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What are the worst auto insurance companies in America?

Auto insurance company ratings are performed by several consumer agencies, as well as federal and state governments. Car insurance companies are often rated on indicators, such as market share, as well as other factors like customer satisfaction. One popular agency that rates car insurance carriers is J.D. Power and Associates.

In their latest ranking using data from 2009, J.D. Powers and Associates names the Five Worst Auto Insurance Companies in America. If you find that your insurance provider has the dubious honor of being listed on this ranking, you may want to consider shopping around for another insurance carrier.

A few of the infractions that place car insurance companies on “Worst” lists include:what are the worst car insurance companies in America

  • Refusing to Pay Claims
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Raising Premiums
  • Putting Profits Before Policy Holders

In addition, to discover what consumers are saying about insurance companies, sites that provide consumer comments, reviews and rankings will also provide insight with regards to which companies to avoid when purchasing auto insurance.

Often, you will find patterns in the reviews, such poor customer relations methods, errors in billing, etc. Again, should your insurance company be one that is not favored by current and former customers, consider shopping around for a new company.

Finding reliable auto insurance companies and cheap auto insurance rates is possible through an online car insurance comparison. Use our FREE auto insurance comparison tool now by entering your ZIP code.

No matter what type of auto insurance you are seeking to purchase, it is always a good idea to compare companies and policies. Websites that offer auto insurance comparison tools are a great place to start. Simply enter your ZIP code into the input box and click “Start” to find great car insurance rates for coverage in your geographical area. Once you find favorable rates to change from your current company, research how to change auto insurance companies.

The Worst!

Each company in the “Worst” list scored two out of five possible points on the J.D. Powers and Associates dimension of customer satisfaction.

what the worst car insurance companies are1.) Travelers Insurance

Travelers Insurance is rated fifth from the bottom in the worst auto insurance companies list. The reason Travelers is ranked above the other four is that this company scored a bit higher on the dimension of contacting the policy holder.

However, Travelers, for whatever reason, has appeared on a few different “Worst” lists in recent years.You’ll have to judge for yourself if you are a current customer when taking account of their customer service and the other elements.

2.) 21st Century Insurance

Though 21st Century provides many conveniences for customers, such as the option of purchasing and managing their policies and claims online, this company scores very low in the customer satisfaction metrics. However, on other lists 21st Century has appeared as one of the better companies on other measures. Your best bet is to compare this company with others using many criteria. This ranking may not tell the entire story with this company. Even with this ranking, 21st Century scored a bit higher than many carriers in the “Pricing Satisfaction” question.

3.) Commerce Insurance Company

The Commerce Insurance Company scored 2 of 5 possible in the customer satisfaction dimensions, as did Travelers. Research this company using a comparison tool before purchasing a policy. They may offer policy options that are not available with other companies. Perform your due diligence and make sure that you are an educated consumer before purchasing any car insurance policy.

4.) GMAC Auto Insurance

GMAC is another company that consistently appears on “Worst” lists. Scoring near the very bottom on the J.D. Powers and Associates customer satisfaction evaluations, this company does not currently enjoy a great reputation. In addition, customer reviews tend to reflect a similar sentiment. If this is your insurer, consider shopping around for another company. Use a comparison tool to find a company that will provide great customer service and pay claims as expected.

5.) AIG Auto Insurance

AIG is absolutely the worst of the worst, according to the J.D. Powers and Associates research. In this research, AIG consistently scored low on all dimensions of customer satisfaction. Customer reviews often indicate that the research is accurate as AIG appears on many “Worst” lists.

worst car insurance companies AmericaIf you find that your insurance company is listed as one of the worst, consider changing carriers! Switching to another auto insurance provider is not a difficult process and you may find that you can save a considerable amount of money on premiums in the process.

Use a cheap online auto insurance quote search to save money and get the best auto insurance company, as well as the best policy and rates, for your needs. Use our FREE auto insurance comparison tool by entering your ZIP code to see what cheap rates you could be getting.

Comparing policies online has never been easier, and finding an insurance company that will treat you as a customer with dignity and respect is not too much to ask from an auto insurance provider.

No matter what company provides your auto insurance, if you are not 100% happy with their products or service, research other options. Even if your company is considered one of the most popular auto insurance companies, it may be favorable to change. Get instant online quotes from most carriers.

Some auto insurance providers will also allow you to purchase a policy online. No need to suffer with a car insurer that give you a headache every time you must deal with them. No need to put up with constant premium increases. Shop around and find a new car insurance company.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

or call (855) 977-0861 for free quotes