Does my parents’ car insurance cover me?

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Things to remember...

  • Teens who have their learner’s permit are usually covered under your policy automatically until licensed
  • If a teenage driver or adult child lives in the home, they need to be listed as a driver on the policy
  • When a licensed driver lives in the home and isn’t rated as a driver on the policy, claims can be denied
  • Students in college who are studying away from their home still need to be on the policy but may get discounts
  • If parents fill out driver exclusion forms to save money, no covered will be afforded when the excluded driver drives

Your parents spend most of their adult lives caring for you regardless of how old you are.

When you’re small, parents are there to pick you up when you fall. When you’re older, your parents might be out of sight but they’re still there to help you from afar.

No matter how independent you want to be, there are still things that you depend on your parents for.

One thing that you may currently depend on your parents for is insurance coverage.

Since coverage tends to be very expensive for young drivers, many people turn to their parents right when they’re licensed so they don’t drive without insurance.

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Before you assume that your parents’ car insurance will cover you, here’s what all young adult drivers should know:

Teens With Their Provisional License May Be Covered


Most of the time, when someone lives in your household they need to be listed as a driver. The rules vary by company, but almost all contracts say resident relatives and other household members need to be disclosed for coverage.

The rules differ for teens because of their licensing status.

The rule that applies to a teen in your home depends on whether or not they have their license. If your teen lives with you and has only their provisional permit, they may not need to be named as a driver quite yet.

Having a permit isn’t the same thing as having a license. Since the teen is only learning to drive, they should be covered automatically.

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Why do insurance companies cover teens with their permits?

There are a few reasons why teens with their permits are covered without being listed.

  1. The first reason is because the teen’s parents have assets that they need to protect. Since the teen is a dependent, the parents will be sued if anything were to happen while the teen was gaining their practical skills.
  2. Another major reason why teens with their provisional license are covered is because they can’t get insurance anywhere else. They don’t meet the requirements to get their own coverage because most companies require applicants to have a license.

Since they have to drive under the supervision of a parent, it only makes sense for the company to help the parent out by offering temporary protection.

  • Every state has different requirements surrounding how car insurance carriers have to handle teen drivers with their permit. Some states require carriers to give the parents coverage for teens with a permit as long as they are the named insureds.

Other carriers allow companies to charge a small fee for the extra protection. Always ask before assuming.

How are you covered if you have a license?

AdobeStock_66413216-1600x1600 (1)

If you have passed the permit stage, you live in the home, and you have a license you’ll need to be listed on the policy for coverage. This is because all licensed drivers fit the household member and resident relative requirement.

Since each of these types of drivers needs to be listed, failing to name anyone in the home can be dangerous.

If you’re an adult and you own your own car, you might not need to be listed as a driver on the policy but you still need to be disclosed. As a resident in the home, it’s important for the carrier to know you’re there.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll affect the rates since you’re already being charged rates with another company.

Your parents just need to tell the company that you have a car and insurance. Their agent may ask for a copy of your insurance as proof that you have coverage. As long as you can provide this you’ll be named as a deferred operator so that you don’t affect the rates.

You’ll still have coverage under your policy and your parents’ policy too if you have a loss in their car.

If you are attending school, do you need to be on your parents’ policy?

If you are away at college, you still need to stay on your parents’ insurance. If you’re deleted from the policy, you have no protection when you borrow a friends car or you decide to be the designated driver at a party.

This is why you can stay on the policy even when you’re away at school without a car.

If you’re worried about how much it will cost to keep you on the policy, you shouldn’t. Since you’re away at college, you can be classified as a Student Away At School and receive a discount. Most companies require you to be at least 100 miles away.

You’ll still be covered to borrow, rent, and drive your parents’ cars when visiting home.

What happens when a licensed driver in the home isn’t listed?


If you purposefully forget to list or disclose a driver in the home, it’s within the insurer’s rights to deny a claim when it’s presented.

That doesn’t always mean that the company will, but if there’s any evidence that a policyholder chose not to list a teen to save money this is probably the action that they will take.

If a policyholder just forgets to disclose a driver and then there’s an accident, the company might pay the claim if the customer agrees to either add the driver or exclude them in the future.

If they are excluded, they won’t be covered for any claims after the exclusion form is signed.

If you’re not covered under your parents’ policy, buy insurance before you drive. When you’re not a dependent any longer, accidents can affect your own financial future. You don’t want a loss to affect your life for years.

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