Can you get car insurance with no title?

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Things to remember...

  • It is possible to get a car insurance policy without yet having a title to a car
  • Even if you never plan to purchase a car and still need to drive on a regular basis, you can get an auto liability policy to cover you
  • You can always be added as a listed driver on someone else’s insurance policy so that you will be covered in case of an accident while driving their car
  • If you are in the middle of buying or leasing a car, you can go ahead with getting car insurance coverage before you have finalized the sale
  • If you are a teen driver, the best option for you is to be added to your parents’ auto insurance policy before you have your own car to drive

Even if you are not an official car owner, you can still get an auto insurance policy without a problem.

A car insurance company will be happy to provide you coverage as long as you can show that you are a licensed driver and will need insurance because you are driving someone else’s car or are in the process of leasing or buying your own.

You will still have to give the auto insurance company some personal information, but you should not encounter any difficulties in obtaining car insurance coverage in this situation.

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Signing Up for Auto Insurance


When you first apply for an auto insurance policy, you will be asked for some personal information to help the auto insurance company determine if they will insure you and how much you will have to pay for that policy.

This requested information typically includes your driver’s license so that they can look up your driving record and verify that you are licensed to drive.

You will be offered a quote based on the information you provide.

It is important not to simply accept the first quote that you are offered because you could save a lot of money by shopping around.

Auto insurance companies are eager to get your business, which means that there is strong price competition among the major auto insurance providers to offer good rates. Using a free online tool, you can instantly access the range of quotes available in your area.

Making Sure That You Update Your Auto Insurance Information

If you purchase an auto insurance policy before you have actually bought and registered a new car, you will need to update your policy information. It is more than just a mere formality that you update the auto insurance provider on any changes to your policy.

You will be sure to have coverage for any accidents that occur with a new vehicle by making sure that the auto insurance company has that information in your file.

If you buy a new car after getting a car insurance policy, you will have a certain grace period in which you will need to report any policy changes. If you fail to report an update during that time, you can plan on not having any coverage for an accident afterward.

This is a serious situation because it means that you could be personally responsible for any damages in an accident out of your own resources.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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What Could Be Covered by a Liability-Only Policy

If you are in the situation where you do not think you will need to buy your own car, you will still need auto insurance coverage as long as you are driving on regular roads.

To obtain a policy for this situation, you could purchase a liability policy.

Unlike more comprehensive types of auto insurance policies, a liability policy only covers others for damages caused by your driving.

A liability-only policy means that another car that you damage in an accident could be covered, but you would have to dig into your own pockets to pay for any damage to your own car or truck.

The amount of coverage that you are entitled to will depend on the limits that you set for your auto liability policy. Even though it is a bit more expensive to have higher policy limits, it can be worthwhile if you are ever in a serious accident.

You can save a little bit of money by lowering the policy limits, but you might find yourself in a real problem if you have a serious accident without a way to pay for the damage that exceeds your policy limits.

What Other Options Are Available If You Get a Car

When you purchase your own car, it is wise to look into additional auto insurance options to make sure that you have protected your asset. The most common additional forms of coverage include:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Collision insurance

While you will have a higher auto insurance premium for getting more coverage, this is the best way to protect a car if it is damaged due to your own fault.

If you purchase a used car or one that you do not plan to keep for very long, it may be less important for you to have these additional forms of coverage on your policy.

The scenario in which they are most beneficial to you is when you have purchased a car that you are still making payments on or one that you plan to drive for a long time.

An easy way to reduce the cost of your premium for additional coverages is to increase the amount of the deductible. This means that you would end up having to pay a little bit more out of your own pocket when you file a claim.

A deductible does not apply to an auto liability policy, which only kicks in when you are the cause of damage to another vehicle or person.

Getting Car Insurance Without a Car Title

If you need to get a car insurance policy but do not have your own car title, this should not be a problem for you at all.

Car insurance companies understand that many dealerships require new car buyers to show proof of insurance before they finalize the sale or lease of a car. This is why they will provide an assurance that you will be insured as soon as you make the first premium payment.

If you do not plan to drive your own car, you also have the option of purchasing a liability policy so that you would not have to worry if you get into an accident while driving someone else’s vehicle.

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