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Things to Remember...
  • It is important to maintain adequate auto insurance coverage in case of an accident
  • It is equally important to be sure the auto insurance policy does not cost more than necessary
  • Canceling insurance policies is not impossible, but it can be difficult if there are hidden fees

Many drivers are paying more for auto insurance than necessary and need to make adjustments in coverage or even cancel the policy altogether.

Some people stick with an expensive auto insurance policy simply because they do not want to take the time to shop for more affordable car insurance.

Although auto insurance rate shopping may not be inherently enjoyable, it is necessary to make sure the policy, as well as the cost, appropriately fits the driver.

When consumers comparison shop for auto insurance, they often find there can be a savings of hundreds of dollars or more each year.

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How to Determine How Much Coverage is Needed


In order to find the most appropriate auto insurance, the first consideration should be to know how much coverage will be needed.

The required coverage varies by state so drivers should know the coverage requirements for the state where the driving resides. It is best to work with an agent to get a complete overview of the car insurance coverage needed before signing the contract.

Insurance companies guard against risk and have methods to determine how likely it is that a driver will get into an auto accident.

Insurance companies can also quantify how likely it is that an insured’s car will become stolen or damaged.

Insurance companies compile driving data that has been collected over the years and use actuarial tables that are used to give insurance adjusters a guide for how probable an occurrence of loss, damage or theft will happen.

Consumers who do not work closely with an agent often have to rely on his own level of comfort when deciding on coverage based on the level of risk.

Once a policy has been signed, policyholders may be able to cancel the policy and find more suitable coverage.

Driving habits are another consideration used when determining the appropriate amount of coverage. If there are accidents or moving violations in the drivers’ recent past, then more coverage may be needed.

The amounts of coverage can generally be changed by t contacting the insurance company and speaking with an agent.

Making changes to the policy should be easy and if the insured is not satisfied with the coverage, in most cases the policy can easily be canceled.

Review Insurance Policy and Driving History


It is important that policyholders thoroughly read through the insurance policy to become familiar with coverage.

The amount paid for coverage should be noted and constantly compared with current market prices.

Obtaining occasional quotes helps policyholders stay aware of how current coverage and rates stack up to the competition.

Drivers should know the information that is contained on his or her driving record.

If there are infractions that are set to expire, this will impact the amount of coverage needed as insurance coverage rates.

When the infractions disappear from the driving record, a policy with lower payments may be obtained. Having a poor driving record is one of the major factors of car insurance.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Solicit Competitive Quotes

When it is time to shop for auto insurance, an hour or more should be set aside for the task.

The driver should have his or her driver license, current insurance policy and vehicle information handy.

It may be possible to obtain an online quote but it is best to speak with a live customer service agent in order in case there are specific questions.

Obtaining a car insurance quote generally takes 15 minutes or less to complete and is well worth the time.

Quotes can be obtained by contacting the insurance company directly or working with a partner company or agent affiliate.

Cancelling Auto Insurance


Even after considering coverage, working with an agent and signing the policy, there are times when policyholders must cancel the insurance policy.

Although insurance companies do not want consumers to cancel, most companies understand there are times when the policy will not be maintained. In some

In some cases, the car has been sold or the policyholder decides to pursue a policy with another company for a better rate or coverage and needs to cancel the existing policy.

Canceling an auto insurance policy is not difficult. In most cases, all that is required is a call to the company’s customer service center.

Some companies provide representative assistant around the clock to answer calls; these representatives are also available to walk policyholders through the policy cancellation process.

There are some restrictions to canceling; if the policy is still in effect, there may be cancellation fees.

Read through the insurance contract to become familiar with the company’s cancellation policies and penalties. Some insurance providers will charge a fee if the policy is canceled before a specified date.

After conducting all the necessary research to determine coverage needs individuals should have the auto insurance policy that meets their needs. If the coverage is not suitable it is possible to cancel the policy.

Prior to cancelIng the policy policyholders must understand the cancellation policy and any fees or penalties associated with the cancellation.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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