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What is the largest auto insurance company in United States territory?

Many people believe that larger auto insurance companies provide the best coverage, policies, rates and customer service. After all, the larger auto insurance providers must be doing something right to be so successful in the insurance industry. In order to see real rates available now, enter your ZIP code into our FREE car insurance comparison tool.

the largest auto insurance company in united statesIn addition, larger auto insurance companies usually provide standard service. This means that the company operates by documented methods and procedures. Consistency in service is generally provided by agents of larger insurance providers. One agency offers the same quality of service and operates in much the same way as any other agency.

Smaller insurance companies may vary from agency to agency in terms of quality of customer service and other factors that determine an auto insurance provider’s effectiveness.

Also, larger insurance companies may offer better rates due to the volume of business that they do. However, you should still seek to become an educated consumer and compare various auto insurance carriers when shopping for the best rates for a car insurance policy. This is a great way to determine whether the major auto insurance companies are better then smaller ones. Enter your ZIP code into our FREE auto insurance comparison tool to start comparing rates now!

The Largest Car Insurance Company in the US

The company that owns the most market share in the United States is State Farm Auto Insurance. State Farm sells more auto insurance policies in the US than any other auto insurance company.

The second through fifth largest car insurance companies in the US are:

  1. largest auto insurance company in United StatesAllstate Insurance Group
  2. Progressive Casualty
  3. Berkshire Hathaway – National Indemnity Company
  4. Farmers Insurance Group

When shopping for a car insurance provider, the size of the company is only one factor that you should consider. In addition to the size of the company, check the companies with regard to their customer satisfaction reviews.

Many review sites provide customer reviews of companies, including car insurance carriers. Make sure the car insurance company you select has a great track record with keeping their customers happy.

Car Insurance Company Reviews

Many companies and review sites offer insight into the customers’ opinions about car insurance companies. JD Power and Associates regularly conducts random sample customer satisfaction surveys about US auto insurance providers. Incidentally, State Farm is usually at the top of the JD Power and Associates list of car insurance companies, as well.

State Farm customers report that they are very satisfied with the customer service provided by this company in Power and Associates most recent survey. Allstate also appears in the Top Five Car Insurance Providers in the survey. In fact, State Farm usually ranks high on all metrics in most customer service satisfaction reviews.

Various websites provide customer written reviews for companies, including car insurance providers. Sites like and allow customers to write detailed reviews about their experiences with auto insurance companies.

largest auto insurance company united statesWhat To Look For When Considering Car Insurance Companies

A few things to look for when reviewing car insurance companies:

Does the company have an excellent customer service reputation?

Insurance companies that have great customer service generally keep their customers happy. When reading reviews or ratings for car insurance companies, consider the company’s reputation for customer service.

Does the company pay claims promptly and without issue?

Great insurance companies will not hassle their customers when it comes to paying out on policies. After all, the last thing you want after you have been in an accident is to have issues with your car insurance company when you present them with the claim. The best insurance companies pay claims promptly and without issue.

Does the insurance company have a reputation for caring about their customers?

This consideration is similar to the first consideration. However, the difference here is the way the customer is treated overall. Does the customer feel like the car insurance company is more concerned with their bottom line than the customer’s well-being? Or does the insurance company show concern and treat the customer with respect, making them feel important.

It is nice when your auto insurance company lets you know that they appreciate your business. If the unfortunate happens and you have to communicate with your carrier, when they show concern and ask if you are okay after the happening, this makes you feel like they actually care about you as a person!

The best insurance companies will be less concerned about their bottom line, and more concerned with you.

Finding the Best Deal for Car Insurance

Even though other variables factor into your decision regarding which insurance company to select as your car insurance provider, size and reputation of the company are two important factors. However, most everyone would like to know that they are getting the best deal for their car insurance. Our FREE car insurance comparison tool is available to you now when you enter your ZIP code.

To make sure that the rates you are paying for your current car insurance policy are competitive, use an insurance comparison website to compare your current insurance provider’s rates with the rates of other providers in your area.

Comparison websites provide FREE quotes from several insurance companies that provide coverage in your area. Just enter your ZIP code and start comparing. Compare your company’s rates with a few others and then weigh your options as an educated consumer.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

or call (855) 977-0861 for free quotes