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Review of Aflac Auto Insurance

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Things to Remember...
  • Aflac auto insurance is a supplement to the company’s disability insurance policies
  • Aflac auto insurance sends the money for medical bills directly to the client
  • Aflac offers additional medical payments coverage for the medical bills of the at-fault driver

People know the Aflac insurance company as a provider of private disability insurance, but what is generally unknown is that it also sells auto insurance.

Technically, the auto insurance that Aflac sells is supplemental to auto insurance policies that are already in place.

Their auto insurance is specifically related to injuries suffered in auto accidents.

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How Aflac Auto Insurance Is Different from Regular Auto Insurance


After being injured in an accident, people can have several different types of treatment they will need to pay for and sometimes they have trouble convincing their insurance companies to pay for them.

Aflac auto insurance pays for medical expenses such as:

  • Long stays in the hospital
  • Lost wages for the short-term
  • The ambulance ride to the hospital
  • The emergency room bills
  • The costs associated with Intensive Care

Convenient Payment from the Aflac Supplemental Policy

The convenience of the Aflac auto insurance policy is that the money they receive for their bills will be sent directly to them rather than to the various medical professionals.

When auto insurance or health insurance companies pay the benefits for their clients, they will pay the hospital or the doctor’s office.

People are not always prepared for how they will support themselves and their families if they are ever seriously injured in a car accident and need to take several weeks or months to recover.

But Aflac Auto Insurance gives them money they can use any way they see fit to the pay the medical expenses as well as the grocery bills until they can return to work.

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The Necessary Liability Coverage

Tort states don’t limit the times that drivers can sue each other when one hits another, but they do require that every driver purchases liability insurance before they can take their cars on the roads.

Liability requirements apply to the bodily injuries that often occur when there is a car collision on the highways and the surface streets.

Drivers must also be able to pay the auto body and mechanic repair bills for the people they hit.

Optional Medical Payments Coverage


Liability coverage doesn’t cover the medical expenses of the policyholder, so drivers can choose to purchase optional auto insurance coverage.

In this case, medical payments coverage pays the medical bills of the at-fault driver.

Insurance companies place limits on how much insurance people can purchase for medical payments and once they reach this limit after an accident, they have to continue paying the bills on their own.

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The Aflac supplemental policy covers the bills when auto or health insurance either runs out or denies a claim.

Drivers can purchase this useful form of insurance after comparing quotes from Aflac Auto Insurance and many other auto insurance companies.

By comparing auto insurance quotes, consumers can be sure that they are receiving the best deal.

Additionally, they can protect themselves and their families from experiencing financial hardship after their main insurance coverage comes to an end.

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