What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Missouri?

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Things to remember...
  • When you file a full glass replacement claim in Missouri, your auto insurance company may only cover the cost of aftermarket glass.
  • Missouri auto insurance companies can legally choose which service provider is used for a full glass replacement service, and drivers can only have this option if they pay for their glass replacement service outside of an insurance claim.
  • Any type of damage to your windshield could be unsafe to drive with and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Regardless of whether you live in one of Missouri’s highly populated cities or you live in a small town or a rural area, you easily may travel across the state’s roads for many hours each week

. Each time you get in the car to run errands, commute to work, or even go for a joyride, there is a chance that your windshield may be cracked or chipped.

This may seem like a minor type of damage in comparison to all of the other types of damage that could affect your vehicle, but all windshield damages should be repaired as soon as possible.

Some Missouri drivers have money saved in a rainy day fund to pay for emergency situations or unexpected repair issues. Compare rates for free today to make sure you are getting the best rate! 

However, if you do not currently have funds available to pay for a repair or replacement project for your windshield, you may be thinking about filing a car insurance claim. Missouri has specific rules and laws regarding glass replacement claims, and you should spend time analyzing these rules before you decide how to proceed.

Missouri Full Glass Replacement Coverage

Missouri does not have a specific law regarding what a deductible amount for full glass replacement coverage must be.

Drivers are, therefore, permitted to shop around for the best deductible option available. Some auto insurance providers offer a zero-deductible option or a very low deductible amount for glass replacement claims, and this may differ from the amount of your deductible for other claim types.

Before you buy coverage in Missouri, you should understand how an auto insurance deductible works.

You are usually able to select your own deductible amount when you set up new auto coverage, and a reasonable amount for most types of claims is between $250 and $1,000.

However, the cost of a windshield replacement service may only be a few hundred dollars or less in many cases. Setting a high deductible for type of claim may not be a great idea.

Because there is not a legal requirement for auto insurance providers to offer glass replacement service, there is a chance that your policy may not offer this benefit at all.

Full glass coverage is often associated with comprehensive insurance, and this is because comprehensive insurance pays for repair work after numerous types of damaging events or even vehicle theft.

Not all comprehensive insurance policies have full glass coverage, so you need to carefully analyze your coverage before deciding if a claim is an ideal option to move forward with. Your coverage limits and deductibles should also be reviewed carefully.

Understanding Missouri’s Laws for Glass Replacement

The quality of your auto glass materials used for a Missouri glass replacement is important, but drivers in this state need to understand that used or aftermarket glass can be used as long as the use of this material is disclosed in writing to the customer up-front.

If aftermarket glass is used, the vendor must ensure that it is of similar quality and type as the original glass used in the vehicle.

Missouri drivers can choose to pay for a glass replacement service on their own, or they can file a claim.

For drivers who file a claim, the insurance company has the sole option to select its own glass replacement company, and the driver does not have the option to opt out of this.

If you pay for your own glass replacement service, you can choose to hire any glass company that you desire.

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Because your insurance policy’s coverage terms and limits for glass replacement coverage can play a major role in how much money you have to pay out of your own pocket to deal with a damaged windshield, you should spend time reviewing your coverage wording and shopping for new coverage.

Even if you cannot or choose not to file a claim now, updating your insurance policy now can help you to avoid paying for this type of expense out of your own pocket if your windshield is cracked in the future.

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