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Does running a red light increase auto insurance rates?

Does running a red light increase auto insurance rates?Unfortunately, if you are caught by the police and issued a ticket for running a red light, it is very likely that your auto insurance company will raise your premium. Driving through a red light results in points placed on your license in most states; just how many points and what it means for you varies from state to state.

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Some states, such as Florida, will put 4 points on your license for running a red light, and your license will be suspended for 30 days if you accumulate 12 points on your license in a 12-month period. In Texas, running a red light or any other moving violation, will net you two points on your license, and three points if the violation resulted in an accident. In all occurrences, you’ll most certainly be paying a ticket fee, whether or not your insurance company decides to hike up your rates.

What other traffic violations will raise my auto insurance rates?

Besides running a red light, your insurance company will also raise your rates for failing to obey yield and stop signs. Other serious offenses that will affect your auto insurance include: reckless driving, speeding, driving under the influence, driving the wrong way, making an illegal U-turn, and passing another vehicle illegally. You will likely pay a higher rate if you’re caught disobeying child seat restraint laws.

Some traffic offenses that are subject to fines do not usually lead to increased insurance premiums. These include seatbelt violations (for adults, not children), distracted driving violations (such as talking on the phone), and parking violations. If any of these lead to an accident or damages and you have to file an insurance claim, then it certainly will lead to a premium hike when your insurance comes up for renewal.

Does running a red light increase auto insurance rates?

Will the insurance company still raise my premium if I don’t have other accidents or violations on my record?

It’s best to call your insurance representative directly for specific information on your policy. It has become the norm among insurance providers to reward their clients who have had clean driving records for years. Besides lower premiums for these good drivers, some companies offer Accident Forgiveness and may extend it to you even if your traffic violation didn’t result in an accident.

Violations such as running a red light or not stopping at a stop sign may seem like minor infractions, but they are the root cause of thousands of accidents–some fatal–each year. Police departments take these traffic violations very seriously, and so does your insurance company.

More than 20 states now utilize traffic light cameras at high-risk intersections, so you may be caught driving through a red light even if you think nobody saw you. The best advice if for you to slow down and stop on a yellow light and not run the risk of hurting yourself, hurting somebody else, and hurting your wallet.

Is there a way to get a traffic violation off of my record?

If you decide to contest a traffic ticket, you have the right to a court hearing. At that time, the judge may decide to reduce the amount of points on your license from the violation, or reduce the violation fee. If the police officer who wrote the ticket fails to show up to the hearing, the case may be thrown out entirely. On the other hand, if you lose you may end up paying more than if you had just mailed in your ticket and fine.

You can also remove some violations by enrolling in a defensive driving course and passing the class. Depending on your state, completing one of these driving classes will remove from 2 to 4 points from your license. Some states require you to get permission from the court to take the class and remove Does running a red light increase auto insurance rates?points, so check that requirement before you enroll. Be aware that each state also has a limit on how often you can take driving school to reduce the points on your record.

All violations eventually fall off your driving record when enough time has passed. Typically, three points are removed for every 12 months that go by. During this time, and after your record has been wiped clean again, practice safe driving in order not to accrue new points on your license.

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