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United Services Automobile Association Auto Insurance Review

United Services Automobile Association Auto Insurance
  • 11111
Address: 9800 Fredericksburg Road
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
ZIP: 78288
Phone Number: 1-800-531-8722
AM Best Rating: A++
Market Cap: 18.7 Billion
Year Founded: 1922

A United Services Automobile Association auto insurance review finds a company started by 25 Army officers after they were repeatedly refused automobile insurance and they decided to insure each other’s vehicles.

The year was 1922 when United Services Automobile Association began sharing their idea with others, until they eventually attracted enough military interest to start their own business. Nearly 90 years later, the USAA is a successful insurer that offers multiple lines of coverage.

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This company experienced a continuous climb to success from the date of inception. Even during recent economic downturns, the United Services Automobile Association is able to report non-stop growth in the company. A few reasons this outfit is so successful is their commitment to loyalty, integrity, and honesty.

This commitment proved to be effective in helping military families build financial security through the many instruments they offer. In 2007 and 2008 when other business were struggling and requesting bailouts, USAA went from $14.1 billion in net profits to $14.6 billion. Those profits are now at $18.7 billion, reported in 2010.

United Services Automobile Association Auto Insurance Plans

USAA offers standard auto insurance plans to fit the needs of military families. These plans comply with the minimum requirement by the state where the policyholder resides. This company recognizes the changes that military personnel sometimes experience and therefore offers flexibility.

At the same time, the company offers a savings of up to $450 in comparison to most plans. They also extend to its military policyholders the same incentives that are available on the civilian market. Some of the incentives include: payment schedules to match your pay frequency; good driver discounts; good student discounts; and multiple policy savings.

A company representative will inform you of all the other ways to save on your premiums. Plan inclusions are standard as well, with some exceptions. If you are in need of roadside assistance, tow truck drivers are equipped to offer gas, a tire change, or towing.

United Services Automobile Association Customer Service

The USAA received an award for its exceptional customer service skills by Bloomberg Weekly. USAA also makes it convenient for its policyholders with the software to manage your policy online. You can also get an I.D. card or a simple quote.

Claim service is also recognized with a network of 2,300 approved locations where you can get your vehicle repaired. You can get one-stop shopping, lending, and insurance through USAA’s website. Streamlining these services will surely generate more savings for policyholders.

United Services Automobile Association: Other Products

If for any reason, you need to store your car, USAA offers a way to save on insurance. You can save as much as 80% when you are deployed or just need to park your vehicle for an extended time. It is a good idea to store your vehicle in a safe place away from the elements to maintain the condition while you are not driving.

This company added many products since its inception, and those products are: annuities; health insurance; retirement planning; life insurance; Medicare options; homeowners coverage; and property insurance.

USAA company representatives explain the products offered by USAA on the company website and more in-depth by phone. When military spouses are deployed, families need the support of the community, and USAA is instrumental in making this happen. They participate in many community projects to support military families in their time of need in addition to providing informational resources along the way.

United Services Automobile Association Policyholder Reviews

Like many insurance companies, USAA has many mixed reviews. The interesting thing is they have more than 3,600 reviews you can read to get a sense of how effective this insurance is going to be for you. Many positive reviews talk about how quickly the company processes claims.

There are other reviews regarding the good customer service they received in addition to the convenience of being able to pay your bill online. There are not as many negative reviews, but several of them refer to the misunderstanding of their declaration page or denial of a claim. United Services Automobile Association seems to be a good place to conduct business for military families.

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Reviews for United Services Automobile Association Auto Insurance

    • 11111

    I have been a member for about 33 years. I was recently assessed a surcharge by USAA for a ticket which in my home state of NJ carried no points and no violation. As with many of us, it is sometimes easier and more cost effective to pay online than fight a ticket, however, after paying the ticket, which as stated, carries no points and a minimal fine, I have assessed hundreds of dollars in surcharge by USAA.

    Many years ago, I signed with USAA as they were a company that represented quality and commitment to customer service. Over the years, I have enjoyed what was once a strong commitment and a corporate philosophy of service.

    Now, that is gone and what remains is a company interested only in profit and looking to get 3rd cousins of civil war veterans twice removed to sell products too. It has become so remote and distant that there is no longer a voice. So, after 33 years, I now start to look for a new insurance company, what a disgrace.

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