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Is auto insurance in effect during a state of emergency?

Is auto insurance in effect during a state of emergency?Yes, absolutely, your auto insurance is in effect all of the time, as long as you have paid your bill. There is no situation in which your auto insurance company can stop covering your vehicle without prior notice, including a state of emergency.

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When you purchase auto insurance, you are essentially entering into a binding agreement with your insurance company. This agreement states that the insurance company will pay for damages to your car based on the type of coverage that you have purchased.

When you purchase an auto insurance policy, you do need to be aware of all of the terms and conditions associated with your policy. If somewhere on the policy it stipulates that during a state of emergency that your insurance coverage is null, then you are out of luck. That is why understanding your insurance policy is so important.

What is a state of emergency?

A state of emergency occurs when the government suspends government services; this can occur at federal or state levels. In addition, a state of emergency can also include the closing down of businesses, churches and non profit organizations. During a state of emergency, the government can instill a curfew or require that no one be out doors during this time.

For US states, the most common state of emergency occurs due to bad weather. For example, in Florida, after they experienced several large hurricanes one right after another, Governor Bush enacted a state of emergency requiring all businesses be closed by 9 pm prior to the hurricanes arrival and that everyone stay indoors after its passing so emergency crews could do their jobs.

In these cases, the police aren’t likely to arrest anyone for being out and about. They will typically tell the individuals to go home and remind them that there is a state of emergency in effect.

What many people don’t realize is that there has been a national state of emergency in effect since 9/11. While no businesses are closed and the government is still running, this is in place just in case there is a terrorist threat again. In this case everything is in place to allow the next necessary steps to be taken.

Is auto insurance in effect during a state of emergency?

What if I’m in an accident during a state of emergency that requires no one to be on the road?

If you have a car accident while breaking the law, there is a strong possibility that your insurance company will refuse to pay your claim, and they will have legal standing to do so.

Many people don’t realize that any curfews or restrictions set during a state of emergency are the law, not a recommendation. During that time, martial law can be place in effect. Both businesses and individuals are required to abide by the restrictions stipulated during the state of emergency, with the exception of emergency services.

The other exception here is if you have an emergency that requires you to be on the road. For example, you have someone who is hurt and an ambulance can’t get to your location in a timely manner.

In this case, you may have to make your case with the insurance company in order to get your auto insurance claim paid. If you have a legitimate emergency, then there should be no issues with the claim.

If this does happen, you may have to get the police officer involved to write a letter for you or meet with the mediator and your insurance company to explain why you were on the road. If you are out of milk or something like that, don’t expect to get the payment that you want!

Will the insurance company cover my claim if my car is stolen during a state of emergency?

This will depend on the type of insurance you have. If you only carry liability insurance, then the answer is no, the insurance company won’t cover you loss. That is because liability insurance isn’t protection for your car; it’s protection for others should you be the cause of an accident.

Is auto insurance in effect during a state of emergency?If your car is stolen and the thief causes an accident, your insurance company isn’t responsible for paying that claim, in the case of liability only insurance. The good news is, you aren’t responsible for that claim either. This is one of those cases where you aren’t personally liable for an accident that your car is involved in.

If you have comprehensive insurance and your car is stolen, then the insurance company will pay your claim. That is because comprehensive coverage covers the theft of your vehicle.

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