What are the car seat laws in Oklahoma?

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Things to remember...

  • The fine for violating Oklahoma’s child safety seat regulations is significant
  • Oklahoma’s legislature recently amended the rules for child safety and booster seats
  • Properly using these special seats can reduce the potential for a serious injury

Adults serve as protectors of children since the young ones lack the ability to care for themselves. Very young children positively must rely on an adult when traveling in a vehicle.

Since adults may not know how to keep young children safe in a car, states instituted rules to cover the use of child safety seats and booster seats.

Properly installed seats could very well save a life when an accident occurs.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has also taken steps to inform the public about the best types of seats to use. The AAP updated previous suggestions established in 2002.

Today, the AAP provides guidance on the use of rear-facing seats for toddlers and booster seat suggestions for children based on age and height requirements.

It would seem the various states follow suggestions put forth by the AAP. Oklahoma’s rules and regulations, in particular, institute strict requirements designed to maximize child safety.

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Car Seat Law for Oklahoma


In Oklahoma, the police can cite a driver who does not comply with child safety seat laws. As a primary offense, an officer needs no other reason besides non-compliance to stop the vehicle and cite the driver. The basic regulations for child safety seats drivers to follow are:

  • Children less than two years old must be placed in rear-facing seats.
  • Children less than four years old may be placed in forward-facing seats.
  • Children between the ages of four and seven must ride in a booster seat.
  • Older children less than 57″ in height must ride in a booster seat.
  • A child must be eight years of age or older and more than 57″ in height to use an adult seat belt.

Adults should make sure the purchased seat is appropriate for the age and height of the child. Purchasing a seat made by a top-rated manufacturer increases the chance for safety.

Nothing decreases the chances more than not using the safety seat at all. To prevent adults from ignoring the law, the state of Oklahoma has put in place tough fines intended to ensure drivers follow the rules.

Upon pulling over a vehicle and discovering the driver has not adhered to the state’s safety seat rules, a citation will be issued. Unless the police officer was mistaken, fighting this type of ticket would be extremely difficult since the driver is either in compliance or not.

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The penalties levied for non-compliance are:

  • Child seat violation: $208
  • Seat belt violation: $20

Although wearing a seat belt absolutely helps save lives, the fine remains minimal. Adults still need to take seat belt laws seriously especially when driving an older child.

The harsh fine for young child/toddler car seat violations makes sense since adults do need to be deterred from putting the little one at such risk.

In fact, Oklahoma’s current regulations reflect the recent strengthening of previous ones. Yet, not placing a child in an approved seat isn’t a moving violation meaning a driving record does not receive points. This has not changed with the new updated regulations.

Provide for Child Safety and Care


Adults who take extra care to ensure a child stays safe during a drive could prevent an unfortunate incident from occurring. Purchasing a child safety seat or a booster seat is not enough, though.

The seat must be installed correctly for maximum effectiveness. Taking the seat to an authorized inspection station for installation instructions helps improve safety. A certified technician at the inspection station can also examine the seat for any problems or issues.

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