Is a clutch covered under car insurance?

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Things to remember...

  • Damage to a clutch is generally because of wear and tear
  • Accidents that cause damage to a clutch might be covered by insurance
  • You need to have sufficient coverage on a policy for insurance to take care of repairs

A clutch is a relatively expensive repair that might be needed on your car. The easy solution is to file a claim and have your car insurance take care of it.

However, there are only a few instances when a clutch would be covered by insurance and you need to have the right coverage on your policy.

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How did the clutch become damaged?


It’s important that you look at how the clutch became damaged. There are plenty of ways for a clutch to give out and this means you will need to have it replaced. It’s particularly common in manual cars, especially when someone slips the clutch frequently.

Most common ways for the clutch to be damaged include:

  • Wear and tear
  • Oil on the clutch
  • Water in the clutch
  • Clutch overheating

Clutch overheating and normal wear and tear are not going to be covered by insurance. In most instances, oil on the clutch won’t be covered, either.

You are expected to maintain your car.

Anything that fails as a result of you not maintaining your car won’t be covered by your car insurance policy.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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What coverage do you have on your insurance policy?

You will be required to have certain coverage in place based on the state you live in. This requirement includes bodily injury and property damage liability.

The levels you are required to have will be identified by the state and will be included when insurance companies provide you with quotes.

Other types of coverage you might be required to have, either by the state or a lienholder include:

You can customize your policy to fit your needs and your budget. You have to maintain the minimum as required by your state. You then have the option of adding to the liability coverage and adding on other types of coverage.

Extra coverage will make it easier for you to have enough insurance to protect you when something happens to your car.

When you have a damaged clutch, you have to look at what the various types of insurance cover.

If you get into a major accident and your clutch (and potentially transmission) are damaged, then your collision coverage (if you’re at fault) or the other party’s property damage liability (if the other driver is at fault) would provide you with coverage.

However, insurance companies are only going to pay out up to the max level of liability you have in place. If the total damages are $50,000 and you only have $30,000 worth of coverage, the remaining $20,000 would be your financial responsibility.

Insurance companies recommend going above and beyond on liability levels. Adding $10,000 or more above the state requirement is often only a few extra dollars per month on your premium.

If you don’t get into an accident, but the clutch is damaged, one of the only other ways insurance would cover the damages is if you experienced a flood and the water caused the damage.

In order for insurance to accept the claim, you would need to have comprehensive coverage as this takes care of non-driving related incidents.

Is it worth it to file a claim?


You might be reluctant to file a claim because you are worried your premium will go up. This is something that varies from company to company.

Even if it’s minor damage to the clutch, if you think that it is something covered by auto insurance, it’s best to file a claim.

The only time you don’t have to worry about filing a claim is if it’s because of wear and tear. You don’t report each time you get an oil change and the same is true about clutch repairs because it’s what’s needed to take care of your car.

The clutch might be an expensive repair, but it’s often not covered by car insurance. It will depend on how the damages occurred and what kind of coverage you have on your policy.

When in doubt, contact the insurance company and talk to them about the damages to see if they will pay for a repair and/or replacement.

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