How can I find my car insurance company?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Some insurance companies with bad reputations provide poor service and delay the claims process
  • Check the company’s licensing status through the state’s Department of Insurance
  • If you want to be sure that the company has the finances to cover claims, check the company’s financial strength rating through consumer agencies like A.M. Best and Moody’s
  • If you want to buy multiple lines of insurance through your car insurance carrier, check their product offerings
  • Price should be the last thing to consider as you are searching for quality insurance

Most consumers are on a mission to find cheap car insurance. However, you should learn how to qualify insurers before you learn how to comparison shop.

While it’s important to stay within your budget when you’re building an auto insurance policy, it’s just as important to find an insurance company that offers quality protection and excellent customer service.

All auto insurance companies in your state offer the same coverage options, but that doesn’t mean that all of the carriers are created equal.

Having a huge advertising budget and a catchy slogan doesn’t mean that the company has an excellent product.

The price of your policy should be the last determinant on your list when you’re making a consumer decision. Here are some tips that can help you find the best company.

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Step 1: Check the Company’s Licensing Status


You should never do business with an auto insurance carrier that’s not licensed to sell insurance products in your state.

The insurance industry is highly regulated, but the Department of Insurance that oversees carriers in your state can only assess companies that have been granted a license to sell.

While there are ways around getting a license, you should only give your business to companies that have an active license that’s in good standing.

If you don’t, you can’t turn to the Department to file a complaint.

Not only do you have absolutely no consumer protections if the company is unlicensed, the coverage that you pay for will not satisfy your state’s auto insurance law.

Step 2: Review the Company’s Current Financial Strength Rating

Looking at a rate before anything else could be one of the biggest mistakes that you can make when you’re looking to find the best insurance company.

To understand why an exorbitantly low could be a bad sign, you need to understand how the industry works and what financial strength ratings are.

Auto insurance carriers set their own rating systems and file their rates for approval through the state.

The only thing that the state requires is that the rates must be fair and justified for all rating groups. Auto insurance rates are meant to be competitive.

The problem is companies set their rates too low to compete with other larger carriers. If the rates are too low, the company may not collect enough premiums to cover operational costs and claims.

You need to review the business’s financial strength rating before you compare price.

Never take a company’s word for it when you’re looking at financial ratings.

Pull up reports through independent financial rating agencies such as A.M. Best who review financial statements and assign each company in the industry a letter grade.

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Step 3: Compare the Complaint Indexes of Multiple Insurers

At this stage of finding your insurance company, you should have a much smaller list of options than what you started with.

The next step to narrow your list down more is to assess the complaint index of each carrier left.

Official complaints are public record, and you can access reports that show you how often complaints have been filed and what the outcome was.

Once you have pulled up a carrier’s complaint index through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, you can see if there are any red flags.

Every company will have at least a few complaints but look for trends in different complaint categories to avoid the sub-par insurers.

Step 4: See What Other Consumers Are Saying


It’s common knowledge that an upset customer speaks louder than a happy one. If you want to avoid carriers that offer poor service, you should see what customers have experienced in the past.

One effective way to do this is to check customer satisfaction ratings through J.D. Power & Associates, a company that surveys customers before ranking companies.

If you follow these four steps, you can find the right car insurance company.

When you have three to five companies on your list, start to take a look at pricing to see how the best companies compare.

If you want to compare pricing quickly, you can enter your information in a rate comparison tool and start comparing instantly.

Once you see how the prices stack up, you will be able to find a low-priced product from a high-class company.

Compare and contrast several companies and policies for the best coverage. Enter your zip code into our FREE tool to get started!

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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