What are the Full Glass coverage laws in South Carolina?

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Things to remember...
  • South Carolina residents legally do not have to pay a deductible for auto glass claims
  • There are not any laws in South Carolina regarding the type of glass that may be used for a glass replacement service
  • Depending on the terms of your auto insurance policy, you may not be able to choose the glass service company that completes the replacement project if you file an auto insurance claim

A broken windshield can be a true hassle for drivers to deal with, and many drivers in South Carolina will experience this issue on multiple occasions throughout their years on the road.

You may be commuting to work or enjoying leisure plans on your day off, and a seemingly minor incident can result in significant damage to your windshield.

While a windshield replacement service in South Carolina is rather affordable and may not cost you a dime out-of-pocket, the reality is that many local drivers delay setting up repair or replacement service because of the perceived unimportance of the work and the anticipated hassle.

When you allow a minor chip to go unrepaired for even a few days, the chip could spread into a large crack in your windshield. Any type of damage to the window, regardless of how seemingly small the damaged area may be, can pose a substantial risk to you as you drive down the road.

Remember that one of the primary jobs of your windshield is to protect you from harm if objects hit the windshield. Many objects, such as bugs, do not cause any damage to the windshield. Make sure to compare rates with our free quote tool above! 

However, a larger or harder object can easily crack the window, and this creates a structural weakness in the window. When this happens, the window could shatter. It also may be less protective and result in a reduction in visibility.

Zero-Deductible Glass Replacement Claims in South Carolina

In most states, drivers must pay a deductible for an auto insurance claim, and this deductible amount may be as high as $500 or even $1,000.

Because the cost of a typical windshield replacement service in South Carolina is considerably less than the standard deductible amount, many drivers in other states pay for the replacement cost out of their own funds rather than file a claim.

However, South Carolina’s state law creates a considerable advantage in this area for its drivers.

The state law in South Carolina dictates that car insurance companies must offer zero-deductible auto glass coverage if the driver opts to buy this type of coverage.

The law does not require auto insurance companies to include glass coverage in all policies. Therefore, you should analyze your car insurance policy carefully in order to determine if the zero-deductible auto glass coverage applies to you.

Auto glass coverage is usually not included in an auto insurance policy that only has liability or collision coverage.

Liability insurance is designed to help you take financial responsibility for any damages that you cause to other drivers, pedestrians, and others while you are driving.

Collision insurance pays for your own vehicle to be repaired, but it only applies to vehicular collisions. Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicular repairs associated with numerous types of losses and damages.

If you have comprehensive insurance, you may have auto glass coverage. However, this type of coverage is not always included in a comprehensive insurance policy.

You will need to review your existing policy’s terms and limitations to determine if you have glass coverage and what the limit of the coverage may be.

While there may not be a deductible, you may have a low limit on your coverage that still requires you to pay for some of the expense out of your own pocket.

The Legal Requirements for Glass Replacement in South Carolina

South Carolina may require zero-deductible auto glass coverage, but it does not dictate what type of glass may be used. The primary glass options available are:

  • OEM glass
  • Aftermarket glass
  • Used glass

Many drivers assume that OEM glass will be used to replace a broken windshield, but this is not always the case.

State law does not prohibit the use of used or aftermarket materials, and this may be the only type of material that your auto insurance company may pay for, per the terms of your policy.

South Carolina drivers should understand this policy and should compare the details of coverage options carefully before deciding which type of auto insurance policy they purchase.

South Carolina drivers may also assume that they will have full control over the selection of a glass repair company to work on their car.

However, state law does not mandate the driver’s selection, and this will, therefore, fall back on the terms of your coverage.

If you prefer to choose your own glass materials or choose your glass repair company, you may need to pay for the repair cost outside of your own pocket rather than file a claim.

Adjusting your coverage terms before you have another windshield issue is a great idea, and you can begin shopping around for better glass replacement coverage terms today. Don’t miss out on our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and get your free quote today!

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