

The easiest way to find out about your particular branch is to go to Military Homefront, a part of the Department of Defense and use the links that will lead you there.

This site is geared towards supporting those in the military and their families and has a number of community services just for them.

Find Out What Veterans Receive for Time Served

Today’s veterans are not just older military men and women. Many were injured while providing a vital service for this country and no longer serve actively.

They may be as young as 20 or 25 years old, but they still deserve the same honor and respect as their older counterparts. The younger veterans may not realize they qualify for many new programs recently created and this could include reduced rate auto insurance.

Under most circumstances, U.S. veterans receive a 10 percent to 20 percent discount off their car insurance rates. However, as younger, less experienced drivers, those between 20 and 25 may fall into a different category. This is why this resource is so helpful.

While the auto industry does not yield to federal laws, they do have an obligation to comply with state laws.

If you are a younger veteran seeking cheap car insurance rates, it makes good sense that you first locate your state and familiarize yourself with your laws.

Afterward, put a list of reputable companies together and compare all they offer. Lean towards those that truly appreciate your efforts. These are the car insurance providers that you should have the most success with receiving the cheapest rates.

As a member of the United States military, you should be able to find the best rates for your car insurance, without having to haggle for your deserved benefits.

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