American Family KnowYourDrive Review (2021)

American Family KnowYourDrive is a usage-based insurance program offered by American Family insurance. With KnowYourDrive, you can save an initial 10% on your insurance rates just for signing up (it’s free and all you have to do is download the KnowYourDrive app). The app uses telematics to track your driving habits and provide a discount of up to 20% on your American Family insurance rates. When you sign up, you may qualify for roadside assistance and other benefits with Travel Peace of Mind.

Company Details
Address: 6000 American Parkway
City: Madison
State: WI
ZIP Code: 53783
Phone Number: 1-800-692-6326
Year Founded: 1927
AM Best Rating: A
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If you’re looking at usage-based insurance as a way to save money on your rates or find cheap auto insurance, you may be wondering about American Family KnowYourDrive.

What is American Family insurance with KnowYourDrive? Is it worth it? Will you save on your American Family coverage? Can you find affordable American Family KnowYourDrive auto insurance? Read this review to find out.

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What is American Family KnowYouDrive, and how does it work?

American Family insurance company’s KnowYourDrive program is a usage-based insurance program that allows you to save on your rates by tracking your driving habits and providing a commensurate discount (up to 20 percent), similar to competitor company programs like Allstate Drivewise and Liberty Mutual’s RightTrack.

How do you get KnowYourDrive? If you’re insured by American Family, all you have to do is download the free KnowYourDrive App to get started.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and enrolled, KnowYourDrive tracks your driving habits. Specifically, it tracks your:

  • Driving speed
  • Braking habits
  • Driving times
  • Driving duration
  • Distracted driving (though this isn’t used when calculating your discount)

This information (minus the distracted driving data) is used to calculate between a 2 and 20 percent discount on your rates (though American Family claims the data will not negatively affect your rates, even if you don’t drive safely).

Sounds great, right? So what’s the downside? The Insurance Information Institute reports that privacy concerns have resulted from the data tracked through telematic apps like KnowYourDrive. Ultimately this has led to laws in some states requiring companies to disclose what is being tracked, exactly how the data is being used, etc.

If you’re looking to buy American Family KnowYourDrive auto insurance, you’re in luck because it is available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

What’s the best way to save with KnowYourDrive?

As you might guess, since rates and discounts are based on individual driving habits, you won’t find published American Family KnowYourDrive auto insurance quotes or American Family KnowYourDrive auto insurance rates.

The best way to maximize your KnowYourDrive savings and obtain the full 20 percent discount is to focus on your driving habits. Specifically, follow all posted speed limits, avoid driving late at night, and try to reduce your overall mileage.

American Family KnowYourDrive: The Bottom Line

The American Family KnowYourDrive program offers drivers a way to save by allowing its app to track their driving habits. Only you can decide if the data collection (and resulting potential lack of privacy) is worth the discounts, which can be as much as 20 percent.

In addition to discounts, when you sign up for KnowYourDrive, you may qualify for free coverage through American Family’s Travel Peace of Mind package, which includes emergency roadside service, rental reimbursement, and other benefits.

If you’re wondering about American Family as an insurance company (not to be confused with American Family Care, which is an urgent care provider), take a look at our American Family auto insurance review for details.

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