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Progressive Auto Insurance Review [The Complete Guide]

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Progressive Overview Stats
Founded March 10, 1937
Current Executives CEO, President - Tricia Griffith
Claims President - Michael Sieger
Number of Employees 10,000+
Current Assets $10+ billion (USD) per year
Headquarters Address Campus I:
6300 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
Phone Number 1-855-347-3939
Premiums Written $27.862,882
Loss Ratio (2017) 66.49%
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Finding an insurance company can be tough. When you google car insurance, a plethora of options fill your computer screen. How do you know which one to choose? Which one is the cheapest? And if you have extenuating circumstances, such as a DUI or poor credit, it can make the shopping even harder.

Some companies even offer different discounts and some companies may be a better fit for your needs than others. That is why we are here to help. We are going to break down the good, bad, and expensive parts of car insurance.

We have all seen Progressive agent, Flo, on television ads for Progressive. We are going to really dig deep into Progressive car insurance. Where do they land on national rating statistics and how do their rates compare to others? Keep reading to find out!

We know there are a lot of other insurance companies out there, so if Progressive isn’t for you, enter your zip code here to get free quotes!

Progressive Ratings

A great way to see how a company is doing is by looking at their ratings with different companies. Some rating companies look at financials while others may look more at customer satisfaction, both areas are of great importance.

Agency Rating
AM Best A+ (Superior)
Better Business Bureau (Northbrook, IL) A- (Very Good)
Moody's A2 (Good)
S&P AA (Very Strong)

– AM Best

AM Best is a great indication of financial strength and how well a company is doing.

“Best’s Credit Ratings are an essential tool to help the financial industry and consumers assess an insurer’s financial strength, creditworthiness and ability to honor obligations to policyholders worldwide.”

AM Best gives Progressive a superior rating of A+.

– Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau lists their vision and mission plan on their website:


An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other


BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. We do this by

  • Setting standards for marketplace trust
  • Encouraging and supporting best practices by engaging with and educating consumers and businesses
  • Celebrating marketplace role models
  • Calling out and addressing substandard marketplace behavior
  • Creating a community of trustworthy businesses and charities

The Better Business Bureau gives Progressive a strong rating of A-.

– Moody’s Ratings

Moody’s Rating is a reputable rating company in forty-two countries. Moody’s uses various tools and research to give companies the proper financial ratings. Moody’s gives Progressive a rating of A2 meaning very good on the Moody’s scale.

– S&P Rating

S&P says its best on their website when describing their company.

“In 28 countries around the world and a history that dates back more than 150 years, S&P Global Ratings provides high-quality market intelligence in the form of credit ratings, research, and thought leadership.”

S&P gives Progressive an AA, meaning very good, rating.

– NAIC Complaint Index

NAIC stands for National Association for Insurance Commissioners. The NAIC has a wealth of information located on their website. They have very beneficial information for companies, including education, and also information for consumers including complaint records.

Private Passenger Policies 2016 2017 2018
Total Complaints 32 35 34
Complaint Index
(better or worse than National Index)
0.0011 (better) 0.0000 (better) 0.0012 (better)
National Complaint Index
1.47 1.53 1.51

Progressive has a better rating than the national average in the department of complaints.

– JD Power

JD Power is one of the leading experts in ratings. The unique aspect of JD Power is they compile information from actual consumers. This gives you first-hand knowledge of what to expect.

JD Power Mid-Atlantic Region Customer Satisfaction Survey

We took the index-ratings from the Mid-Atlantic region on the overall satisfaction of customers with Progressive. Progressive scored an 835 out of a possible 1000.

– Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is an independent, nonprofit member organization that works side by side with consumers for truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace. We use our rigorous research, consumer insights, journalism, and policy expertise to inform purchase decisions, improve the products and services that businesses deliver, and drive regulatory and fair competitive practices.”

Below is a table listing various services given during the claims process and the rating Progressive was given on those services.

Claims Handling Score
Total 87
Ease of reaching an agent Very Good
Simplicity of the process Very Good
Promptness of response - very good Very Good
Damage amount Very Good
Agent courtesy Very Good
Timely payment Excellent
Freedom to select repair shop Very Good
Being kept informed of claim status Very Good

Company History

Since the beginning in 1937, Progressive wanted to make auto insurance easy and affordable for all drivers. Progressive was the first company to offer drive-in claims and easy installment payments for clients not able to pay full premium upfront.

Decades past and by 1987 Progressive hit the billion-dollar mark, writing over $1 billion in premiums. So what makes Progressive one of the biggest insurance companies out there?

– Market Share

What is market share? Market share, simply put, is just the amount a particular company holds in the market. Progressive is growing its market share in all categories.

Year Market Share of Liability Market Share of Physical Damage Total Market Share
2015 7.09% 7.69% 3.59%
2016 8.00% 7.67% 3.88%
2017 8.90% 8.52% 4.31%

– Online Presence

In 1995, Progressive became one of the first major players in the insurance world to launch a website. While in the beginning stages the website was used more for relaying information to consumers, in 1996 it became interactive.

As listed on the Progressive website, below is a list of things you can do on the website:

  • Policy Service and Management — Policyholders can log in to update information, make payments, get vehicle recall information and more.
  • Online Claims Reporting — Policyholders can log in to report auto accidents and glass claims in minutes. For glass claims, you can show us what type of glass damage occurred using our unique visual reporting tool. For claims other than glass, you may even have the option to schedule an appointment at a network repair shop when you report your claim.
  • Rate Ticker — Our scrolling rate ticker displays actual Progressive Direct auto insurance rates side-by-side with those of other top auto insurers.
  • Agent Locator — If you prefer to buy insurance through an agent, you can search for local independent insurance agents by entering your ZIP code or by selecting the type of insurance you’d like to buy.
  • Talk to Me — Our online customer service feature uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to allow online shoppers who have questions about their Progressive Direct auto insurance quote to click on an icon and talk to a representative over the Internet or have a representative call them directly.
  • Instant Quotes — Whether you want to purchase online or through an agent, you can receive online insurance quotes for your vehicles. Prices vary based on how our customers choose to buy.

– Commercials

Chances are most consumers have seen Progressive agents, Flo and Jaime.

Agent Flo became the face of Progressive back in 2008. She has appeared in more than 100 commercials.

You can now find her counterpart, Agent Jaime, alongside her in Progressive commercials.

– Community Service

Progressive definitely gives back to the community. They have several programs they have started.

Their Keys to Progress program is used to help veterans with needs for cars. Since 2003, Progressive has given over 600 cars to veterans in need. Progressive also offers military-specific jobs for veterans returning home looking for employment.

They also have the Progressive Insurance Foundation. The foundation was established in 2001. Progressive says, “we give where our employees give.” Whenever an employee gives to a qualified charity, Progressive will match that gift.

Progressive also widely encourages employees to give not only money but time. In 2018 alone, Progressive people gave over 18,000 hours to volunteering.

– Employee Facts

Progressive is one of the largest insurance companies out there. They employ over 10,000 employees and have revenue numbers over $10 billion. It is no surprise why 91 percent of employees say Progressive is a great place to work. With onsite coffee shops and outdoor fitness classes, wouldn’t you want to work there?

– Awards and Accolades

It is no surprise Progressive treats its consumers and employees well. Below is a list of awards Progressive has received over the years.

– How Does the Future Look for Progressive?

Progressive is looking to continue to grow and stay on top of the insurance world. In May 2019, Progressive broadened their horizon with the introduction of BusinessQuote Explorer. Small business owners can now easily obtain an online quote tailored to their insurance needs.

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Progressive Car Insurance Rates

So far, we have covered Progressive is growing and it’s a great place to work. If you need a quote, that doesn’t help you much. You want to see what Progressive rates are and how they rate to other national providers.

There are many different factors that go into getting a rate. Below you will find different tables showing you some of those different factors and how the rate could change.

This next section will break down their rates and see if Progressive is a good fit for you.

– Progressive Rates Compared to State Average

How do Progressive’s rates compare to other states? Find your state below and see how rates compare!

State Average by State Progressive Annual Premium
Alaska $3,421.51 $3,062.85
Alabama $3,566.96 $4,450.52
Arkansas $4,124.98 $5,312.09
Arizona $3,770.97 $3,577.50
California $3,688.93 $2,849.67
Colorado $3,876.39 $4,231.92
Connecticut $4,618.92 $4,920.35
District of Columbia $4,439.24 $4,970.26
Delaware $5,986.32 $4,181.83
Florida $4,680.46 $5,583.30
Georgia $4,966.83 $4,499.22
Hawaii $2,555.64 $2,177.93
Iowa $2,981.28 $2,395.50
Idaho $2,979.09 NA in State
Illinois $3,305.48 $3,536.65
Indiana $3,414.97 $3,898.00
Kansas $3,279.62 $4,144.38
Kentucky $5,195.40 $5,547.63
Louisiana $5,711.34 $7,471.10
Maine $2,953.28 $3,643.59
Maryland $4,582.70 $4,094.86
Massachusetts $2,678.85 $3,835.11
Michigan $10,498.64 $5,364.55
Minnesota $4,403.25 NA in State
Missouri $3,328.93 $3,419.14
Mississippi $3,664.57 $4,308.85
Montana $3,220.84 $4,330.76
North Carolina $3,393.11 $2,382.61
North Dakota $4,165.84 $3,623.06
Nebraska $3,283.68 $3,758.01
New Hampshire $3,151.77 $2,694.45
New Jersey $5,515.21 $3,972.72
New Mexico $3,463.64 $3,119.18
Nevada $4,861.70 $4,062.57
New York $4,289.88 $3,771.15
Ohio $2,709.71 $3,436.96
Oklahoma $4,142.33 $4,832.35
Oregon $3,467.77 $3,629.13
Pennsylvania $4,034.50 $4,451.00
Rhode Island $5,003.36 $5,231.09
South Carolina $3,781.14 $4,573.08
South Dakota $3,982.27 $3,752.81
Tennessee $3,660.89 $3,656.91
Texas $4,043.28 $4,664.69
Utah $3,611.89 $3,830.10
Virginia $2,357.87 $2,498.58
Vermont $3,234.13 $5,217.14
Washington $3,059.32 $3,209.52
West Virginia $2,595.36 NA in State
Wisconsin $3,606.06 $3,128.91
Wyoming $3,200.08 $4,401.17

– Progressive Rates by Demographics

A big factor in receiving a car insurance rate is also your age. As you can see, a younger driver is always going to have a higher rate. A younger driver is less experienced and will always be viewed as a higher risk than an older driver.

Group Married 35-year old female Married 35-year old male Married 60-year old female Married 60-year old male Single 17-year old female Single 17-year old male Single 25-year old female Single 25-year old male
Allstate $3,156.09 $3,123.01 $2,913.37 $2,990.64 $9,282.19 $10,642.53 $3,424.87 $3,570.93
American Family $2,202.70 $2,224.31 $1,992.92 $2,014.38 $5,996.50 $8,130.50 $2,288.65 $2,694.72
Farmers $2,556.98 $2,557.75 $2,336.80 $2,448.39 $8,521.97 $9,144.04 $2,946.80 $3,041.44
Geico $2,302.89 $2,312.38 $2,240.60 $2,283.45 $5,653.55 $6,278.96 $2,378.89 $2,262.87
Liberty Mutual $3,802.77 $3,856.84 $3,445.00 $3,680.53 $11,621.01 $13,718.69 $3,959.67 $4,503.13
Nationwide $2,360.49 $2,387.43 $2,130.26 $2,214.62 $5,756.37 $7,175.31 $2,686.48 $2,889.04
Progressive $2,296.90 $2,175.27 $1,991.49 $2,048.63 $8,689.95 $9,625.49 $2,697.73 $2,758.66
State Farm $2,081.72 $2,081.72 $1,873.89 $1,873.89 $5,953.88 $7,324.34 $2,335.96 $2,554.56
Travelers $2,178.66 $2,199.51 $2,051.98 $2,074.41 $9,307.32 $12,850.91 $2,325.25 $2,491.21
USAA $1,551.43 $1,540.32 $1,449.85 $1,448.98 $4,807.54 $5,385.61 $1,988.52 $2,126.14

– Progressive Rates by Vehicles

We have taken five very common vehicles and quoted them out with 10 of the biggest insurance companies. Take a look if your car is on the list and which company rates the lowest.

Vehicle Allstate American Family Farmers Geico Liberty Mutual Nationwide Progressive State Farm Travelers USAA
2015 Ford F-150: Lariat SuperCab with 2WD 6.5 foot bed and 2.7L V6 $4,429.74 $3,447.30 $4,093.50 $3,092.11 $5,830.16 $3,571.01 $3,914.05 $3,204.23 $4,023.47 $2,551.56
2015 Honda Civic Sedan: LX with 2.0L 4cyl and CVT $4,753.69 $3,178.82 $4,405.21 $3,092.58 $5,869.32 $3,547.84 $4,429.56 $3,024.24 $4,420.37 $2,409.67
2015 Toyota RAV4: XLE $4,324.99 $3,326.18 $3,728.22 $3,090.89 $5,825.33 $3,517.03 $3,647.22 $3,226.02 $4,383.78 $2,454.58
2018 Ford F-150: Lariat SuperCab with 2WD 6.5 foot bed and 2.7L V6 $5,491.12 $3,487.91 $4,390.19 $3,338.40 $5,988.85 $3,373.64 $3,962.58 $3,497.17 $4,412.42 $2,855.69
2018 Honda Civic Sedan: LX with 2.0L 4cyl and CVT $5,380.28 $3,721.32 $4,779.51 $3,338.87 $6,682.63 $3,361.93 $4,528.90 $3,189.99 $4,661.22 $2,422.66
2018 Toyota RAV4: XLE $4,947.90 $3,496.99 $3,769.00 $3,337.18 $6,244.44 $3,328.57 $3,730.78 $3,418.33 $4,708.19 $2,529.63

– Progressive  Commute Rates

Some insurance carriers will rate higher for drivers with longer commutes. As you can see from the below table, some states do not change rates for longer drivers.

State 10 miles commute / 6000 annual mileage. 25 miles commute / 12000 annual mileage.
AK $3,062.85 $3,062.85
AL $4,450.52 $4,450.52
AR $5,312.09 $5,312.09
AZ $3,577.50 $3,577.50
CA $2,585.86 $3,113.48
CO $4,231.92 $4,231.92
CT $4,920.35 $4,920.35
DC $4,970.26 $4,970.26
DE $4,181.83 $4,181.83
FL $5,583.30 $5,583.30
GA $4,499.22 $4,499.22
HI $2,177.93 $2,177.93
IA $2,395.50 $2,395.50
IL $3,536.65 $3,536.65
IN $3,898.00 $3,898.00
KS $4,144.38 $4,144.38
KY $5,547.63 $5,547.63
LA $7,471.10 $7,471.10
MA $3,835.11 $3,835.11
MD $4,094.86 $4,094.86
ME $3,643.59 $3,643.59
MI $5,364.55 $5,364.55
MO $3,419.14 $3,419.14
MS $4,308.85 $4,308.85
MT $4,330.76 $4,330.76
NC $2,382.61 $2,382.61
ND $3,623.06 $3,623.06
NE $3,758.01 $3,758.01
NH $2,694.45 $2,694.45
NJ $3,972.72 $3,972.72
NM $3,119.18 $3,119.18
NV $4,062.57 $4,062.57
NY $3,771.15 $3,771.15
OH $3,436.96 $3,436.96
OK $4,832.35 $4,832.35
OR $3,629.13 $3,629.13
PA $4,451.00 $4,451.00
RI $5,231.09 $5,231.09
SC $4,573.08 $4,573.08
SD $3,752.81 $3,752.81
TN $3,656.91 $3,656.91
TX $4,664.69 $4,664.69
UT $3,830.10 $3,830.10
VA $2,498.58 $2,498.58
VT $5,217.14 $5,217.14
WA $3,209.52 $3,209.52
WI $3,128.91 $3,128.91
WV $4,401.17 $4,401.17

– Progressive  Coverage Level Rates

Most people think the more coverage you have, the more you are going to pay. While in most cases that may be true, in some cases it is worth the quote. It is easy to contact a company or your local agent and ask them to quote you with higher coverage. The results may sometimes surprise you.

State Coverage Type Annual Premium
AK Low $2,989.84
AK High $3,204.04
AK Medium $2,994.67
AL Low $3,993.99
AL Medium $4,426.80
AL High $4,930.77
AR Medium $5,221.81
AR High $5,831.14
AR Low $4,883.32
AZ High $3,933.00
AZ Low $3,156.86
AZ Medium $3,642.63
CA Low $2,553.79
CA Medium $2,935.12
CA High $3,060.10
CO High $4,535.53
CO Medium $4,244.39
CO Low $3,915.86
CT High $5,318.35
CT Low $4,567.50
CT Medium $4,875.19
DC Low $4,718.03
DC High $5,209.97
DC Medium $4,982.78
DE Medium $4,231.00
DE Low $3,663.70
DE High $4,650.79
FL Medium $5,712.27
FL Low $4,681.36
FL High $6,356.27
GA Low $4,121.20
GA High $4,949.64
GA Medium $4,426.83
HI High $2,369.14
HI Low $1,988.28
HI Medium $2,176.37
IA High $2,522.93
IA Low $2,260.08
IA Medium $2,403.48
IL Medium $3,522.52
IL Low $3,248.39
IL High $3,839.06
IN High $4,174.74
IN Low $3,682.08
IN Medium $3,837.18
KS High $4,391.81
KS Low $3,928.59
KS Medium $4,112.75
KY High $6,113.49
KY Low $5,072.27
KY Medium $5,457.13
LA High $8,813.16
LA Low $6,193.86
LA Medium $7,406.27
MA High $4,083.46
MA Low $3,515.25
MA Medium $3,906.62
MD High $4,281.91
MD Low $3,907.33
MD Medium $4,095.34
ME High $3,783.48
ME Low $3,570.13
ME Medium $3,577.15
MI High $5,523.12
MI Low $5,199.22
MI Medium $5,371.32
MO High $3,773.22
MO Low $3,056.63
MO Medium $3,427.58
MS High $4,706.03
MS Low $3,856.22
MS Medium $4,364.31
MT High $4,583.63
MT Low $4,090.20
MT Medium $4,318.46
NC High $2,517.70
NC Low $2,261.45
NC Medium $2,368.67
ND High $3,738.69
ND Low $3,519.14
ND Medium $3,611.36
NE High $3,938.81
NE Low $3,586.69
NE Medium $3,748.53
NH High $2,799.47
NH Low $2,589.43
NH Medium $2,694.45
NJ High $4,280.26
NJ Low $3,603.50
NJ Medium $4,034.39
NM High $3,262.99
NM Low $2,976.49
NM Medium $3,118.05
NV High $4,763.75
NV Low $3,519.17
NV Medium $3,904.78
NY High $4,008.45
NY Low $3,559.37
NY Medium $3,745.62
OH High $3,597.09
OH Low $3,305.47
OH Medium $3,408.32
OK High $5,214.67
OK Low $4,481.18
OK Medium $4,801.19
OR High $3,774.86
OR Low $3,500.52
OR Medium $3,612.03
PA High $4,809.93
PA Low $4,058.80
PA Medium $4,484.26
RI High $5,584.04
RI Low $4,913.15
RI Medium $5,196.08
SC High $4,975.38
SC Low $4,231.59
SC Medium $4,512.27
SD High $3,873.69
SD Low $3,662.57
SD Medium $3,722.16
TN High $3,884.63
TN Low $3,428.80
TN Medium $3,657.30
TX High $4,920.66
TX Low $4,431.23
TX Medium $4,642.18
UT High $4,283.39
UT Low $3,509.42
UT Medium $3,697.49
VA High $2,635.90
VA Low $2,389.12
VA Medium $2,470.72
VT High $5,538.81
VT Low $4,963.11
VT Medium $5,149.50
WA High $3,584.15
WA Low $2,916.39
WA Medium $3,128.02
WI High $3,295.33
WI Low $2,937.23
WI Medium $3,154.18
WV High $4,624.79
WV Low $4,224.21
WV Medium $4,354.50

– Progressive  Credit History Rates

Credit history rates are a big factor in how your insurance premium is calculated. Credit history is typically known to affect bigger purchases like cars and homes, but it can also follow you with your insurance rates.

If you have a poor credit history, a company will see you as a risk of not paying your insurance premiums.

State Credit History Annual Premium
AK Fair $2,992.23
AK Good $2,852.01
AK Poor $3,344.30
AL Fair $4,306.50
AL Good $4,021.62
AL Poor $5,023.44
AR Fair $5,135.36
AR Good $4,774.48
AR Poor $6,026.44
AZ Fair $3,485.10
AZ Good $3,255.55
AZ Poor $3,991.84
CA ALL $2,849.67
CO Fair $4,108.11
CO Good $3,768.17
CO Poor $4,819.49
CT Fair $4,804.53
CT Good $4,602.01
CT Poor $5,354.50
DC Fair $4,772.75
DC Good $4,357.13
DC Poor $5,780.90
DE Fair $4,090.99
DE Good $3,780.31
DE Poor $4,674.18
FL Fair $5,169.65
FL Good $4,302.18
FL Poor $7,278.07
GA Fair $4,376.95
GA Good $4,045.92
GA Poor $5,074.80
HI $2,177.93
IA Fair $2,286.08
IA Good $2,070.25
IA Poor $2,830.16
IL Fair $3,418.56
IL Good $3,157.28
IL Poor $4,034.12
IN Fair $3,806.34
IN Good $3,588.63
IN Poor $4,299.03
KS Fair $3,991.23
KS Good $3,684.80
KS Poor $4,757.13
KY Fair $5,408.23
KY Good $5,042.27
KY Poor $6,192.39
LA Fair $7,236.85
LA Good $6,731.64
LA Poor $8,444.80
MA $3,835.11
MD Fair $3,875.85
MD Good $3,247.40
MD Poor $5,161.32
ME Fair $3,531.28
ME Good $3,279.06
ME Poor $4,120.42
MI Fair $5,208.85
MI Good $4,687.33
MI Poor $6,197.47
MO Fair $3,275.50
MO Good $3,017.40
MO Poor $3,964.53
MS Fair $4,166.84
MS Good $3,872.01
MS Poor $4,887.72
MT Fair $4,005.65
MT Good $3,745.98
MT Poor $5,240.66
NC Fair $2,325.80
NC Good $2,132.70
NC Poor $2,689.33
ND Fair $3,495.19
ND Good $3,186.53
ND Poor $4,187.48
NE Fair $3,619.59
NE Good $3,339.77
NE Poor $4,314.68
NH Fair $2,627.54
NH Good $2,464.66
NH Poor $2,991.15
NJ Fair $3,883.17
NJ Good $3,586.45
NJ Poor $4,448.52
NM Fair $3,050.34
NM Good $2,885.29
NM Poor $3,421.90
NV Fair $3,995.93
NV Good $3,733.72
NV Poor $4,458.06
NY Fair $3,041.52
NY Good $2,206.11
NY Poor $6,065.81
OH Fair $3,335.09
OH Good $3,115.60
OH Poor $3,860.18
OK Fair $4,669.23
OK Good $4,340.94
OK Poor $5,486.87
OR Fair $3,525.54
OR Good $3,284.76
OR Poor $4,077.11
PA Fair $4,136.56
PA Good $3,319.35
PA Poor $5,897.08
RI Fair $5,095.01
RI Good $4,739.68
RI Poor $5,858.59
SC Fair $4,464.31
SC Good $4,164.27
SC Poor $5,090.67
SD Fair $3,600.16
SD Good $3,320.87
SD Poor $4,337.39
TN Fair $3,545.77
TN Good $3,314.09
TN Poor $4,110.86
TX Fair $4,536.44
TX Good $4,201.24
TX Poor $5,256.40
UT Fair $3,709.85
UT Good $3,449.62
UT Poor $4,330.83
VA Fair $2,435.09
VA Good $2,274.12
VA Poor $2,786.53
VT Fair $5,024.74
VT Good $4,628.34
VT Poor $5,998.34
WA Fair $3,154.29
WA Good $2,935.78
WA Poor $3,538.50
WI Fair $3,020.30
WI Good $2,806.94
WI Poor $3,559.49
WV Fair $4,289.15
WV Good $3,983.96
WV Poor $4,930.39

– Progressive  Driving Record Rates

One of the most obvious reasons your insurance rate may change or be affected is your driving record. Of course, a clean record is always going to be your cheapest rate. Check out below what how your record could be affecting your rate.

State Driving Record Annual Premium
AK Clean record $2,740.77
AK With 1 accident $3,512.71
AK With 1 DUI $2,911.36
AK With 1 speeding violation $3,086.55
AL Clean record $4,019.60
AL With 1 accident $5,052.72
AL With 1 DUI $4,318.84
AL With 1 speeding violation $4,410.91
AR Clean record $4,579.61
AR With 1 accident $6,359.88
AR With 1 DUI $4,812.78
AR With 1 speeding violation $5,496.11
AZ Clean record $3,156.01
AZ With 1 accident $4,155.92
AZ With 1 DUI $3,331.40
AZ With 1 speeding violation $3,666.67
CA Clean record $1,864.57
CA With 1 accident $3,169.83
CA With 1 DUI $3,678.10
CA With 1 speeding violation $2,686.17
CO Clean record $3,665.41
CO With 1 accident $5,115.10
CO With 1 DUI $3,869.05
CO With 1 speeding violation $4,278.14
CT Clean record $4,197.03
CT With 1 accident $6,093.37
CT With 1 DUI $4,415.90
CT With 1 speeding violation $4,975.08
DC Clean record $4,332.07
DC With 1 accident $5,478.69
DC With 1 DUI $4,978.67
DC With 1 speeding violation $5,091.61
DE Clean record $3,602.97
DE With 1 accident $4,773.89
DE With 1 DUI $4,103.13
DE With 1 speeding violation $4,247.32
FL Clean record $4,407.95
FL With 1 accident $6,519.19
FL With 1 DUI $5,490.35
FL With 1 speeding violation $5,915.72
GA Clean record $3,524.11
GA With 1 accident $6,212.74
GA With 1 DUI $4,157.29
GA With 1 speeding violation $4,102.75
HI Clean record $1,649.25
HI With 1 accident $2,322.92
HI With 1 DUI $2,602.26
HI With 1 speeding violation $2,137.29
IA Clean record $1,925.97
IA With 1 accident $3,155.58
IA With 1 DUI $2,089.34
IA With 1 speeding violation $2,411.09
IL Clean record $2,915.60
IL With 1 accident $4,318.08
IL With 1 DUI $3,228.52
IL With 1 speeding violation $3,684.42
IN Clean record $2,920.38
IN With 1 accident $5,122.01
IN With 1 DUI $3,485.66
IN With 1 speeding violation $4,063.94
KS Clean record $3,828.81
KS With 1 accident $4,477.29
KS With 1 DUI $3,998.62
KS With 1 speeding violation $4,272.82
KY Clean record $4,580.31
KY With 1 accident $6,816.16
KY With 1 DUI $5,224.39
KY With 1 speeding violation $5,569.65
LA Clean record $6,223.20
LA With 1 accident $8,352.66
LA With 1 DUI $8,027.23
LA With 1 speeding violation $7,281.29
MA Clean record $3,221.47
MA With 1 accident $4,540.58
MA With 1 DUI $3,602.42
MA With 1 speeding violation $3,975.98
MD Clean record $3,496.06
MD With 1 accident $4,633.82
MD With 1 DUI $4,229.05
MD With 1 speeding violation $4,020.51
ME Clean record $2,920.77
ME With 1 accident $4,932.02
ME With 1 DUI $3,250.73
ME With 1 speeding violation $3,470.83
MI Clean record $4,542.22
MI With 1 accident $5,975.45
MI With 1 DUI $5,371.85
MI With 1 speeding violation $5,568.68
MO Clean record $2,964.99
MO With 1 accident $3,960.21
MO With 1 DUI $3,283.46
MO With 1 speeding violation $3,467.90
MS Clean record $3,689.60
MS With 1 accident $4,947.94
MS With 1 DUI $4,263.35
MS With 1 speeding violation $4,334.53
MT Clean record $3,739.68
MT With 1 accident $4,819.80
MT With 1 DUI $4,616.41
MT With 1 speeding violation $4,147.16
NC Clean record $1,124.37
NC With 1 accident $1,642.22
NC With 1 DUI $5,173.29
NC With 1 speeding violation $1,590.55
ND Clean record $3,346.29
ND With 1 accident $4,111.13
ND With 1 DUI $3,384.21
ND With 1 speeding violation $3,650.62
NE Clean record $3,195.31
NE With 1 accident $4,684.11
NE With 1 DUI $3,573.41
NE With 1 speeding violation $3,579.22
NH Clean record $2,315.49
NH With 1 accident $3,192.89
NH With 1 DUI $2,553.90
NH With 1 speeding violation $2,715.51
NJ Clean record $3,414.48
NJ With 1 accident $4,583.69
NJ With 1 DUI $3,906.91
NJ With 1 speeding violation $3,985.79
NM Clean record $2,697.09
NM With 1 accident $3,687.66
NM With 1 DUI $2,905.91
NM With 1 speeding violation $3,186.04
NV Clean record $3,385.02
NV With 1 accident $4,658.43
NV With 1 DUI $4,264.08
NV With 1 speeding violation $3,942.74
NY Clean record $3,664.67
NY With 1 accident $3,664.67
NY With 1 DUI $4,066.27
NY With 1 speeding violation $3,688.99
OH Clean record $2,963.60
OH With 1 accident $4,028.09
OH With 1 DUI $3,156.21
OH With 1 speeding violation $3,599.93
OK Clean record $3,763.08
OK With 1 accident $6,992.38
OK With 1 DUI $4,154.13
OK With 1 speeding violation $4,419.80
OR Clean record $2,737.08
OR With 1 accident $4,992.54
OR With 1 DUI $3,526.67
OR With 1 speeding violation $3,260.25
PA Clean record $4,034.71
PA With 1 accident $5,570.34
PA With 1 DUI $4,153.94
PA With 1 speeding violation $4,045.00
RI Clean record $4,267.49
RI With 1 accident $6,772.26
RI With 1 DUI $4,794.93
RI With 1 speeding violation $5,089.68
SC Clean record $3,751.71
SC With 1 accident $5,451.21
SC With 1 DUI $4,555.95
SC With 1 speeding violation $4,533.45
SD Clean record $3,237.82
SD With 1 accident $4,378.48
SD With 1 DUI $3,492.83
SD With 1 speeding violation $3,902.09
TN Clean record $3,221.09
TN With 1 accident $4,182.08
TN With 1 DUI $3,430.36
TN With 1 speeding violation $3,794.09
TX Clean record $4,066.61
TX With 1 accident $5,258.16
TX With 1 DUI $4,752.85
TX With 1 speeding violation $4,581.14
UT Clean record $3,241.33
UT With 1 accident $4,895.50
UT With 1 DUI $3,390.52
UT With 1 speeding violation $3,793.05
VA Clean record $2,134.67
VA With 1 accident $2,827.55
VA With 1 DUI $2,547.20
VA With 1 speeding violation $2,484.90
VT Clean record $4,397.96
VT With 1 accident $6,363.51
VT With 1 DUI $4,939.75
VT With 1 speeding violation $5,167.33
WA Clean record $2,600.49
WA With 1 accident $4,063.71
WA With 1 DUI $3,035.03
WA With 1 speeding violation $3,138.85
WI Clean record $2,864.87
WI With 1 accident $3,470.52
WI With 1 DUI $2,973.89
WI With 1 speeding violation $3,206.37
WV Clean record $3,734.79
WV With 1 accident $5,008.09
WV With 1 DUI $4,470.99
WV With 1 speeding violation $4,390.80

Coverages Offered

Next up, let’s take a look at the coverages and discounts available for Progressive insureds.

– Progressive Bundling Options

Progressive offers many bundling options. Since Progressive offers a wide range of products to chose from, you can bundle any two or more products to receive a multi-policy discount.

You can also receive a discount for bundling are your cars together on one policy and receive the multi-car discount.

– Progressive Discounts

Discount Name Average Discount Details
Multi-Policy 5% If you have two or more policies with Progressive (for example: if you were to have an auto and home-owners policy with Progressive)
Snapshot Program $130 Their Snapshot program that personalizes your rate based on your driving.
Safe Driver 31% If you have no accidents/traffic violations in the past three years
Multi-Car 10% If you have more than one vehicle listed on your policy
Homeowner nearly 10% If you own a home (even if it is not insured through Progressive's network)
Sign Online nearly 8% If you sign your documents online
Online Quote 7% If you got your policy quote online (or if you start your quote online and a licensed Progressive representative finishes it for you over the phone
Paperless Varies If you opt to receive your documents via email (dependent on signing your documents online and is an addition to the sign online discount)
Continuous Insurance Varies If you switch to Progressive from another insurer, you won't lose any longevity benefits (discount value will depend on how long you've been consistently insured with no gaps or cancellations)
Teen Driver Varies If you're adding a teen driver to your policy
Good Student Varies If you have a student who maintains a "B" average or better (discount also applies to college students, students more than 100 miles from your residence, or is 22 years or younger)
Pay in Full Varies If you pay for your six month policy up front
Automatic Payment Varies If you set up automatic payments from a checking account to pay (you cannot combine the automatic payment and pay in full discounts)

Along with the listed above, here are some other discounts Progressive offers.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Adaptive Headlights
  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Anti-Theft
  • Claim Free
  • Continuous Coverage
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Defensive Driver
  • Distant Student
  • Driver’s Ed
  • Driving Device/App
  • Early Signing
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Family Legacy
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Full Payment
  • Good Credit
  • Homeowner
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Low Mileage
  • Loyalty
  • Married
  • Newer Vehicle
  • Passive Restraint
  • Safe Driver
  • Stable Residence
  • Switching Provider
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • VIN Etching

– Progressive Programs

Snapshot® is a program that can follow your driving habits. So, the safer driver you are the better your premium will be.

Progressive also has a deductible savings program. For every policy period that you are claim-free, Progressive will subtract $50 from your deductible.

Canceling Your Policy

Why do some people dislike Progressive car insurance? Reasons may vary for why you are canceling a Progressive policy.

Sometimes you need to change or cancel your insurance. Before you cancel, if you still own a vehicle, you always should have another policy in place before you cancel any policy.

– Cancellation Fee

Some companies have a pro-rated return while others may have a short-rate. Short-rate is when a company may keep a percentage of the remaining balance and only refund you a partial return.

Progressive has a pro-rated return, but if you are canceling in the middle of a billing cycle, you may have a $50-$65 cancellation fee. This varies from state to state. Your cancellation fee will be outlined in your policy.

– Is There a Refund?

Yes! As mentioned earlier, Progressive will give you a pro-rated premium return in the event of a cancellation if you have unearned premium.

So, for instance, if you have paid a six-month policy in full and on month three you decide to cancel, you will get the return of the remaining three months. Typically, it will take a few days to process and return the payment.

– How to Cancel

While Progressive may not want you to cancel, they do make it easy for a client to part ways from them. There are three ways you can cancel your policy.

You can mail a letter stating your intent to cancel. This letter must be signed and have the following information:

  • Personal information like name, address, and phone number
  • Your Progressive policy number
  • Date when you want the cancellation to take effect

Mail it to The Progressive Corporation, 6300 Wilson Mills Rd., Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143.

You can also call Progressive at 888-416-2003 and cancel by phone. Make sure you have your policy number available and the date you want to cancel.

Lastly, you can go online and log in to your personal account and cancel.

Depending on the state laws where you live, you may need to send in a signed letter stating your request no matter what option you chose. Progressive may also ask you for your replacement policy information or why you are canceling.

– When Can I Cancel?

You can cancel your Progressive policy at any time. As mentioned earlier, if you cancel in the middle of your policy you could have a cancellation fee. The best time to cancel is at a renewal.

You can start shopping your insurance rates once you get a renewal premium from your current carrier. You want to give yourself plenty of time to cancel and start your new insurance to make sure you do not have a gap in coverage.

How to Make a Claim

Insurance is a necessity of life. It is an expense we hope we never have to use. Unfortunately, there are times accidents happen and we need to file a claim. That is the time you really want your insurance to take care of you and make the process easy.

You want to your insurance company to pay out for your loss and get you back on the road quickly.

– Loss Ratio

Loss ratio is a common term in the insurance world, but probably not very commonly used in the consumer’s world. Loss ratio is the ratio between premiums and paid claims. For instance, if a company had $100,000 in premium and paid out $50,000 in claims, its loss ratio would be 50 percent.

You want to be with a company that pays out for claims, but not too much. If a company has a loss ratio of 100 percent, the company is not making any money and could be in financial danger. If the loss ratio is very low, they could have a record of not paying out for claims filed.

Private Passenger Auto 2015 2016 2017
Premiums written $21,346,246,000
(21.3 billion)
(23.9 billion)
(27.8 billion)
Loss Ratio 61.39% 67.82% 64.49%

– Ease of Making a Claim

Progressive makes it extremely easy to file a claim. The below instructions can be found on the Progressive website:

  • As soon as possible, report your claim to Progressive—simply login or call 1-800-776-4737. You will be asked initial questions and begin resolving your claim immediately.
  • A claims representative will contact you—generally by the end of the business day—to answer your questions and schedule an inspection of your vehicle. Be sure to discuss any questions you have about deductibles, what’s covered or the repairs with your claims rep at this time.
  • Your vehicle will be inspected for damages.
  • Towing will be arranged if needed. You can bring your car to a repair shop in the network or if you prefer to use your own repair shop, you can do that, too. With either option, Progressive will schedule your appointment when you report your claim.
  • If you need a rental car, your claims representative can make arrangements for one. Your rental may be covered depending on your policy coverages and the circumstances of your claim.
  • Progressive will periodically check the status of the repair and address any further issues, such as additional damage, payments for additional damage, or changes to the expected completion date, while your vehicle is in the shop.
  • When you use one of the network repair shops, Progressive will guarantee your repairs for as long as you own or lease your car.

You can also track your claim process and status easily online.

How to Get a Quote Online

So you like Progressive and want to see their rates?

– Select a Product

Progressive makes obtaining a quote online a breeze! First, you need to choose which product you are needing the quote.

– Personal Information

Once you chose your product, you just have to enter some personal information. Of course, Progressive will not only need personal information about you, but they will also need the information to run reports for your driving record. As stated earlier, rates are strongly determined by driving records.

– Vehicle Information

Once you have entered information about yourself, you will then need to enter information about which vehicles you will are wanting to insure.

– Saving Your Quote

You even have the option to save your quote and retrieve it at a later date.

Online Design and App Performance

As you can see above, Progressive has a great online quoting platform. The rest of their website isn’t much different, The website is easy to browse and find necessary information for common questions. 

The Progressive app is also very easy to use. They allow everything to be at your fingertips, whether it’s an ID card or filing a claim. It makes traveling a lot easier knowing your needs can be taken care of at your fingertips.

Pros and Cons

Every company is going to have pros and cons. We have gathered some information to give you a list of what some say the pros and cons of Progressive are.

Pros Cons
24/7/365 Support High rates for poor driving history
Numerous discounts to help drivers offset cost of insurance High rates for poor credit history
Comparable rates despite commute distance in most states Accident forgiveness program is a separate cost
Customer Satisfaction ratings higher than other insurers Rates higher than state average in several states
Loss ratio is stable Mobile app ratings spotty based on customer experience
One of the only insurers who offers pet protection Financial strength ratings not as high as other insurers
"Name Your Price" option to cater your budget to the policy you can actually afford Not as many discounts as other competitors
Snapshot program to personalize your rate your YOUR driving Supplemental Coverage options harder to find
Reputation of helping high-risk drivers Teen driver rates higher than other insurers


Do you still have questions regarding insurance with Progressive? Below are some commonly asked questions about Progressive insurance.

– Why are rates different when going through a local agent versus buying direct?

Buying direct versus buying through a local independent agent can cost different rates. An independent agent can cost more due to the local agent having commission fees associated with getting your quote.

The benefit to using an agent is they can shop your insurance with other companies if you ever become dissatisfied with your coverage or company.

– What is Snapshot?

The Snapshot tool with Progressive is a device or app on your mobile phone to monitor your driving. The Snapshot feature not only monitors how you drive but how long your travel daily. It can also detect hard breaking. A log is kept and you can look to see how you are driving!

– What is the Name Your Price tool?

The Name Your Price tool is a great way to get insurance within a selected amount without going back and changing coverages. So, for instance, if you are wanting a quote to only cost $650 a year, you can plug that information in and Progressive Name Your Price tool with let you know what coverages you can get within that price amount.

The Bottom Line

Shopping for insurance is hard, we get it. You are worried about how much coverage you should get and then you have to find a good company that will work for you and your needs.

We hope this helped you see if Progressive auto insurance would be a good fit for you. Don’t forget you can always put your zip code in here and use our free comparison tool to get a no-obligation quote.


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