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Omni Auto Insurance Review

  • 11111
Address: 2018 Powers Ferry Rd. SE #100
City: Atlanta
State: GA
ZIP: 30339
Phone Number: (770) 952-4500
AM Best Rating: B+
Market Cap: Unavailable
Year Founded: 1986

This Omni auto insurance review will focus on Omni Insurance Group located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company specializes in auto insurance and was founded in 1986.

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Omni Insurance is located in Atlanta, Georgia and specializes in auto insurance products for individual consumers. The company is a subsidiary of American Independent Companies Incorporated. The company was founded in 1986 and is able to serve 15 states.

Omni Auto Insurance and Group Products

Omni Insurance offers types of auto insurance policies to consumers. The website does not provide any details regarding these auto insurance products. They are currently able to provide auto insurance to 15 states including Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Washington.

The details regarding the auto insurance policy can be found by contacting an Omni Insurance agent. The list of states and agents can be found on the company’s website.

Most auto insurance policies have similar coverage for customers to choose from. Depending on the state you live in, there will be a minimum coverage required by state law. For most states this is property and bodily injury liability.

You may decide to opt for the minimum coverage to save money on your premium. If your vehicle is financed through a bank or financial institution, you will likely be required to carry collision and comprehensive insurance too. If you own your vehicle, you have the option to waive this coverage. It is unknown if you would be able to get collision or comprehensive insurance coverage without having both services.

Collision coverage takes care of damage to your vehicle and medical expenses from bodily injury in the event of an accident with another vehicle or object. This is intended to protect you if you are found to be at-fault in an automobile accident.

Comprehensive insurance coverage will cover the damages that occur as a result of anything other than a collision. An accident with a deer or an animal would likely fall under comprehensive rather than collision. Comprehensive coverage also handles damages due to fire, theft, vandalism, flooding and other acts of Mother Nature.

Auto insurance discounts may be available for qualified drivers. Generally you can save money by having multiple vehicles under the same policy. Discounts are usually available for safety features that exist on your car. You may also be able to save money by taking a driver’s safety course. More information can be found by contacting an Omni Insurance agent.

Omni Auto Insurance Group Customer Service

Omni Insurance Group has 24 hour claims service for customers. You can report your auto insurance claim online or by calling a representative. Omni Insurance Group also has a line for Spanish support for customer convenience.

Payment can be made online. It is unknown if they have different payment options available. This may be a way for you to save money on your auto insurance premium as well.

Omni Auto Insurance Group Reviews

The Omni Insurance Group has a financial strength rating of B+ through AM Best. This rating is considered good. The issuer credit rating through AM Best is bbb-, which is also considered good. The financial size category is VIII, defined as $100 Million to $250 Million. The outlook for Omni Insurance Group is considered positive.

The company has been in operation since 1986. This combined with the positive AM Best rating indicates that this is a strong company to consider for your auto insurance policy. The company offers 24 hour claims service which is not offered by many other competitors. The Spanish support line is also another feature that Omni Insurance Group offers customers that is not offered by many other insurance companies.

There are several negative online consumer reviews. These reviews indicate that the company is difficult to work with during the claims process. It is hard to get in contact with an agent or representative. The company is slow in completing the claims process as well.

These negative reviews indicate that you should be cautious if deciding to move forward with this company. The company serves 15 states, so there are bound to be negative reviews from unsatisfied customers. Customers who are happy with their service generally don’t post reviews regarding their insurance policy.

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Reviews for Omni Auto Insurance

    • 11111
    Robert Ebersole says:

    An Omni insured backed into my car on 4/6/2012. It took 66 days to deney the calim of $764.00, due to driver of the insured was not on the policy. What a CROCK! I have talke to several insurance companies, who said this was not right. OMNI insurance – what a JOKE!

  1. AARON CRAWLEY says:

    Worst place that I have ever experienced. Pure idiots. They have handled everything backwards and should do us all a favor and just kill themselves. Slow at getting anything done. Had to call everyday and push them to just have my car looked at. Wrote me a check before i even had any estimates done on it. The only rental company they use is hertz which is an hour away from me. So instead of them dropping my car off for mr they drop it off and have me drive them all the way back to there job and have me drive all the way back home. I had 2 dr appt. That day and missed both of them because there retarded a#$. Horrible business along with hertz. Someone should had followed them to take them back not me. F this place if i could give them a negative 100 rating i would.

  2. Mr. Price says:

    Me and my 16 month old daughter was hit from behind by an omni insured and because of this accident my child have never been the same…she had just started to talk and now she dont talk well and had developmental issues at this point have been diagnosed with a closed head injury..i gave these so called pros all the info needed to process the claim and this happend on dec.16th of 2011…yet everytime we talk they misplace papers and info about the claim…i have resent the info up to 5 times and when we finally get to a point to try to settle…they fire my claim rep. and want me to start all over….so at this point,its time to go to court and what sucks for them is mississippi is a one party consent to record and EVERY convo has been recorded…even had thier agents to read papers over phone to insure they recieved them yet they lied over and over about NOT recieving them….oh well hate it for everyone else but they are now responsible for A LOT more money then they could of settled for months ago….i will keep yall in mind while my attorney rips them to shreds….sometimes its easier to give a little then loose a lot….so the review for them is…thanks for being so dumb to thier own laws….and thanks for recorders….

    • 11111
    beau says:

    Horrible insurance. Never spend a dime on this company.

  3. Sue merrick says:

    Worst company I have ever had to deal with.Every month I send in the payment and every month they send me an intent to cancel for non payment trying to add on late fees when it was paid on time but they dont process it in time. I think they work out of somebodys kitchen. Not a REAL company.

  4. bobi says:

    This is a sorry company, they are a hole in the wall and don’t do what they should. The people that have them may as well not even have insurance. A guy cut me and my 3 year old off by turning from the turning lane across two lanes, and hit me. Get off your butt in do your jobs.

    • 11111

    I am a repair facility trying to repair a customers car for the last two weeks. The company does not return calls. They write estimates for half of what the repairs cost hoping you will just take the money and not get it fixed. I have been waiting a week for a supplement that they still have not turned in or even wrote for that matter. Have tried at least 50 times to reach someone or get a call back. Dont support this poor excuse for an insurance company. There are much better companies out there. I will never repair another vehicle for this company.

    • 11111
    tabitha long says:

    Have been trying to get in contact someone for about three weeks and no one has contacted me yet. Lets me know not to get insurance with anyone that’s from a different state then you. Do understand that they really need to treat other how they want to be treated.



    • 11111
    Brad Teachey says:

    Accident date: 8/5/13
    Today’s date: 10/13/13

    After over two months of fighting this insurance company, they have made no attempt to compensate me for my claim. My car was PARKED in a space at our local walmart when their insured careened into a shopping cart corral and smashed it into my parked acura. Omni deemed my car a total loss and made me an offer of 50% of my cars actual value. They also refused to pay the storage fee for where my car was taken after the accident because they deemed the fee ‘excessive’ due to the time it has taken them to even make me an offer. They have refused to compensate me for the monthly rental which has cost me over $1000 since the accident was over two months ago!!! Now they’re saying I have to pay the storage fees out of what they originally offered me for my acura!!! What a load of bullsh!t!!!! Luckily none of my family was in the car at the time of the accident. So why is a company like his still allowed to insure vehicles and screw everyone out of what they’re owed? My original goal was to simply get paid for my totaled Acura but now I want to shut this company down permanently. Let’s see what a class action lawsuit will do to them…

  6. takeema says:

    Do not go with this sorry ass company. U have to stay on them which is not right. I filed a claim and it took these assholes over two months to get back to me. They weren’t slow sending me a bill though. They came out and looked at the car and have yet to get back to me about cutting the check and getting it fixed. I have left messages and they won’t even call back. They deserve zero stars. Please don’t chose this bullshit! I wolves switching the beginning of the year. This company is the absolute worse!!! I agree with all the above and than some. I hate this company with a passion.

    • 11111
    Josh says:


    • 11111
    Andrea c says:

    The worst insurance company. I was rearended by an individual who had Omni insurance on Sept 2012. They repeatedly ignored my claim. After 18 months of waiting Approximately two weeks ago I wrote a letter of complaint to the Pa insurance commission. I finally this past weekend received a check from Omni for my out of pocket expenses. If you get no satifaction from Omni contact your local insurance commission and file a complaint.

    • 11111
    Jacquelyn C says:

    I must agree with all other complaints- OMNI Insurance company provides the worst customer service. They are unreasonable – They claim a check was sent to me on 2/2/11 but was never cashed, this letter was dated June 1, 2014. I didnt receive the letter until the week of June 11, 2014. As soon as I received the letter, I replied, made copies for myself then mailed it back with a copy of my license on Saturday 7/11/14. I work for a government agency where we are not allowed to access to out personal phones- I attempted to contact them and ask if it was a better way to at least obtain a ETA on the receipt of the information I sent. The supervisor was uncorporative and not customer friendly. She in fact had the attitude as if this is a refund and we will send it when we send it. Unbelievable

    • 11111
    Ashley p says:

    One star is too much. One of their insured people hit my door and issued me a piece of cap rental car. Then the garage took 12 days to fix the door and omni refuses to pay two days of the rental because they went “above and beyond.” They never contacted me or the garage and the agent that was handling the claim is “no longer with” the company. So this rude ass supervisor says there is nothing he will do. So tell me why I have to pay anything when their insured person hit me?!…. never will I deal with them..

  7. Amy w says:

    It should be illegal for this company to exist!!! I was hit by their client that was drunk (double the legal limit at 4pm), no valid drivers license, and presented a Guatemala id. This company will treat you as if an accident is your fault when it’s not. And getting your repairs done takes forever because they drag their feet on everything.

    • 11111
    Scott Fournier says:

    I’m having trouble getting in touch with them to pay for the rental car.

    • 11111
    John says:

    This company Omni should be shut down. Anyone having to deal with them had better beware! Save yourself a lot of trouble and just get an Attorny and pass the cost straight back to this rude, unprofessional joke of a company. Our Attorny advised us to just go after the person who backed into us. So here we go…..

    • 11111
    Angry to Core says:

    I give them no stars. They are the worst company known to insurance. 4 days before my wedding, my car was hit by an Omni insured. I called the police and a officer quickly responded to the scene. Since it was in a parking on private private property, the police officer said no police report can be done instead we both had to fill a “Personal Report of Accident” form. I felt that everything was going to work out, because the Omni insured admitted to hitting me. I immediately sent the form over to my insurance company (Geico) who was handling getting my money to fix my car from Omni. To make a long story short, Geico constantly called Omni, and they would never call back. Finally when they did respond, they said that their Omni insured client was not at fault. I decided to fix my own car and let it go, because it was going on two months before Omni decided they was not going to pay. To put the icing on the cake, a Omni insurance customer service claims rep called me back and personally told me that their insured was at fault and they would pay me 80% for the damages to my car….the only thing I needed to do was send them an estimate for repairs to my car and pictures of the damages. I did what was requested of me. After a week of not hearing from the Omni claims rep, I started calling them back. It took them forever to call me back to tell me that they never said that.

  8. al palmer says:

    Omni does not deserve to operate as a business. May18th 2014, a drunken illegal driving his sister’s Odessey van drove into my carport, taking out port supports and driving my auto into another parked there. The driver walked away but later confessed to driving the car after knowing that he was on security cameras. Omni automatically totaled one car…no payment yet on the one with collision. No payment on the damages to the house either by Omni. Omni will not return my phone calls nor my mailings. Richmond police send me a letter saying they cannot get in touch with the driver when the sister confesses that he was driving, tells Omni same, and brother also calls Omni and says same. It is a felony hit and run but Richmond police do not provide any details on what they have done to locate the individual. They tell me to allow the circumstances to be handled by insurance companies in court. What? How about locating the person(s) responsible and shutting down Omni who loves to insure illegals as they know that illegals won’t object to ‘being below the screen’ and Omni has only to collect insurance premiums allowing illegals to obtain a vehicle license. Great scam…what illegal policy holder will complaint if they have an accident to Omni and Omni drops them? I agree with Brad Teachey a class action suit is needed as taking them in court is the only way they will respond. If any one wishes to join in to same please send me an email with your experience(s).

  9. Amanda says:

    No stars. Car has been wrecked since November 22 and not finding out until December 23 it was actually totaled. $1,400 later in a rental car we are going on 45 days and my total loss estimate hasn’t even been looked at by the total loss department. Tons of failed attempts to return my emails and phone calls. Can’t do anything to get another car until they let my lien holder know the car is totaled. Worthless and no customer service what so ever.

  10. Sue says:

    DOESENT deserve a rating! I got hit by their client and both her and I communicated with Omni, but seem to get the run around for about 3 weeks now! Left the rep and supervisor several messages and still no return calls! But I did get a letter in the mail saying they were trying to get a hold of me! (which I’ve been trying to contact them) Called them and left more messages and still nothing! Funny how it got switched to me but it was the other way around! This insurance company is a scam and bogus!

  11. candice says:

    They got my bank draft information incorrect, not once, but 3 times. Now they are trying to charge me $42 in late fees and return payment fee because THEY didn’t get my routing number right! I’ve had to call them several times just to get an answer and have been on hold for at least 20-30 minutes each time. Just for them to tell me they refuse to waive the fees and i’m being held responsible for fees when i did NOTHING wrong. I’m so over it.

    • 11111
    Peter says:

    They don’t deserve any stars. Worst insurance company ever.
    So almost 2 months ago my car was hit by a driver with Omni Insurance. I have both written evidence and pictures to show the accident. But Omni Insurance refused to pay for my repair because the insurer is not returning calls from Omni. I’m stuck with a $1,500 repair bill.
    The claim adjustor’s name is Alex Harris who never answered phone calls or responded to several emails attempts to discuss the claim. I only spoke to him after contacting his supervisor’s supervisor, funny, but true, because his direct supervisor Jorge Robles is just as bad as Alex Harris in responding to calls.

    • 11111
    Missy says:

    TERRIBLE!!! If they won’t answer your calls its because they have called ID and they are avoiding you!!! My husband repeatedly called the agent and left messages. One day I called from my phone and surprise surprise she answered on the first ring. She then proceeded to HANG UP on me when I called her out on it!!! This is the sorriest company I have ever seen! Don’t give them a dime!!!

  12. Daniel Gavio says:

    This is the worst insurance company ive delt with. Terrible

  13. Bill DiMeo says:

    These people do suck. I agree with every review here. I was rear ended by an Omni insured vehicle back in December. They told me over the phone that it was not my fault and I shouldn’t be responsible but if I wanted my car fixed quickly I should go through my insurance company because the claim needed to wait until their weekly meeting to discuss it. Turns out that the driver was the boyfriend of the insured so they considered him an uninsured driver. It would have to wait another week for their next weekly meeting to discuss it. Of course that turned into the insured won’t make a statement so they can’t process the claim. Such BS. You suck Omni.

  14. Mike Farmer says:

    I wouldn’t give this company one star. An Omni insured driver crossed the road and pulled out in front of me — I wasn’t speeding so I was able to slam on breaks and avoid major damage of harm to myself or the other driver. This Omni rep, Annette Gladdney told me that they would only pay 90% because I didn’t do everything I could to avoid the wreck and insinuated I was going too fast. There were two eye witnesses and video footage from the store at the corner, and the police report stated it was totally the other driver’s fault. I’m still trying to get a hold of the supervisor, Jorge Robels but he hasn’t returned my phone calls. After I explained to Annette that she had it backwards, that if I had been speeding and had not done all I could to stop, I would have hit the other vehicle in the front side near the motor and possible caused 10 times as much damage. She sent me an email asking what if it had been a pedestrian, would I have run over the pedestrian?
    This company is using their license to steal — they are unethical.

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