What are the Full Glass coverage laws in Maine?

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Things to remember...
  • If you file a claim for auto glass replacement service, you may need to use the provider selected by your Maine car insurance company or pay the difference for service if you select your own provider
  • Your Maine auto insurance may only pay for the use of used or aftermarket replacement glass, and you may need to pay for the difference if you choose to use different glass to fix your windshield
  • Some Maine drivers may have a zero-deductible option for full glass replacement claims, but this does not apply to all drivers

Maine is a gorgeous state with a diverse range of landscapes that you can explore conveniently with scenic drives throughout the year.

Regardless of whether you have a road trip planned or you are simply driving a few miles down the road to get to work or to run errands, you face the risk of dealing with a damaged windshield at any time.

Something as minor as a bird or small rock hitting your windshield may create a crack or other type of damage that must be remedied immediately.

Your primary inclination may be to view a cracked windshield as a cosmetic issue that does not need to be repaired right away. Make sure you are covered with our free quote tool above! 

After all, many Maine residents follow a strict monthly budget, and you may prefer to work this expense into budget within the next month or two rather than pay for the replacement service right away.

However, any time your windshield or other auto glass feature is damaged, your vehicle becomes more vulnerable to other types of damage, and this could ultimately affect your safety and well-being on Maine roads. It can also decrease your visibility to further increase your risk.

The Possibility of Zero-Deductible Glass Replacement in Maine


Requesting a few quotes from reputable Maine auto insurance companies is an important first step to take, and this step will give you a better idea of whether or not you should file a claim or pay for the window replacement on your own.

If you choose to file a claim for a full glass replacement service, you may have to pay a deductible for the replacement work. However, some policyholders in Maine have a special term for zero-deductible glass replacement coverage.

If your Maine auto insurance policy does not have a zero-deductible clause, filing a claim for this repair work means that you need to pay a deductible.

You could potentially have a deductible that ranges from $250 up to $1,000, but this may vary substantially from policy to policy.

Some Maine auto insurance policies may also have a lower deductible amount, such as $50 or $100, for this particular type of claim. Your insurance deductible could potentially be higher than the cost of this type of repair work.

Some Maine auto insurance policies do not have any coverage for full glass replacement. While this type of coverage is usually not available with a collision-only or liability-only coverage policy, it is more common with a comprehensive car insurance policy.

Comprehensive auto coverage in Maine pays for repairs to your own vehicle for a collision, theft, and many other types of damaging events. Full glass coverage, however, is not always included with comprehensive insurance.

The Decision to File a Claim

Before you file a claim for glass replacement in Maine, you must analyze your current policy. Your deductible, coverage terms, limit, and other factors may play a role in how beneficial filing a claim may be.

Many Maine auto insurance policies provide you with coverage for full glass replacement, but many individuals who have this benefit, unfortunately, must pay a high deductible amount.

If this is the case, you may decide that it is not beneficial to file a claim. To be prepared for the possibility that your windshield may be damaged in the future, you should spend a few minutes updating your coverage or shopping for auto insurance with a new provider.

The Laws About Glass Replacement in Maine

For Maine auto policyholders who have full glass replacement coverage, your car insurance company can legally choose which type of glass is used for your service. For example, Maine law states that the insurance company could opt to pay for used glass or aftermarket glass.

You do have the ability to request new glass to be used for your replacement project, but you would be required to pay for the difference in the glass materials.

When Maine drivers file a claim against their full glass replacement coverage, the insurance company can choose which service provider does the work.

If you prefer to use a different glass company to complete the work on your car, you will need to pay any difference in cost on your own.

On the other hand, if you do not file a claim against your auto policy, you have complete freedom to select your provider on your own.

While some Maine drivers who are dealing with a cracked windshield will benefit from zero-deductible coverage, many will need to pay a deductible or will need to pay the entire cost of the window replacement on their own.

If you fall into the latter group of drivers, now is a great time to update your coverage so that you can reduce out-of-pocket expenses in the future. Don’t miss out on our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!

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