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Things to remember...
  • Some insurance companies give priority to state employees or special discounts for their job status
  • Group insurance rates are sometimes available but are often not transportable
  • Compare companies and ask an online agent for help

When looking for car insurance, there are many companies which take into account the industry you work in and sometimes offer special rates for these types of careers.

Also, some companies also specialize in providing insurance for state employees and use this as one of their main qualifying factors for insurance.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the companies that offer insurance for state employees and a bit of information about the enterprise. Then you can ask for more information or a quote from our site with the online representatives.

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Companies Specializing in Car Insurance for State Employees


– Geico

Located in Washington, D.C., Geico was originally established for the purpose of providing government insurance for military and government workers.

Later, they offered discounts for people who worked any state job, such as the following:

  • teaching
  • civil service
  • local or state government

The company is still located in Washington, D.C., but has expanded to include a wide range of professions to include in their policy offerings.

– MetLife

MetLife is a sound insurance company, carrying all types of insurance. They are located in New York and service thousands of customers each year.

Their car insurance offers discounts for many categories including discounts for the following:

  • taking a defensive driving course
  • being a good student driver

Some employers use MetLife’s group insurance policy as a benefit within their organization for state jobs.

– Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers car insurance policies for a variety of professions, including state employee jobs. They offer special discounts for government or civil service jobs, and they focus on offering customers a wide variety of options in their auto insurance plans.

They also have insurance discounts for new college and high school graduates and newly married couples.

– State Farm

State Farm, one of the oldest insurance agencies in existence, offers discounts for some state employees if you qualify. They have several types of discounts, and they even carry classic car insurance for your vintage or collectible car.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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How to Compare Companies

How do you decide which insurer is best for you when there are so many choices? One way is to look at the financial status of a company and check their metrics.

Metrics are the actual financial transaction rate and claims status all calculated mathematically to yield an approximate average.

Investopedia has a list of the world’s top 10 insurance companies on their site. Keep in mind that they base this on their metrics only so this does not mean that it is all-inclusive. Ask your online agent to advise you on which company would best serve your needs.

Another way to compare is to look at the discounts they offer. If you are a state employee and are looking for a company that offers state employee discounts, ask the online representative to help you find such a company.

The list we provided at the top of the article is by no means comprehensive. There are many other companies which provide state employees with reasonable rates for working in a state position. Do some research on your own and ask an online agent for a quote.

Should you opt for a group insurance plan?


One question many people have when shopping for car insurance is whether they should go with a group insurance plan. Group insurance is a type of insurance often offered by your employer and is considered a part of your benefits plan.

While this is often a way to obtain cheaper insurance due to group rates, it is often not transportable if you change your employment status or move to another job.

Portability in insurance allows the holder of the policy to take it with them if they leave their place of employment. Not all insurance policies have this option, so be sure to check on the policies before you decide to sign up for group insurance plans.

Whether you are a state employee or not, you usually have the option of signing up for a group insurance plan or finding your private insurance company.

Private insurers offer more options to individuals and allow you to take your insurance with you, should you decide to ever leave your job, but group insurance is tied to your place of employment and is rarely transferable to another job.

Individual insurance plans are higher because insurance companies make less profit from signing up individuals than with large groups. So they can afford to offer the lower rates to larger employee groups.

Group insurance rates are usually offered for life or health insurance. Keep in mind that group insurance rates for car insurance are rare. Ask your online agent if any of these are available from the various companies we are connected to on our site.

Should you stick with the basics?

Whether you are a state employee looking for a good rate or any individual who wants to shop and compare prices, one question that comes up is whether you should just stick to the basics or get the optional coverages.

Some of the options coverages you’ll often see when you shop for insurance include:

  • Additional liability or personal injury protection – If you drive a lot, you might want to consider adding to the amount of liability or personal injury protection. If the amount of damage or injury to a person exceeds what your basic policy covers, you might be sued for the rest of the claim or face out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Comprehensive or extra collision coverage – Remember that basic car insurance coverage is only intended to cover accidents. If you want to cover your vehicle in case of theft, fire, flood, hail, or other natural events, you will need comprehensive coverage.
  • Medical coverage – Medical coverage will cover stays in the hospital due to an accident, some medical tests and procedures, and other expenses. Be careful not to get duplicate coverage, though, as insurance can only pay once for specific procedures per event.
  • Car rentals – If you have an accident, car rentals come in handy. This allows you to have a temporary loaner car while your other one is being fixed. It might be worth it to have this, and this coverage is usually inexpensive.
  • Roadside assistance – Most car insurance plans offer roadside assistance, which will send help if you are stranded on the road. It usually covers a 50-mile radius.

Consider all of these things before purchasing and ask the advice on an online agent to help. Know your legal rights and choose your car insurance policy wisely. If you are a state employee, be sure to ask about state employee insurance plans and discounts.

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