What are the car seat laws in Maine?

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Things to remember...
  • Car seat laws across the country typically require child car seats for children based on age and size requirements
  • Maine car seat laws require a child seat for any child less than eight years of age and less than 80 pounds
  • car seat law violations are primary offenses in Maine

Car seat laws vary from state to state, but these requirements tend to be based on the age and size of the child. The age limits for car seats vary between five and eight years depending on the state.

Some states also set minimum height and weight requirements for children to travel without some kind of child safety seat.

Most of these state guidelines are similar to the recommendations created by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Under the AAP’s updated recommendations released in 2011, children under the age of 8 and less than 57 inches tall should ride in car seats for their protection.

The 2011 AAP recommendation also suggested children ride in rear-facing car seats until at least the age of 2. This is a departure from previous recommendations that said rear-facing seats were only necessary until the age of 1.

Maine Car Seat Laws


Maine car seat laws are based on the age and weight of the child. These requirements also distinguish between child car seats and booster seats.

Infant or convertible car seats are necessary for any child who weighs less than 40 pounds and is less than four years of age.

Booster seats are necessary for any child between 40 and 80 pounds that is less than 8 years of age. Main car seat laws do not have any height requirements.

Penalties for Car Seat Law Violations in Maine

Fines for car seat law violations in Maine vary depending on the number of convictions. Violations of Maine car seat laws carry a fine of $50 for the first offense, $125 for the second offense, and $250 for the third and subsequent offenses. Judges do not have the ability to suspend these fines upon conviction.

Under Maine law, a violation of the car seat law is treated as a primary offense.

Unlike a secondary offense, a police stop can be predicated on a primary offense in and of itself. For example, a driver in Maine could be stopped based on a car seat violation alone.

The traffic stop would need to originate with a primary offense like an illegal lane change before a ticket could be issued for a car seat violation in a state where car seat law violations are secondary offenses.

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Child Safety for Maine Drivers

Having adequate insurance coverage is part of keeping a child traveling in a vehicle safely. Maine drivers must carry bodily injury insurance coverage of at least $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident.

Additionally, Maine need a minimum of $25,000 of coverage per accident for instances of property damage.

The minimum requirements to obtain a Maine driver’s license may not be enough coverage for everyone. Many drivers may require more robust coverage to meet their needs.

The recommendation for finding the appropriate coverage is comparing 3-4 policies before selecting the one that best fits your needs. Coverage between different policies can differ dramatically regardless of price point and price alone should never be the only consideration.

The job of comparing insurance policies doesn’t end after a policy is selected and bought. Changing circumstances including shifting policy prices or a change in the value of a vehicle can render a policy no longer ideal. For these reasons, it is recommended to review and compare insurance policies every six months.

-Inspections for Car Seat Installation


Car seat installation can be complicated especially for first-time parents. Helpfully there are plenty of free resources available regarding the proper setup of car seats. Maine has numerous car seat inspection stations.

These stations provide certified technicians that will inspect car seat installation at no cost to the consumer.

Children’s Car Seat Safety in Maine

Maine car seat laws mandate children less than 40 pounds and 4 years of age travel infant or combination car seats. Children under 8 years of age and between 40 and 80 pounds are required to travel in booster seats. These requirements are written with the safety of the child in mind.

Proper insurance coverage is another step in keeping a child in a vehicle safe. The best way to ensure correct coverage is comparing 3-4 insurance policies and reviewing your policy every six months after purchase. Don’t miss out on our free insurance comparison tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!

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