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Economy Premier Assurance Auto Insurance Review

Economy Premier Assurance Auto Insurance
  • 33333
Address: P. O. Box 350
City: Warwick
State: Rhode Island
ZIP: 02887-0350
Phone Number: 401-827-2400
AM Best Rating: A
Market Cap: $1.5 Billion to $2 Billion
Year Founded: 1863

The Economy Premier Assurance Auto Insurance review is a review of the Economy Premier Assurance Company. This company is a member of the MetLife Auto and Home Group.

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The Economy Premier Assurance Company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange because it is a member of the MetLife Auto and Home Group. The New York Stock Exchange abbreviation for the MetLife Auto and Home Group and all of its subsidiaries is MET.

The Economy Premier Assurance Company History

The history of the Economy Premier Assurance Company is the history of its parent company. The National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company was the original name for MetLife Insurance.

This company was founded in 1863. MetLife provided insurance to servicemen who fought in the Civil War. In the beginning, the company only offered insurance to protect against disabilities incurred during battle. This approach did not bring the company much success.

MetLife changed its approach to insurance in 1869 by discontinuing the lines of casualty business insurance they offered and putting all of the company’s energy into life insurance coverage.

Also during this time of change, the company changed its name to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, which today has been shortened to MetLife. This new approach to insurance did not bring MetLife immediate success: In fact, they had another decade of poor performance before they were able to change things for the better.

In 1879, the MetLife president started looking toward England to find out how to make MetLife a true force in the United States insurance market. At the time, England had a very strong and successful approach to insurance.

By bringing in a handful of English insurance agents to show the way, MetLife completely restructured its business and saw dramatic improvement almost immediately. MetLife was writing hundreds of new insurance policies a day within just one year. Only one decade later the company that had seen such hard times was one of the leading life insurance providers in the country.

The Economy Premier Assurance Company Careers

A career with a MetLife company like Economy Premier Assurance offers many benefits to its employees. The three categories of employee benefits are core employee benefits, work and life solutions, and voluntary employee benefits.

The core employee benefits programs available are medical and prescription drug insurance, short-term disability insurance, dental insurance, long-term disability insurance, company paid life insurance, a retirement plan with a defined benefit, and a company matched 401 (k) savings plan.

The work and life solution programs available are paid holidays, paid time off, tuition assistance programs, flexible work arrangements, wellness and fitness programs, and adoption assistance. The voluntary employee benefit programs include flexible supplemental life insurance, spending accounts, long-term care insurance, critical illness insurance, and legal services.

The Economy Premier Assurance Company Products

The multiple types of products available through MetLife are insurance, planning services, investments, retirement services, and employee benefits.

MetLife offer many types of personal insurance, including: auto insurance; life insurance; disability income insurance; home insurance; dental insurance that is only available in California, Florida, and Texas; and long-term care insurance.

The auto insurance coverage options available through MetLife are bodily injury and property damage liability coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage that comes with major parts replacement, full glass coverage, and new care replacement, medical payments coverage, personal injury protection, underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage, lease and loan gap insurance, roadside assistance with towing and labor insurance, rental car insurance, and transportation coverage.

There are also many discounts available through MetLife. Some of these discounts include a seven percent discount for people that have taken a defensive driver course, 15 percent good student discount, a 12 percent superior driver discount, a 20 percent MetRewards discount for people that do not have an auto violation for five years, a five percent discount for having both a life and auto insurance policy with MetLife, and a ten percent discount for having both a home and auto insurance policy with MetLife.

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Reviews for Economy Premier Assurance Auto Insurance

  1. Phyllis Brenner says:

    Does my policy include roadside assistance?
    if not, what would the cost be for Jan 2016?

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