What are the car seat laws in North Dakota?

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Things to remember...

  • North Dakota drivers who do not comply with the state’s car seat and child seat belt laws could be fined and could also have points added to their driving record
  • North Dakota has strict requirements regarding the use of car seats for children who are under seven years old and who also weigh less than 80 pounds or are shorter than 57 inches tall
  • The NHTSA offers free car seat inspections throughout the state that can help drivers to determine if their car seats are installed properly

If you are concerned about child safety on North Dakota’s roads, you may be wondering what the legal requirement is for car seat usage in this state. There is not a national law regarding car seat usage, and instead, each state has created its own unique laws for child safety.

In addition, some organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, have created their own guidelines for the use of car seats.

A closer look at these guidelines and the North Dakota state law for car seats will help you to determine how to most successfully use car seats to keep your little ones safe on the roads.

Many drivers in North Dakota turn to the guidelines issued by the AAP for information about how to safely use car seats.

The AAP indicates that young children should be fastened into a car seat in the back seat of the car and that this car seat should face the rear until they are two years old.

Between the ages of two years old and approximately eight to 12 years old, a child should sit in a front-facing car seat or in a booster seat. The ideal time to allow a child to sit in a car using the car’s adult seatbelts is when the child is at least 57 inches tall.

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Car Seat Law for North Dakota


The North Dakota state law regarding the use of car seats is closely related to the AAP’s guidelines, but there are some differences that you should be aware of.

When you are trying to decide which guidelines to follow with children and car seats in your own vehicle, be aware that the North Dakota state law should be followed at a minimum.

This state’s law requires children sit in a car seat who are under the age of eight years old and who are either of the following:

  • less than 57 inches tall
  • less than 80 pounds

There are no legal requirements regarding a rear-facing versus forward-facing car seat.

North Dakota state law also indicates that children should use an adult seat belt in the vehicle if they are at least eight years old. For children who are age seven and under, an adult seat belt can only be used if the child does not reach the height or weight limits previously mentioned.

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Car Seat Law Violation Penalties

If you plan to drive in North Dakota with children in your car, you need to be aware of the potential consequences you may face if you fail to comply with the law. The car seat and child seat belt laws in North Dakota are secondary laws.

With a secondary law, a law enforcement officer must have another reason to pull you over, such as if you are caught speeding. You cannot be pulled over for this violation alone.

In the event that you are cited for a violation of the car seat or child seat belt law, you may face a $25 fine for each offense. In addition, if you are cited for a car seat violation, you may have two points added to your driving record.

If you are cited for a child seat belt violation, you may have one point added to your record.

Using Car Seats Properly


In order to use car seats properly for maximum safety on the road, the car seats must be installed correctly in the car.

This correct installation can be seemingly complicated for some drivers, and the last thing you want to worry about while you are driving down the road is if your car seat is installed the right way.

You can obtain a free car seat installation check from the NHTSA or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Simply find a check station through the NHTSA’s website, and drop by during business hours to have your car seats checked.

Getting North Dakota Car Insurance

Car seats may reduce the severity of injuries in a child in the event of a car accident, but accidents can still occur. The type of car insurance that you buy can impact if your coverage pays for medical bills related to injuries to you and to your passengers.

While the state-required liability insurance will not pay for your medical bills or for your passenger’s medical bills, you can buy a comprehensive car insurance policy that includes personal injury coverage.

After you have decided what type of car insurance to buy, you can shop around online to find the best rates on North Dakota car insurance available.

Consider finding a few reputable insurance providers in excellent financial standing and who are known for offering friendly, reliable customer service.

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