What are the car seat laws in Montana?

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Things to remember...
  • The state of Montana admits car accidents are a common cause of injury to children
  • Restraint seat and seat belt laws seek to protect children from harm
  • Adults who violate restraint seat laws face a fine in Montana

Drivers who bring small children along with them when traveling in a vehicle surely want to keep the youngsters safe.

Parents and other adults might not realize whether a seat belt or particular booster seat is appropriate for a child of a certain height or weight.

To increase safety for children, all 50 states have implemented specific rules regarding child restraint while driving.

The discovery of new information may lead to changes in those rules. The American Academy of Pediatrics even revised its opinion on choosing specific seats for children.

The experts at the AAP took age and height/weight into consideration to determine when rear-facing or forward-facing seats provide the best protection.

The legislature in Montana looks at child safety with great concern. This is why the state implemented laws mandating the use of both child safety and booster seats. Make sure you have the best rate for your coverage with our free quote tool above today!

The laws are not difficult to follow, but adults do need to become aware of the rules in the first place.

Car Seat Law for Montana


The Montana government admits a common cause of a child’s injury or death comes from being involved in a motor vehicle accident. While nothing can completely prevent injury or worse during impact, safety seats can reduce the potential for harm.

The specific laws regarding child restraint seat in Montana stipulate children under the age of six and under 60 lbs. must be placed in a “child safety restraint” that is “appropriate for the height and weight of the child as indicated by manufacturer standards.

Child restraint devices include:

  • Rear-facing seats
  • Forward-facing seats
  • Booster seats

Adults do need to be sure they are placing a child in the correct seat based on age and weight. Montana does not mandate age/weight requirements for the specific seats.

Regardless, adults must act responsibly and choose the right seat for a young one. Children exceeding Montana’s general age and weight requirements for a restraint seat must wear a seatbelt as do adults.

Consequences for Breaking the Law in Montana

Failure to wear a seatbelt in Montana is considered a secondary offense, but the legislature has continually attempted to raise it to a primary one.

As a secondary offense, law enforcement requires an additional moving violation or unsafe operational reason to pull someone over for violating seatbelt/restraint seat laws.

Failing to use a turn signal or driving with a cracked windshield could lead to the vehicle being pulled over. An additional citation for seatbelt/restraint seat violations may be issued.

Failure to use a child restraint seat or wear a seatbelt is not considered a moving violation in Montana.

The violation won’t lead to an accrual of points towards suspension. The violation certainly isn’t a criminal misdemeanor.

Not adhering to Montana car seat laws results in the following fines:

  • $100 not using a child restraint seat
  • $20 for not wearing a seat belt

The fines shouldn’t be the main reason for following state law. The safety of child, drivers, and passengers should motivate doing the right thing. Serious injuries could be avoided when safety devices are used.

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Improve Child Safety and Protections

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends visiting a local certified inspection station for first-hand instruction on how to install a safety seat. The technicians can also examine the seat to make sure it is in proper working condition.

The NHTSA also provides online information to help educate adults on how to use these seats. Even the right seat can falter when improperly installed.

Drivers serve young ones best by learning as much as they can about the correct installation and use of safety and booster seats.

Purchasing the Right Auto Insurance


Never overlook the value of auto insurance to protect a child in the event of an accident. Purchasing uninsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection/medical payment could cover losses if the child is injured in an accident.

Liability coverage also comes with the benefit of protecting a family’s financial future.

Even if a great policy costs more, paying extra could have rewards. While focusing on costs is understandable when on a limited budget, customers still must look beyond the price of the policy and examine the value of the coverage.

The actual coverage is what provides the financial protections when an accident or other disaster occurs.

Where can I buy auto insurance in Montana

Purchasing auto insurance in Montana can be done online. The first step includes ordering several quotes and checking to see which one offers the best coverage at a reasonable rate.

Even those currently with insurance should check out quotes every six months to ensure the best policy is accessed.

Auto insurance is too important to become complacent about especially when a child’s safety is at issue.

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