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John Hancock Auto Insurance Review

  • 33333
Address: 1101 John Hancock Way
City: Boston
State: MA
ZIP: 02217
Phone Number:
AM Best Rating:
Market Cap:
Year Founded: 1862

A John Hancock auto insurance review reveals that John Hancock is not an auto insurance company and does not offer any type of car insurance products. However, the company does offer a variety of products to help individuals and families make wise decisions with their money.

Though John Hancock doesn’t carry auto insurance, you can find great rates and auto insurance quotes from several companies by entering your zip code now!

John Hancock is located at 1101 John Hancock Way, Boston, MA 02217. The company offers 401(k) plans, annuities, college savings, fixed products, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and mutual funds.

John Hancock Products

John Hancock 401 (k) plans include income that is guaranteed for life, varied investment selections, support for enrollment, and detailed record keeping and reviews. These 401 (k) plans are not for individuals. They are sold to companies who in turn pass them on to their employees as a benefit of employment. For companies with fewer than 1,000 employees, John Hancock is number one in sales of 401 (k) plans. They provide plans to over 1.5 million people.

The John Hancock college savings plan was designed in accordance with code 529 of the Internal Revenue Service. This code, which was adopted in 1996, allows individuals to save money for college in a tax deferred or tax-free plan. Though there are tax penalties for early withdraw or if the money is not used for college, it is still a solid way to save for college. Called The 529 College Savings Plan, John Hancock provides over 22 investment options as well as investment strategy choices for those investing in this important fund.

Life Insurance

Perhaps best known for its life insurance plans, John Hancock gives customers the options of high death benefits, low-cost premiums, or strong cash value with its life insurance plans. You can choose from universal, term, or variable insurance. Term insurance is offered in 10, 15, or 20 year increments with death benefit payout guaranteed. John Hancock has been number one in life insurance policy sales for over a decade.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are investments may by an individual that are managed by an investment specialist or company. John Hancock offers individual or asset allocation mutual funds to its customers. Since mutual funds take the money provided by many individuals and pools it together to make an investment, a varied list of investment options is best. John Hancock offers over 50 funds that allow both the conservative investor and the risk taker to participate.


Annuities are retirement options for individuals or groups that provide a steady stream of income at retirement. Annuities are funded by individuals or companies. The funded money is then invested to produce additional income or interest that can be paid out when retirement takes place. John Hancock annuity options are available in specific amounts, for life, or for a set period of time.

Long Term Car Insurance

Long-term care insurance is seen by many as an additional cost that is not needed. However, if you suffer an illness, have an accident, or just experience some of the effects of growing older, having long term care insurance can protect your assets and take some of the financial burden of your care off of your family. John Hancock long-term care insurance helps protect what you have worked hard for and the money you have saved by providing for any long-term medical needs that arise.

John Hancock fixed products include single premium group annuities, structured attorney fees, structured settlements, and terminal funding annuities. These products have fixed rates that do not fluctuate with the market. The structured products are for individuals or families that may be involved in lawsuits. The annuities plans are for low risk investment options that remove the liability that can come with traditional annuity plans.

John Hancock Customer Service

Started in 1862 by four men who looked at John Hancock’s legacy as their role model, the company was founded on five pillars of customer service. The five pillars are professionalism, real value, integrity, demonstrated financial growth, and being the employer of choice for agents.

Though these values have taken on different formats over the years, they remain the same. A sixth value of community service was added several years ago. John Hancock has now provides over 11 million each year to their Boston community.

John Hancock customer service either via the internet or via their toll free number, provides advice and direction on the many products offered by the company. These products are not one product fits all type of products. Customer service agents take time to find out what exactly you are looking for, what your greatest needs are, and what financial situation you are in so they can provide the right products to the right customer.

When working with an individual or a couple, John Hancock customer service agents will start by asking what category you would place yourself in. Are you starting a family, focusing on leaving a legacy, preparing for an illness, saving for your child’s education, managing an estate, or interested in maximizing your financial assets? Once the agent knows what exactly it is that you are looking to do, they can offer the right portfolio for you.

John Hancock Quotes

Getting a quote for a John Hancock product is easy, however, it does require a little time. Since the options are based on available income and where you are in life, allowing some time for questions is important. You can visit a local office or contact an adviser through the John Hancock website in order to provide the needed information in order to receive a quote.

As with most companies, the purchase of multiple products results in more of a discount. If you have other financial investments with other companies, you may want to consider moving all your investments and your entire financial portfolio to one company in order to receive the most benefit.

Though John Hancock does not offer auto insurance, you can still get auto insurance rates. Just enter your zip code now!

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