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Elephant Auto Insurance Review

Elephant Auto Insurance
  • 1.791.791.791.791.79
Address: PO Box 5005
City: Glen Allen
State: VA
ZIP: 23058-5005
Phone Number: 1-877-21-TRUNK (1-877-218-7865)
AM Best Rating: Not Applicable
Market Cap: Not Applicable
Year Founded: 2009

Located in Virgina, Elephant Auto Insurance LLC is a part of the larger Admiral Group, PLC. Admiral Group is a Cardiff, United Kingdom based organization that was started in 1993. With more than 17 years of experience in the field of auto insurance, they have a base of more than 2 million customers and insurance policyholders worldwide.

This group operates under the brand name Elephant Auto Insurance in the United States and was founded in the year 2009. It’s a fairly new, but powerful, entrant to the auto insurance provider market in Virginia and Maryland. The company follows the motto of its parent organization and aims at providing customers with reliable coverage at the cheapest and most reasonable auto insurance rates.

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Elephant Auto Insurance is a newly created direct to consumer auto insurance company that also provides customers with a list of other insurance products. They have been acknowledged as one of the upcoming players in the field of auto insurance coverage. In the UK, Admiral ranks the third largest auto insurance provider, and Elephant Auto Insurance is following in their footsteps in the U.S.

The company has a variety of insurance products that cover more than just auto insurance. They also offer collector car insurance policies, motorcycle, ATV, and recreational vehicle (RV) insurance. Homeowners insurance, condo insurance, and renters insurance are other products that they offer to their customers in Virginia, Illinois, and Maryland. Elephant Auto Insurance endeavors to provide their clients with quality insurance coverage that does not cost an arm and a leg.

Elephant Auto Insurance Locations

Situated in Richmond in Virginia, Elephant Auto Insurance acts as an auto insurer for clients in Virginia, Illinois, and Maryland. The physical address to write to them is located in Glen Allen, Virginia. Whatever mode of communication you use to get in touch with Elephant Auto Insurance, you will have dedicated and knowledgeable agents to help you through the process of finding the best coverage plan for you and having the plan instated.

Elephant Auto Insurance Quotes

In today’s fast paced and decidedly expensive world, high auto insurance premiums can strike a deadly blow to the family wallet. Elephant Auto Insurance tends to offer competitive rates. In fact, they are so sure that their rates are the most competitive that once you check with them for a quote, they also have links with direct competitors so that you have an accurate auto insurance comparison rate. A car insurance comparison is offered to allow customers to see that, most of the time, Elephant Auto Insurance gives the best coverage at a much lower rate.

Elephant Auto Insurance Phone Number

Elephant Auto Insurance is easily accessible. Their agents are just a call away. With a number that you will never forget, they ensure that clients can reach them easily. As they put it, they are “all ears!” you can call their offices at 1-877-21-TRUNK (1-877-218-7865) from Monday to Friday between 8am and 10pm EST. They are also available on Saturdays from 9am to 5:30pm on the same number.

Elephant Auto Insurance Claims

Elephant Auto Insurance has an evolved claims process. You can call them 24/7 to report an auto insurance claim. Their claim professionals are authorized and qualified to help you through the claims process. Once you report a claim with all the salient information provided, their claims professionals will take the matter further and you will not have to do a thing.

The claims professionals will get the claim sorted out for you. In order to assist you in reporting a claim, the website has a few to-do notes in case of a claim circumstance. Any further clarification can be obtained through a phone call to them.

Elephant Auto Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Being a nascent company, there are not many service reviews available. The company has released many advertisements that explain their system of working. They are also involved in a number of social awareness programs.

Elephant Auto Insurance does not, at present, have an AM Best Financial Rating. There are many companies that do not have this rating simply because you have to register to be accredited. Admiral Group, PLC, is the third biggest insurer in the UK but has not registered for a rating and consequently does not have one.

Elephant Auto Insurance Careers

There are a flourishing number of opportunities at Elephant Auto Insurance. With over 100 employees, they intend to add many more to their family. The work environment is of a casual and efficient nature and the corporation claims to believe a relaxed and fun environment. They have received many awards like the:

  • Employer of Choice Best Small Business 2010 award in Richmond, VA
  • VA Best Place To Work #7
  • Finalists at the Hype Award 2010
  • Employer of Choice Best Small Business 2011 award in Richmond, VA

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Reviews for Elephant Auto Insurance

    • 11111

    I recently switched from All State to Elephant Auto Insurance – (TRYING TO SAVE MONEY) – 02/18/12 – I was pulled over by a State Trooper who indicated my tags had a reported flag for no insurance. I informed him I recently switched insurance companies. The Officer told me it’s quite common for this flag to occur if you’ve changed auto insurance… I provided the Trooper My Elephant Auto Insurance Card, and The Trooper told me he had to verify insurance was current and then he would allow me to drive off. He went back to his car and called Elephant. 10 minutes later he came back to my car and told me, “Sir, I couldn’t verify your policy, Due to the fact the Agent I called informed me they couldn’t provide me with a status on your policy.” He then informed me that The Agent he spoke with was so “RUDE”. He told the Agent, “If I’m unable to verify, I have to tow the Truck.” The Agent told him, “Do what you have to do”. The Trooper told me in his 15 years of Service, this has never happened. The Trooper told me, “I’m not going to tow you. However, when you get home, dump your insurance carrier as fast as you can. They didn’t care I was going to tow you.”

    • 11111

    Worst insurance company ever!!! Buying insurance from them is like not buying insurance. Their customer service sell you products without from details and have premium higher than big good insurance company. You need to wait 30min to talk to their customer service with rude representative on the other side. Even in the end when you want to cancel your policy they wont leave you without adding fee. I had paid in full in starting but in the end I had to pay $50 to get rid of them for no reason. So please dont buy any policy from them!!!

    • 11111

    Only one word.. Horrbile!

    • 55555

    I don’t know what these others are talking about. I received excellent service from elephant and saved a bunch of money switching from esurance. As to that comment about the state trooper towing the car because be couldn’t verify insurance…that sounds made up to me. I’d like to see a stupid cop try to tow my car because an agent values my identity and wouldn’t release my policy info to a third party without my consent…I used to be an agent at usaa and we were told to not give anyone access to a member’s personal info no matter who they claim to be.

    • 44444

    I have a different good experience with this company and I hope it stays like that. My policy was recognized because I renew vehicles registrations online in Texas and as soon as input vehicles information Texassure systems verifies my insurance status and I am done with renewal quickly. I saved about one third of payment when switched from Liberty Mutual. The insurance ID are obtained immediately by printing it and they sent it again to my email address. The only thing I don’t like is waiting so long to get help on phone

    • 11111

    Yes it’s worst insurance company ever!!! Even in the end when you want cancel your policy they want your money!!! Even you paid in full, you had to pay fee for no reason. Please, don;t buy any policy from them

    • 11111

    It was a huge mistake to get Elephant Auto Insurance. I initially got Elephant insurance because, being a poor college student, it seemed to offer the cheapest rate. After almost two years of being insured by this company, I bought a new car. After calling to add the car to my policy, I was informed that they expected me to pay an entire YEAR’S bill for ONE MONTH of insurance just because I added the car towards the end of my policy. They tried to charge me almost 900 hundred dollars for one month of insurance, and when I refused, they said that there was nothing they could do about the charges. I then proceeded to cancel and sign with another auto insurance company who actually provided me with a cheaper rate anyway. While canceling with Elephant, I was informed that I still owed them 112 dollars for some made-up fees. I said I wanted an itemized bill explaining the charges before I paid them and was assured that no money would be taken from my account any longer. A month later, I received a notification from my bank stating that Elephant automatically drafted the 112 dollars right out of my bank account WITHOUT my permission! I spent hours on the phone with them disputing this, and they even confirmed after reviewing the tapes of my previous conversations with them that the representative had said no money would be drafted. They still refused to refund me my money saying they have every right to my bank account!! They’re lying, stealing, cheating people that have no knowledge of customer service or how to conduct a proper business. NEVER get Elephant Auto Insurance.

    • 11111

    if you could give a lower star rating I would, elephant insurance continued to charge my credit card after I cancelled – won’t refund. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

    • 44444

    If you have a good driving record and you don’t mind doing auto pay and printing your policy and insurance cards from online you will save tons of money…I have 3 cars insured for 70 bucks and I have had no problems with them yet…

    • 11111

    Elephant does not deserve a rating. They are the worst. They have the worst customer service. They lie and they do not honor their claims. If you are hit my someone who has Elephant Insurance be prepared to go through the worst experience of your life especially if your adjustor is Krystal Harrell.

    • 22222

    You are all scaring me….if the bad experiences are more than the good….I am backing off and will not be signing with them…oh yeah a really low rate for 2 cars/2 drivers…too low to be really believable…$69 per month, any one ge it that low as well

  1. I was planning to switch to Elephant Insurance because I thought I can save some cash but after reading these posts I think I better stay with ALLSTATE INSURANCE

    • 55555

    I just bought this insurance replacing Liberty Mutual saved me $1000.00 a year and added better overall coverage…the on phone agent did a great job explaining to me the policy..and price emailed me the policy values and costs..when I called the customer service number I got a nice person who did exactly what she should have done get my information and get me to the agent,,all this was during normal business hours..I have not had a claim and I hope I don’t so I know nothing abut claims with this company but I feel sure I will be able to do the things I need to do as a policy owner at this point I don’t see any issues that would make me think I made a bad decision..i hope the cost per year will remain low..if not ill find another of the 1000 plus providers…

    • 55555

    I have had Elephant for about two years for my entire family with absolutely no problems. They saved me at least 30 percent over other insurers. We had one minor accident and the customer service was fine, no problems at all. Two of my children now have separate insurance with Elephant again with no problems.

    • 11111

    This is by far the worse company to do business with. They canceled my policy for non payment then drafted my account for $1192. I have asked for the customer service manager to call me 3 times, to no avail. The customer service is rude and no one cares. This company is pure scum. I have been fighting with them to get my refund but still waiting.

    • 11111
    Joyce Haire says:

    We have had been with this company for only 7 months and it has been a NIGHTMARE!!! They are deceitful and very unethical. They only do auto debit payments and we have figured out that this is so when they decide to screw you over they can automatically get it and there’s not a thing you cam do about it unless you jump through hoops. We have filed a complaint with\e BBB to hopefully warn others! Please BEWARE of this company! If their rates sound cheap it’s because…. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!

    • 11111
    Joyce and Kevin says:

    Very deceitful and unethical company!! BEWARE! If their rates seem cheap, remember….YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! We have been with this company for 7 months and it has been a NIGHT MARE!!!!! We are looking into other options! Honestly we would rather pay a little higher premium than deal with all of the lies and deception!

    • 11111

    I just received a quote form this co. It showed that i would save $40 a mo. If i went with them, being on a limited income that sure sounded good until i started reading reviews on the company. Not sure i want to take a chance to have my insurance screwed up if i’m in a crash. Thanks for your honest reviews about this co. Back to the drawing board.

    • 11111

    I was t-boned by someone who was insured by Elephant, and after providing the Elephant adjuster (Alexander Jean) with photos of the damage to my car (my drivers side was caved in, window shattered), the telephone numbers and names of the folks who saw the guy hit me, AND actual video footage from the gas station I was hit at clearly showing that their driver was at fault, they have still refused to honor their policy. They are running a scam! I have no idea why this company is even still in business.

    • 44444

    I’m only giving 4 stars for now because I just switched from state farm and right now my rate is great and Andrew who took my info was very polite and professional. He emailed my ID card and was cable to print it out.

    • 11111

    I also got best quote from them but after reading this post I’ve decided to go with slightly more expensive company. Thanks all for comment.

    • 11111

    It was nice having my premium spread out over a year instead of 6 months. But that’s the only plus. I called to update my address and my premium went up $40/month. I moved a mile down the road why am I paying more!?! Now I’ll remember next time to keep that info to myself… Why in the hell would i give these people my new address if they were just going to tack on more money to my monthly payments???. God forbid you have to extend your payment out by 2 days. That cost me an extra $38. Also- don’t take a drivers safety course to get a discount- because they dont use them.

    • 11111


    • 11111

    I was struck by another car in Maryland when they pulled out of a parking lot. I was injured and went to the hospital. The police officer at the scene never spoke to me but issue me a citation based on the story of the other driver. After speaking with Elephant and them seeing the pictures they said we are going to contest this accident. A week later after finding out I received a ticket, but the officer still never asking me one question they changed their story and said it was my fault that a driver pulled out of a parking lot and hit me because being in a turn lane with your signal for 75 feet is improper. This was totally made up, at court the ticket was tossed.


    Elephant seemingly is trying to find any way to say an accident is their clients fault so that they can increase the premium. Their prices are low, but if you ever get in an accident that is contested, do not think that Elephant will not throw you under the bus.

    • 11111
    jusincase says:

    If I could give 0 stars I would.

    I signed up with elephant insurance cause their quote was good and couldn’t pass up the great price they offered me

    then 3 months later they send me a letter saying they were missing when I had car insurance during some odd years of my life when I had insurance and they told me that I had to reach out to these companies from over 5 years ago and ask them to send insurance policies I had previously with them. I did the research and emailed them and then they send me another one saying they couldn’t verify a different one.
    In other words, they were hanging me out to dry to raise my rates 100 bucks more a month.
    My advice to you all is don’t get with this insurance company. Their prices may seem good, but they will raise your rates over bogus excuses.. I have since left them losing my down payment and switching to a more reliable company

    • 11111
    Tracy Brooks says:

    Worst experience with an insurance company ever!!!
    One of their policy holders hit my vehicle causing damage. They would only approve the cheapest fix to my vehicle, and not willing to pay for a rental car for the duration of my repairs. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, they would not put one on the phone. Worst customer service, the adjuster that I was supposed to talk to would never answer the phone.
    PLEASE PRAY THAT AN ELEPHANT CUSTOMER NEVER HITS YOU! Worst experience ever. I want nothing to do with them, and will tell everyone I know and with social media how AWFUL they are

  2. Ronnie Willis says:

    This is a rip off company!!! Report them to any and all places you can, complete fraud and con set up!!!!

    • 11111

    Worst… The worst of worst, negative star rating worst company on the planet. Never in my life. If you’re reading all of these posts and still get a policy, just wait. You’ll be motivated to write one in NO TIME!

    • 11111

    This is the worst experience I have ever been in with an insurance company. Reps are rude! You have put me through so much unnecessary stress, that I will spread the word regarding my experience. You keep charging my account without out my permission, on top of that, you keep double charging me. Making me wait for my own hard working money 5-7 business days. In 2 weeks, you have done this 3times. Unacceptable! This makes no sense! The worst company ever! Your management say they will call me back and never do! My account still is in negative due to you. You could give a crap about your customers! I will go to the better business bureau! My policy has been messed up since march and I continue to speak with you on a daily basis and nothing gets solved only worse. I’m still missing my $104.00 once again because you charged my account with no permission and double charged it! You have taken money that time Warner was supposed to draft an now my cable is off and I have a return check fee!!! You could give 2 pennies about your customers! This is by far the worst insurance company, I have told all my co-workers and family and Friends! I will be getting quotes elsewhere! To have me in tears is ridiculous! Why should I be crying over insurance! I still haven’t received my money back, nor a call from management like I was promised. This company is nothing but a scam and a rip-off!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 11111

    These guys disgust me. I’m currently trying to get out of my plan with them, but let me tell you, it’s a hassle. I called a few weeks ago to figure out why I was being billed so much, and instead of giving me a direct answer, they actually raised my rates even more because I had moved. I went back home and plugged my new address into their quote system, with the same exact coverage, and the price returned was significantly cheaper than what they’ve raised my rates too. I checked other insurance companies in the area and discovered I can get the same coverage with better customer service for less than 50% of what I’ve been paying elephant. I feel like I’ve been robbed for a year!

    So, I called their office to discuss cancellation procedures. There is an option in the automatic menu for if “you’re thinking about leaving the elephant family.” Naturally, I chose that. I’m guessing they put that line as the lowest priority on purpose. I was number 2 in line with an estimated wait time of 5 minutes. 2 minutes later the same message plays again, but I’m now number 9 in line with an estimated wait time of 11 minutes. What? 30 minutes later my call finally gets through and they immediately hang up on me. Nice.

    Never in my entire life have I been treated so poorly by customer service.

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