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New South Auto Insurance Review

  • 2.332.332.332.332.33
Address: 500 West 5Th Street, PO Box 3199
City: Winston-Salem
State: NC
ZIP: 27102
Phone Number: (800) 526-0332
AM Best Rating: N/A
Market Cap: N/A
Year Founded: 1952

New South Insurance Company is a property and casualty company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The company was founded in 1952. Very little information is available about New South as they do not maintain a dedicated web presence. This auto insurance review will relate all this is available in an online search at this time.

It may be that they are simply a regional insurance agency operating in North Carolina and representing larger, nationally known carriers. Records from Florida’s state department indicate a New South office in their state but it’s unclear whether or not the two are related.

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According to the most recent business filings for New South Insurance Company, they had total assets of $68.29 million, working capital of $3 million, and a policy surplus of $25.1 million. These numbers suggest that the previous assumption of New South being a regional insurance provider or agency is probably accurate. A national insurance carrier would have numbers in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

New South Auto Insurance Company Locations

Other than their North Carolina headquarters, and the possible Florida office, no other locations for this company are known. That would not be unusual if New South serviced only North Carolina and parts of Florida. However, if their reach extends to some neighboring states it would be reasonable to find other offices within those states. Because this information is not available all inquiries should be made to the following address:

New South Insurance Company
500 West 5Th Street, PO Box 3199
Winston-Salem, NC 27102
Phone: (800) 526-0332

New South Auto Insurance Company Agents

In all likelihood New South is either a regional insurance carrier or an independent agency. If they are regional carrier it would not be unreasonable to assume that they employ a network of independent auto insurance agents throughout their areas of coverage. Doing business in this way would allow them to sell and service as many policies as possible in a way that is both efficient and locally attractive. Utilizing an independent agent network is common in the insurance industry.

If New South is an independent agency, any offices they do maintain outside their headquarters will simply be satellite locations. As an independent agency they would represent many different auto insurance carriers in all the categories they offer. For example, their auto insurance business may include half a dozen nationally known carriers and maybe one or two state carriers. A similar arrangement might also exist for homeowners insurance, life insurance, etc.

New South Auto Insurance Company Claims

If New South is a regional insurance carrier, the auto insurance claims process goes directly through them. You call their corporate office in Winston-Salem to report your claim as soon as you possibly could. A representative would take your information and begin the claims process.

You will most likely be assigned a company representative who will follow through the claims process until completion. But it may also be that New South assigns a specific account representative to each customer at the time they initially sign up for policy.

On the other hand, if New South is an independent agency, you may have the option to begin the claims process with them or go directly to your carrier. Some carriers prefer that you bypass local agencies when filing claims; others prefer you contact your agency and allow them to contact the corporate office. Different insurance companies do things according to their own preferences.

New South Auto Insurance Company Reviews

Because New South maintains such a low profile it is nearly impossible to find either customer reviews or financial stability reviews. After a thorough search of the company name we were unable to uncover any useful information in this area. However, the fact that New South remains in business after nearly 60 years indicates that must have enough satisfied customers and strong enough financial footing to succeed.

Being unable to find customer or financial strength reviews indicates the strong possibility that New South is an independent agency rather than a regional carrier. In the arena of rating auto insurance companies, customer reviews tend to focus solely on carriers and not agents.

And in terms of financial strength ratings, those ratings only apply to the originators and underwriters of policies. At the end of the day, all indications seem to point to the fact that New South is a local agency.

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Reviews for New South Auto Insurance

    • 11111

    No answer when I try to report an accident.

    • 11111
    Luther Palmer says:

    On December 12, 2012, upon stopping by my broker to pay my car insurance, I learned that I’d been canceled. I paid up my insurance along with a reinstatement fee. After which I drove down to Florida for four weeks.

    When I return, I found that my policy had never been reinstated, and I was fined $448.00, by the state of New York, for failure to maintain insurance on my motor vehicles. I had to acquire new insurance before I could enter post to work. I did go with a different company but was never refunded the money I’d paid by this company or the DMV.

    In fact, this company is still trying to say that I’ m indebted to them, so I would not recommend this company to any DOD or Military personnel.

    Luther, Palmer

    • 55555

    Update for 12/24/14 accident with a New South policy holder. To sum it up, we were treated politely, professionally, and fairly. They either answered the phone or returned our calls in a timely fashion. They were up front about the claim as it progressed, most importantly they settled the claim. We were paid a fair market value for where we lived. Thank you New South Insurance

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