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Equity Auto Insurance Review

  • 33333
Address: 7320 Hunziker Road, Suite 305
City: Tigard
State: OR
ZIP: 97223
Phone Number: +1-503-670-9111
AM Best Rating:
Market Cap:
Year Founded:

This Equity auto insurance review looks at the Tigard, Oregon-based Equity Group Insurance. The company offers a variety of auto insurance providers to clients as an agent.

According to the company website, Equity Group Insurance sells primarily Allied, Zurich, Hartford Financial, and Progressive auto insurance coverage. The company also sells other property & casualty insurance, including homeowners, renters, and marine insurance policies. Equity Group Insurance sells most auto insurance products and services to clients living in Oregon and Colorado.

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Everyone’s looking for secret information to avoid getting ripped off by an auto insurance provider. There’s really no inside information about how to buy auto insurance coverage. By comparing the auto insurance coverage you need (by your state and according to personal financial preferences), then look at the financial fundamentals of the insurance company. Use the following information on Equity Auto Insurance to make an informed choice.

Equity Auto Insurance Customer Service

The company offers 24-hours, 7 days a week customer service and claims assistance, according to the company website. The mission of Equity Group Insurance is to make lasting client relationships by providing superior customer service.

Equity Group Insurance’s auto insurance report (offered at no cost on the company website) states that no one insurance company offers the lowest auto insurance rates for all drivers. According to the auto insurance report:

  • Good drivers (those without speeding tickets or DUI/DWI citations) pay up to 10 times less than those drivers considered high risk
  • Good drivers living and driving a car in a major city (such as Chicago, Denver, or Houston) pay up to five times more in auto insurance rates than a driver with a similar driving record in a rural area
  • Good drivers comparing similar coverage from two different auto insurance companies may see large differences in auto insurance quotes: one auto insurer may offer to insure drivers for $500, while another charges $1,500

Clients and prospects may obtain an instant auto insurance quote by submitting a request on the company website. They must provide a name; address; city/state; zip code; gender; marital status; birthdate; insurance lapse (within six months); coverage limits; owner/rental of residence; length of time living in residence; type of home; number of vehicles to be insured; and disclosure of driving under the influence/driving while impaired, vehicular homicide, or hit-and-run.

Equity Auto Insurance Coverage

The company website explains mandatory auto insurance laws in force in almost every state in the U.S. In some places, drivers only need to buy liability auto insurance.

Liability insurance allows you to pay for the property & casualty claim submitted against your insurance policy by another driver in an auto accident you cause. Equity Group Insurance suggests that most clients need higher minimum coverage levels for maximum financial protection.

If the client drives an expensive car, she will certainly want to look at higher financial coverage limits on an auto insurance policy. In addition to CSL higher limit auto insurance policy, Equity Group Insurance offers towing and rental car insurance.

Equity Auto Insurance’s “11 Ways to Save Money” on Auto Insurance:

  • Save money on auto insurance rates by combining your auto insurance and homeowners/renters policy
  • Good drivers get lower auto insurance quotes and rates
  • Take mass transit to work (declare your auto is used for personal driving only)
  • Drive your car less than 1,000 miles per month and save money on auto insurance rates
  • Drive a modest model/easy-to-repair car to save money on auto insurance rates
  • Ask for high deductible auto insurance (pay a higher out-of-pocket cost to repair your car in the event of an accident)
  • Drop auto insurance coverage you don’t really need (a car worth less than $1,000 may not need collision and comprehensive auto insurance)
  • Get discounts for a car with air bags, anti-lock brakes, automatic seat belts, and theft alarms (ask about discounts for younger drivers with good grades)
  • Sign up for a defensive driving program
  • Consider moving to a rural community if you’re living and working in the city (drivers in New Jersey, Hawaii, and Massachusetts pay higher auto insurance rates than those in North and South Dakota)
  • Use your good credit report to get discounts from auto insurance companies

Equity Auto Insurance and Competitive Auto Insurance Rates

Regardless of your driving history, comparing auto insurance quotes can help you save money on car insurance. It’s no secret that auto insurance companies want your business—so give them the opportunity to compete for it. Start today by requesting fast, completely zero cost auto insurance quotes from competitive providers. Type in your zip code now!

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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or call (855) 977-0861 for free quotes