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Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

Things to remember...
  • AAA (American Automobile Association) is one of the most popular auto insurance providers in the United States.
  • AAA has enlisted partners to help you get the best coverage at the lowest rates; the company does not sell car insurance directly.
  • AAA offers a lot of auto insurance plans for vehicle owners and drivers, but the company is mostly known for its roadside assistance program.
  • AAA auto provides a lot of discounts for their customers including good driver’s discount, good student discount, and driver training discount. However, these discounts vary depending on where you are in the United States.
The intention of AAA founders was to make traveling safer and easier. The benefits AAA can extend to its members have increased from discounts at specific locations to a network of travel-related savings such as roadside assistance, free towing, lodging, fuel, and other exclusive benefits.

Roadside assistance and free towing have always been provided since the club was founded.

The American Automobile Association does not sell car insurance. AAA members can purchase auto insurance products via partner companies where they get to enjoy top of the line coverage and group discount pricing on their car insurance.

Make sure you aren’t overpaying for your auto insurance coverage with our free insurance comparison tool above! 

AAA members can choose from a group of providers, meaning that they get to compare quotes from listed carriers. The ability to compare quotes from various providers helps AAA members obtain the coverage that suits their auto insurance needs affordably.

Discounts at AAA Auto

adobestock_63586599-1600x1600AAA membership comes with a lot of benefits. On top of services such as roadside fuel delivery, flat tire change or repair, and free towing, members also get to enjoy membership discounts on their car insurance.

However, you will need to research what products and programs are available in your area since each AAA chapter covers a specific region. Here’s the list of discounts available at the Auto Club:

 Student Away at School Discount

If you have a child under your auto insurance policy who’s going to school far from home, or you are a college student attending an out of town or an out of state university, the student away at school discount can help you save up to 30 percent on your auto insurance.

The conditions are straightforward, to be eligible, you have to be attending a school that is 100-200 miles away from home, or more, and sans access to a car. Mileage and specific terms vary among providers.

 Pay-In-Full Discount

AdobeStock_62082716-1600x1600At AAA Auto, you will earn a discount on your auto insurance if you make a full payment of the premium.

Rather than making monthly or semi-annual payments, auto insurance providers like it when their customers make full payments.

Paying the entire 12-month premium or more can earn you a significant discount on your payments. On top of that, pay in full ensures that you do not experience any coverage lapses.

 Passive Restraint Discount

Save money on auto insurance by installing safety and security features in your vehicle. Motorized seatbelts, airbags, and other factory installed features can also earn you a discount on your auto insurance with AAA Auto.

These features reduce the risk of sustaining injuries in the event of an accident. Anti-theft devices reduce the likelihood of your vehicle getting stolen. The installation of such devices means a significant reduction of risk hence lower rates.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

 New Car Discount

With AAA Auto, you can enjoy discounts up to 30 percent when you purchase coverage for a new vehicle or a car that is less than 2-3 years old.

Auto insurance providers offer discounts on newer vehicles because they are less likely to require any type of repair on a regular basis. Also, drivers tend to be more careful will new cars hence lower chances of getting involved in a car accident.

Some of these discounts are not offered by all providers or in all states. Before you purchase coverage, take a closer look. Compare quotes from all listed AAA auto insurance providers before you make a decision.

You will be able to know where to find the best discounts if you take some time to compare quotes.

 Multi-Vehicle Discount

adobestock_69826833-1600x1600Many auto insurance providers offer discounts for policyholders with more than one car under their policies. To qualify, the vehicles must be used regularly (not in storage), be driven by the policyholder or any other person living in the same household, and the vehicles must be insured under the policyholder’s name.

There are limits on this type of discount. These restrictions vary from one provider to the next. This type of discount can be beneficial if you have insured a teen driver under your policy. It can bring auto insurance costs down significantly.

 Good Student Discount 

You can save up to 20 percent on your auto insurance if you are a student or you have a student as a named driver on your car insurance policy. AAA Auto offers a discount for students who maintain a high-grade and are not above 25 years of age.

If you or your child is currently in school and have good grades, inquire about the good student discount.

 Driver Training Discount

With AAA Auto, you can save up to 10 percent on your car insurance if you complete a driver training class. The program may involve accident prevention or defensive driving covering topics such as drug and alcohol education as well as traffic laws.

Check with the provider to confirm whether you actually qualify for this discount.

In some areas, defensive driving discounts are only offered to senior drivers.

 Verified Mileage Discount

AdobeStock_61459248-1600x1600The less the time you are spending on the road, the lower the likelihood of getting into an accident. At AAA Auto, you can save up to 10 percent on your auto insurance for low mileage readings. You will be required to submit your odometer readings when requested.

Final Verdict

These discounts vary depending on what region of the United States you are in. Always ask about available discounts before you purchase a policy – you can reduce your rates significantly. Be sure to compare quotes from several other providers before you make any financial commitments.

Don’t miss out on our free insurance comparison tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!

Things to remember...
  • Safe Auto provides some of the most reliable and affordable auto insurance deals for its customers across the United States
  • However, some people still find the cost of auto insurance steeper than they are comfortable with, which is why the company offers various discounts for eligible customers
  • Some of the available discounts include the good driver discounts, lump sum payment, and multi-car discounts, among others
  • Some of the discounts available may not be listed on your policy; it’s imperative that you check with your agent for what discounts you may be eligible for
Founded in 1993, Safe Auto is one of the most trusted car insurance providers in the United States. The company prides itself on offering some of the most reliable and affordable auto insurance deals across the country. Well, everyone loves a good deal, and if you are looking to purchase a car insurance policy, you might want to check them out.

However, it’s recommended that drivers looking for car insurance should shop around before they make any commitments. Go online and compare quotes from the various providers in your area before settling for one of them. For a shopper, comparison shopping offers an opportunity to obtain the best auto insurance deal.

Auto Insurance Discounts Available At Safe Auto

adobestock_77606173-1600x1600-3The cost of insurance has always been a concern for many US residents. Safe Auto is known for having some of the best auto insurance rates in the country. On top of that, the carrier offers a wide range of discounts for their customers thus giving them the chance to lower their auto insurance costs further.

Keep in mind that comparison shopping is the most effective way to reduce your auto insurance costs. How else are you going to know where to find the best discounts if you don’t compare quotes? Speaking of which, here are some of the discounts you’ll find at Safe Auto:

Safety Features Discount

Safety features reduce the probability of the occurrence of an accident as well as the severity of the injuries if an accident does happen. Some safety features such as anti-theft devices reduce the likelihood of your car getting stolen.

The risk of theft is reduced, and the company is less likely to have to replace your car due to theft.

If you have features such as anti-lock brake system and air bags installed in your vehicle, you qualify for a discount at Safe Auto. Anti-lock brake systems reduce the occurrence of accidents and air bags reduce injuries. Always compare quotes from as many auto insurance providers as you can to obtain the best discounts.

Good Driver Discounts

adobestock_81944304-1600x1600Insurance is based on risk. If you are deemed as a high-risk driver by an insurance provider, your rates will be higher. If you are a safe driver, the insurance company will reward you with lower rates. On top of that, the carrier will want you to keep up with the habit and avail discounts.

Safe Auto offers good driver discounts to deserving drivers as encouragement to keep driving safely and avoid accidents. To be eligible for Safe Auto’s good driver discount, you have to go without a ticket or an accident on your record for a period of three to five years.

Lump Sum Payment Discount

Making auto insurance premium payments every month can be inconvenient. Many auto insurance providers, including Safe Auto like it when their customers make lump sum payments as opposed to paying in monthly installments.

For instance, instead of paying $144 every month for car insurance, you get to pay $1728 upfront and enjoy a discount ranging from 5-11 percent.

Safe Auto goes as far as offering a discount for customers who pay upfront. On top of that, making lump sum payments can help you avoid lapses in coverage, which we all know can have some pricey repercussions. Check with your provider or agent for information about payment discounts.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Multi-Car Discounts

You need car insurance to drive legally in most US states. If you have more than one vehicle in your household, they must all be insured if they are to be operated on US roads. Typically, most people will just purchase separate auto insurance policies for the cars.

However, insuring each vehicle individually can be expensive. Safe Auto offers a multi-car discount for customers insuring more than one car with the company. You have an option to combine all your auto policies and get a lower rate.

Good Student Discount

AdobeStock_33153607-1600x1600Younger drivers — including teenagers and high school and college students — attract higher auto insurance rates. Young drivers are said to be less careful on the road resulting in a higher likelihood of getting involved in an accident.

The rates can be overwhelming, but if you — or your child — happens to be a student and you’re scoring good grades, you can use them to cut your auto insurance rates.

Safe Auto offer this good student discount to help you lower your auto insurance rates, especially if you have a teenage driver under your wing. Many insurers offer this type of discount, but the specific figures vary. When shopping for auto insurance, make sure that you compare quotes from several carriers to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

Homeowner Discount

Homeowner discounts on auto insurance are confusing to some. Carriers, such as Safe Auto offer the homeowner discount to customers who own a home regardless of whom they have insured the home with. Auto insurers perceive homeowners as individuals with more stability than renters.

Therefore, they reward them with the homeowner discount on their auto insurance. If you own a home and are looking to insure your car with Safe Auto, check with your agent. They will help you know exactly how much can save by taking advantage of the homeowner discount.

Auto insurance can be costly. Always make sure that you are taking advantage of all the available discounts and see a difference in your rates. As a driver, there’s a lot that you can do to increase your discounts. Most importantly, be a good driver. Before you settle for a provider, compare quotes from multiple auto insurance companies to get the right coverage at an affordable price.

Things to remember...
  • State Farm currently has more than 80 million active policies in the United States
  • This insurance company offers 19 unique discounts for auto insurance policies
  • There may be other ways for you to save money on auto insurance beyond discounts
Most drivers are legally required by their state to purchase auto coverage, and many drivers also have additional requirements imposed on them by their auto lender. Before you begin looking for an insurance provider, it is important that you learn more about the insurance requirements in place for you.

Remember that many drivers often will purchase more than the minimum coverage types and limits required, and this is because insurance can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses if you are involved in an accident or need to file another type of claim against your policy.

After all, any expenses not covered by your auto insurance policy are your financial responsibility. As you might imagine, it can be expensive to purchase the full amount of coverage that you need, and you may be wondering what you need to do to save money on your insurance.

Understanding What Factors Affect Car Insurance Rates

adobestock_62738654-1600x1600Before you shop around and compare rates for coverage, it is important to understand why different auto insurance companies offer different rates. All insurance companies review the same basic factors to determine your rates, and these factors may include:

  • Your age and your gender
  • Your driving history and past claims status
  • Statistical information for your residential zip code
  • The distance you normally travel
  • The type of car that is being insured
  • Your desired coverage types and limits

While each insurance company may review the same factors to calculate rates, they each view these factors differently. For example, one company may not ding your rate if you had an accident two years ago, but another company may increase your rate if you have any accidents on your driving history within the last five years.

Learning How to Save Money on Car Insurance With State Farm

State Farm is one of the most popular auto insurance companies in the United States, and Canada. It currently has more than 80 million policies issued in these two countries, and 44 million of those policies are for auto insurance.

With State Farm’s popularity and exceptional reputation in the industry, you may be thinking about getting a quote for coverage from this insurer.

Like many auto insurance providers, State Farm offers numerous car insurance discounts that can help consumers to save money. Altogether, there are 19 unique discounts that you may qualify for, and learning more about each of these discounts may help you to identify ways to save money on car insurance with State Farm.

– Vehicle Discounts

Because of how important the insured vehicle is to the cost of a claim as well as to your potential risk for being involved in an accident, State Farm is one of the many insurance companies that offers auto insurance discounts that are related to the insured vehicle. These discounts are for:

  • Vehicle recovery
  • Passive restraint
  • An anti-theft feature
  • A newer vehicle
  • A driving device
  • Anti-lock brakes

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

– Driver Discounts

While there are many possibilities to save money with State Farm through vehicle-related car insurance discounts, the insurance company does not stop there. It also offers a wide range of discounts associated with the driver, and these include:

  • Having good credit scores
  • Having a claims-free driving record
  • Being a defensive driver
  • Being a distant student
  • Being in the military
  • Being married
  • Being a homeowner
  • Driving a low number of miles regularly

– Billing Discounts

AdobeStock_76267159-1600x1600You may be pleased to discover that State Farm also offers several discounts to policyholders based on how you set up your bills. For example, you may be able to save money on your auto insurance policy if you request paperless billing statements. Setting up an automated withdrawal for your premium can also result in a modest discount.

– Other Discounts Available

While these are the more common ways for drivers to save money on car insurance with State Farm, there are other discounts available as well. State Farm also offers life insurance and home insurance with competitive rates. If you obtain an additional type of coverage with State Farm and bundle your coverage together, you may qualify for a discount.

Another idea is to combine your coverage for multiple drivers or cars under one policy. Before you move forward with this option, consider shopping around to determine if a better is available for one of your vehicles or drivers through another insurance company.

Exploring Other Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Using State Farm’s car insurance discounts is a great way to save money on the coverage you need, there are other ways to save money as well. In fact, regardless of which provider you choose to buy your coverage from, you may be able to reduce your premium through these strategies.

– Raise Your Deductible

AdobeStock_71564577-1600x1600An insurance deductible is only paid by the insured when you file a claim. The deductible amount can typically be selected by the insured within a reasonable limit. For example, you may be able to choose between a $250 to $1,000 deductible. When you request a higher deductible, your premium will be lower.

– Adjust Coverage Types and Limits

While nobody wants to be underinsured when they need to file a claim, you also should not pay for more coverage than is truly needed. Learn more about the different types of coverages and their benefits as a first step. Then, work with your insurance agent to set reasonable limits on your coverage.

– Move to a New Area

The zip code where you live plays a major role in your insurance premium. Statistical details regarding theft, accidents, commute times, and more are reviewed. In some cases, simply moving one or two zip codes over can result in tremendous premium savings.

– Buy a Different Car

Insured vehicles are also reviewed statistically. A vehicle’s power, acceleration speed, accident statistics, replacement value, and other details impact insurance rates. If you are preparing to buy a new car soon, ask your insurance company for quotes before deciding which make and model to buy.

– Improve Your Credit Rating

Insurance companies also review credit ratings before issuing a rate quote. Those with higher credit ratings may qualify for better insurance rates. Determine your current credit rating, and take steps to improve it over the next few months.

Getting Quotes for Coverage

Saving money on car insurance is a common goal. While you may want to get a quote from State Farm and explore discounts from this insurance company, it is wise to request several quotes from other reputable insurance providers as well.

Things to remember...
  • Esurance is a multi-line insurance company that partners with Allstate to offer insurance consumers online solutions
  • By creative an intuitive online system, Esurance has made it possible for customers to do everything online
  • You can save on your insurance premiums by taking advantage of the discounts that are offered by the insurer
  • Esurance is known for offering Claims-free, Continuous Coverage, Defensive Driver, and Driver’s Ed discounts
  • Vehicle-specific discounts that are available include Green Vehicle, Newer Vehicle, Alarm, and Vehicle Recovery
Esurance is a multi-line insurance company that believes in giving their consumers a seamless online experience. If you’re shopping around for auto insurance, it’s nice to know that you can do everything from changing your insurance policy to file a claim online from your laptop or your phone. While the company does offer hassle-free insurance options, many consumers are concerned with price over convenience.

Make sure to do online comparison shopping with our free quote tool above! 

One of the most effective ways to save money on your insurance premiums is to find the carrier that offers the biggest menu of discounts that you qualify for. Some companies have only a small list of discount offerings and others have an expansive one. If you’re considering Esurance for your auto insurance, here’s what you need to know about the discounts this online insurer offers:

Why do auto insurance companies offer discounts?

adobestock_77981972-1600x1600-1Insurance companies have a base rate per unit of insurance sold. This is the rate that the insurer uses before factoring in a person’s risk classification. How a person drives, what car a person drives, where they drive, and information about their driving record will all play into the rate calculation process.

Insurers will offer their customers specific discounts for a few different reasons. The first is to keep their insurance products marketable to a certain target audience.

The next is to offer customers who are less of a risk a bigger incentive to do business with the company. The last is to reward customers for good behaviors.

Some Discounts Are Company-Specific and Some Are State-Specific

An insurance carrier might advertise that they offer a Good Driver Discount to all clients with clean records for the last three years. What you might not know is that in some states, like California, insurers are required by law to offer that discount to all drivers who qualify. That’s because it’s a state-specific discount.

You’ll receive state-specific discounts no matter what carrier you do business with. It’s the company-specific offerings that differentiate one insurer from the next.

Some insurers offer a very basic set of discounts and others have gotten very inventive with their savings programs. Esurance is one of those companies with an expansive list of discounts for the right drivers.

Discounts Offered by Esurance

AdobeStock_88682917-1600x1600Some auto insurance discounts save you as little as 2 percent off of the total premium and others can save you upwards of 30%. The best thing about insurance discounts is that they can be stacked.

If you qualify for three different savings, you’ll be able to combine them all. Some of the discounts are only specific to the state that you live in. Here’s a breakdown of all the best discounts to look for:

– Vehicle Discounts

The type of vehicle that you drive does dramatically affect your rate. When you enter your VIN, it will be used in the process of risk classification. Cars that cost more to repair or that are stolen more frequently than others will cost more to insure. Fortunately, you can still qualify for discounts even if you have a high-risk car.

Esurance offers savings for vehicles with certain standard features. These features are typically installed in newer vehicles as accident deterrents. When you’re filling out information about your car, make sure it’s accurate because there are discounts available for the following:

  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Anti-theft (passive or active alarms)
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Green Vehicle (for electric cars and hybrids)
  • Newer Vehicle
  • Passive Restraint
  • Vehicle Recovery (for LoJack and OnStar)
  • VIN Etching (only in LA, NY and NJ)

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

– Driver Discounts

Who is driving the car has even more of an impact than the car itself on the rates. You could be driving a compact car that’s 10 years old and still pay a small fortune for coverage if you have a combination of tickets and accident on your short driving record.

If you’re a good or trained driver, you’ll be eligible for savings. Here are some of Esurance’s driver-related discounts:

  • Defensive Driver (for drivers 50+ who complete an approved driver education course)
  • Driver’s Ed (for drivers under 21 who complete a teen smart driving course)
  • Further Education (drivers with a 4-year degree or higher)
  • Good Student (GPA of 3.0 or higher)
  • Homeowner (for drivers who own property)
  • Married
  • Group of Affinity Memberships
  • Military (LA only)
  • Occupation (discounts for occupations where drivers are statistically in fewer accidents)
  • Senior Driver
  • Safe Driver (only in CA, FL, WA)

– Usage Discounts

AdobeStock_87500560-1600x1600How often you drive can also affect your rates. If you’re driving hundreds of miles a week, you’ll pay more than someone who’s only driving 40. Your annual mileage and also the purpose of your drives will affect your ratings. Here are some usage based discounts offered by Esurance:

  • Driving Device Discounts (only in CO, MO, OH, and UT)
  • Low Mileage (only available in CA)

– Insurance History Discounts

You are required by law in most states to carry insurance. You must carry insurance from a provider that’s licensed in your state. Esurance is licensed in all 50 states for your convenience. When you’re comparing premiums, give yourself credit when you have an established insurance history. Here are some insurance record discounts:

  • Continuous Coverage (when you have no lapses)
  • Claim Free (in the last three years)
  • Future Signing (if you choose an effective date more than 24 hours in the future)

– Other Discounts

Some discounts don’t fall into a driver, vehicle, or insurance record category. Here are some additional ways that you can save with Esurance:

If you want to do business with Esurance, there are plenty of different opportunities to save. The company is dedicated to offering intuitive tools for servicing your policy and you can even add discounts by logging into your account. To see if these discounts will lower your rates and save you money, use our free online comparison tool and get several quotes today.

Things to remember...
  • With over 1.5 million policies, Amica is one of the largest auto insurance providers in the United States
  • The company offers several auto insurance discounts for qualifying drivers in a bid to help them reduce their auto insurance rates
  • Some of the available discounts include lower rates for bundling your policies and the loyal customer discount among others
  • With Amica, you won’t be able to enjoy the safe driver discount unless you have the Amica Platinum Choice Coverage added to your policy
Millions of US citizens are yet to find a firm financial footing, eight years since the end of the Great Recession. According to a 2015 report by the Federal Reserve Bank, 76 million people — that’s 31 percent of the entire adult population — are struggling to make ends meet. That means people are struggling with their bills, including their monthly auto insurance payments.

Your auto insurance policy protects you from loss after an accident. But in return, you are supposed to pay a premium. Sometimes the premiums are so expensive that some people can barely keep up. High auto insurance rates are the reasons why Amica and other auto insurance providers across the country offer discounts to lower these costs and encourage good behavior on the roads.

Taking advantage of available discounts can lower your auto insurance rates significantly. However, keep in mind that comparison shopping is the best way to keep your rates down. Comparing quotes from multiple providers increases your chances of obtaining coverage that best suits your auto insurance needs vis-à-vis discounts, rates, coverage, etc.

Auto Insurance Discounts Offered At Amica

AdobeStock_76267159-1600x1600With over 1.5 million policies, Amica is one of the largest auto insurance providers in the United States. Amica’s discount system isn’t the best in the industry, but the company does offer some interesting discounts that might be appealing to many. Here are the discounts you might want to take advantage of if you are planning to purchase an auto insurance policy from Amica.

– Safety Discounts

Amica offers lower rates for drivers who install anti-theft features in their vehicles. Some of these features include a vehicle tracking system, vehicle recovery system, passive alarm that automatically sets itself when the vehicle is turned off, an active alarm that cuts off the starting system, ignition, and fuel as well as an alarm system that has a loud horn or a siren.

Other features such as an electronic stability control and air bags can also lead to lower rates. Some of these features are factory installed.

Note that anti-theft features don’t lower your collision coverage rates. If you feel like you are not getting the discounts you deserve, you can always switch to another provider. Shop around. Compare quotes from various providers until you find coverage that meets your needs.

– Student Discounts

Insuring a teen driver can be expensive. Amica offers discounts for teenage drivers in high school and college who attain good grades and are safe drivers. Amica also offers the ‘student away at school’ discounts for parents whose children are in school or 100 miles away from home.

– Defensive Driver Discount

The more the skills you have as a driver, the lower your chances of getting involved in an accident. Getting a defensive driving course improves your skills behind the wheel, and with Amica, it might qualify you for lower rates. In some states, Amica’s defensive driver discounts are limited to mature drivers.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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– Multi-Car Discounts

If you have more than one car in your household, you can insure them with Amica and get a discount. The multi-car discount available to customers who own more than one vehicle and insure all of them with Amica. The company makes it less expensive for drivers to obtain the coverage they need if they bundle up all the vehicles under one special package.

– Multi-Line Discounts

AdobeStock_87768368-1600x1600With Amica, the more policies you have, the lower your rates will be. Though the company started as a car insurance company, it has diversified its insurance products to cover other areas such as homeowners/condo/renters and life insurance. You can choose to bundle either your home and auto policies or life and auto policies. Any combination of policies you have with Amica will earn you lower rates via the multi-line discount.

– Homeownership Discount

If you own a homeowners’ policy with Amica, you will get lower rates on your car insurance. So, if you have a house or a condo insured with Amica, you can purchase coverage for your auto with the company and enjoy the homeownership discount. Check with your agent just to be sure on how to proceed.

– Auto Pay Discount

Many drivers choose to set up automatic payment methods with their car insurance companies to make sure they have their payments on time and avoid lapses in coverage. With this type of payment, premiums are deducted from savings or checking account every month. Amica insurance offers their customers a discount for using the automatic payment method.

– Paid-In-Full Discount

AdobeStock_62082716-1600x1600Amica insurance offers discounts to customers who pay their premium in full rather than paying in monthly installments. You get to enjoy up to a ten percent discount just for making the entire payment upfront. You also get to receive a discount if you sign up for an e-policy or an e-bill.

– Legacy, Tenure, and Loyalty Discounts

If you are under the age of 30 and have been under your family member’s auto insurance policy, you qualify for a legacy discount when you finally decide to purchase your own policy. You may be eligible for lower rates if you have been with your insurance company for several years and then switch to Amica.

This type of discount is referred to as the tenure discount. Amica recognizes and rewards long-time customers via the loyalty discount.

Amica offers good driver discount to their customers via the Platinum Choice Auto Coverage. You can have the Platinum Choice Auto Plan added to your policy at any time. Without this particular coverage, you won’t be able to enjoy the good driver discounts offered by Amica. To find the best discounts, compare quotes from as many providers as you can to get the best auto insurance discounts.

Things to remember...
  • Ameriprise offers 18 car insurance discounts to its customers
  • Drivers must comply with their state’s insurance requirements
  • Shopping around may help you to determine if Ameriprise offers the best rates available for your car insurance needs

Driving without car insurance is not advisable. After all, most states require drivers to obtain at least a minimal level of liability auto insurance. Some auto lenders also require their customers to obtain additional coverage as a term of the loan, and you would be in default of the loan terms if you do not comply with this requirement.

It is common for drivers to purchase more than the minimum type and level of coverage to avoid financial loss in the event of theft, a car accident, and other issues. After all, the cost associated with a single damaging event can be devastating for a motorist to deal with, and the right car insurance coverage can reduce out-of-pocket expenses dramatically.

Make sure you aren’t paying too much for auto insurance by using our free insurance comparison tool!

Choosing an Auto Insurance Company

adobestock_107417448-1600x1600-1Ameriprise is just one of several auto insurance providers that you can purchase auto insurance from. The company was established in 1894, and it currently serves millions of customers with its financial services and insurance products.

Ameriprise has a great reputation for serving its customers well and for providing excellent coverage at a fair price.

You may be thinking about contacting this provider for a quote, but you should be aware of all of the factors that will be analyzed to determine your car insurance rates. Regardless of which provider you request a quote from, providers review the following factors to determine your rate:

  • Your driving record
  • Your credit report
  • Where you live
  • The details about the car that is being insured
  • How much you typically drive
  • Your requested coverage types and limits

Setting Up an Affordable Car Insurance Policy With Ameriprise

If you are thinking about getting an insurance quote from Ameriprise or from any other auto insurance provider, you may be able to save money on your policy in different ways. For example, you can:

  • Opt for a higher deductible
  • Adjust coverage types and limits
  • Move to a more affordable zip code
  • Choose car that is more affordable to insure

In addition, there are numerous discounts available through most insurers that you can take advantage of. Ameriprise currently offers its customers 18 discounts, and learning more about these discounts may show you how to save even more money on your premium.

– Vehicle-Related Discounts

The vehicle that you drive can play a major role in your safety on the road. While the vehicle will influence the rates, it may also affect discounts that you can qualify for. If your car has any of these exceptional features, you may qualify for an additional discount through Ameriprise:

  • Passive restraints
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • An anti-theft system
  • Daytime running lights

You may also qualify for a discount if you regularly store your vehicle in a garage.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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– Driver-Specific Discounts

While some of the auto coverage discounts available to you through Ameriprise are directly related to the car that you insure, others are more specific to you as the driver. For example, if you have no claims on your driving record or if can otherwise be classified as a safe driver, you may qualify for additional savings on your premium. A few of the other driver-specific discounts that you may qualify for include:

  • A distant student discount
  • A further education discount
  • A good student discount
  • A loyalty discount

– Bundled Coverage Discounts

adobestock_77981972-1600x1600-1Ameriprise offers a full range of products and services for its customers to benefit from, and you may save money by bundling your auto coverage with other products that it offers. In addition, adding another driver or vehicle to your existing auto loan policy may entitle you to more savings.

It is wise to request a quote from Ameriprise for all of the coverage types you need so that you can fully determine how much money this company could potentially save you when all factors are considered.

– Billing Discounts

Another way to save money through your Ameriprise auto insurance policy relates to billing. You can request paperless billing to enjoy a small discount on your coverage.

If you choose to pay your premium in full or if you set up automated withdrawals for monthly payments, you can also save a small fortune on your premium through different types of discounts.

As you can see, there are numerous discounts that you can qualify for through Ameriprise. By combining multiple discounts together, you may be able to save a substantial amount of money on the coverage you need.

Shopping for Auto Insurance

AdobeStock_61298662-1600x1600Because Ameriprise offers competitive rates and numerous discounts for its many customers, you may find the best coverage option available through this company. However, the only way to ensure this is to compare at least three or four different quotes.

Because rates and qualifications for discounts can change periodically, make plans to shop for new rates every six months if you want to save money on your coverage.

As you shop for new rates, keep these tips in mind:

  • Determine your desired coverage types and limits before you start shopping.
  • Always request the same coverage types and limits from each provider for easier comparison.
  • Only request quotes from financially sound providers.
  • Review consumer comments about providers before you request a quote.
  • Inquire about discounts that you may qualify for with extra time and effort, such as by taking a driver’s education course.
  • Shop online to save time and effort.

While Ameriprise is a reputable insurance company that has competitive rates available for customers across the country and beyond, it may not always offer the best deal for the coverage you need.

After you request a quote from Ameriprise for a new auto insurance policy, follow the same steps to request a quote from a few other providers as well. By taking these steps, you may be able to identify the right provider to buy your next auto insurance policy from.

Things to remember...
  • The Hanover Insurance Group offers 22 unique car insurance discounts to its customers
  • This insurance company is one of the oldest still-operational companies in the United States
  • Drivers who are interested in saving money on car insurance should consider getting a quote from The Hanover Insurance Group and from several other providers

Trying to find the most affordable car insurance policy available is a common goal for many drivers across the country. Your premium may be a regular and often high expense in your budget, and saving money on car insurance is understandably a priority for anyone who lives on a budget.

However, when you are shopping for new auto insurance coverage, avoid making your buying decision based on price alone.

The car insurance company that you choose to buy coverage from will largely determine your overall experience with the company over the months and years to come. It is important to review a firm’s financial strength carefully, but you also need to pay attention to the company’s reputation for providing great customer service and for processing claims quickly if you want to enjoy the best overall experience with your insurance provider.

What to Expect From The Hanover Insurance Group

Dollarphotoclub_87081342-1600x1600The Hanover Insurance Group is one of the many providers that you may be thinking about buying insurance from. This company was originally founded in 1852, making it one of the oldest continuously-operated companies in the country. It boasts a headquarters in Worcester, and it offers great rates on home and business insurance as well as auto insurance to its customers.

Saving Money on Your Policy From The Hanover Insurance Group

If you are thinking about getting a quote for auto insurance coverage from The Hanover Insurance Group, you may be interested to learn more about how you can save money on your coverage. Regardless of where you get a quote from, you can apply a few tips to save money on your auto coverage. These helpful and effective tips include:

  • Request a higher auto insurance deductible
  • Adjust your coverage limits and types carefully
  • Improve your driving record
  • Improve your credit rating
  • Relocate to a more affordable zip code
  • Purchase a vehicle that is more affordable to insure

Another excellent idea to save money on your auto coverage is to take advantage of as many car insurance discounts as possible. Remember that these money-saving discounts vary by company, and the requirements to qualify the discounts also vary.

For example, you may qualify for a safe driver discount with one provider and not with another provider. When you are comparing quotes for new car insurance policies, make direct inquiries about the discounts you qualify for or may qualify for with a few slight changes.

Exploring Discounts Available Through The Hanover Insurance Group

The desire to save money on car insurance is common, and the good news is that The Hanover Insurance Group provides its customers with 22 unique discounts.

While you may not qualify for all of the discounts, you may be pleased to discover that multiple discounts apply to your situation and can be combined to save you a substantial amount of money on your premium.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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– The Features in Your Car

The insured vehicle plays a major role on your insurance costs. For example, vehicles that have a less powerful engine and a more affordable replacement value may qualify for a lower rate.

In addition, features in your car can qualify you for extra savings through vehicle discounts. The Hartford Insurance Group offers discounts to its auto insurance policyholders for the following features:

  • Passive restraint
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • A theft-deterrent system
  • Vehicle recovery

If you typically only use your car to travel short distances, such as if you are retired or you work from home, you may also qualify for a low mileage discount.

– Driver-Oriented Savings

adobestock_77981972-1600x1600-1While your vehicle will play a major role on your qualification status for different car insurance discounts, there are also discounts that are oriented toward the driver. These include:

  • A senior discount
  • A homeowner discount
  • A good student discount
  • A discount for certain occupations
  • A discount for those in a further education program
  • Discounts for membership in specific organizations

– How You Pay Your Bills

If you are a new customer with The Hanover Insurance Group, you may qualify for a special discount when you sign up.

In addition, discounts are available for customers who pay their premium in full as well as for those who sign up for automated monthly payments with paperless billing.

Keep these factors in mind when you apply for coverage so that you can take full advantage of these savings options.

– Other Savings Opportunities

This is a lengthy list of car insurance discounts that you may qualify for, and the good news is that the list continues. There are other discounts available for those who insure multiple vehicles or drivers under the same policy. In addition, if you purchase multiple insurance products from this company, such as both home and auto coverage, you may qualify for savings on one or both policies.

Compare Rates Online

AdobeStock_38113283-1600x1600When you request a quote from The Hanover Insurance Group or any other provider, the provider will need to review a significant amount of information before issuing a quote. This information includes:

  • Where you live
  • Your driving record
  • Details about the vehicle being insured
  • Your desired coverage limits and amounts
  • Your desired deductible amount

It can take a lot of time and effort to repeat this information to different providers verbally multiple times. Remember that it is wise to request quotes from at least three or four different providers. With this in mind, consider shopping online to compare rates more quickly and easily.

Because you should not drive without the proper car insurance in place, consider contacting The Hanover Insurance Group and a few other providers to obtain quotes today.

Things to remember...
  • The Hartford provides access to numerous industry-wide discounts
  • Lesser-known and specialized discounts are available through The Hartford as well
  • Drivers should stay current with any new discounts that emerge

The Hartford, a top insurance company headquartered in Connecticut, provides coverage to a significant number of customers across the United States. Auto insurance policies underwritten by The Hartford draw their popularity, in part, from the company’s financial strength and affordable coverage options.

Affordable coverage can be made even more affordable when customers access discounts. Not every provider, however, offers the significant discounts.

Those interested in buying insurance from The Hartford will find a generous amount of reductions for premiums. Make sure to do some comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the best rates!

Top Discount Deals

adobestock_77981972-1600x1600-1Certain discounts can be found among numerous insurance company profiles. The Hartford presents several of these popular auto insurance discounts. Combining more than one of these special deals could reduce monthly payments significantly.

– Anti-Lock Brakes and Ant-Theft Devices

Insurance companies pay when legitimate covered losses occur. Cutting down on the chances for a loss reduces an insurance company’s risk. Lowered risk means lowered premiums via a discount. Anti-lock brakes won’t prevent accidents 100 percent of the time, but they definitely add to performance safety.

Any type of alarm or other anti-theft device cuts down on the chances of a total loss when a vehicle is targeted by thieves. A vehicle recovery system also yields an aptly-titled vehicle recovery discount.

– Full Payment

An insurance policy can be paid in installments. The number of installments depends on what the company offers. Generally, insurance companies prefer to receive payment up front.

A small discount helps motivate full payments. And other billing-related discounts exist.

Paperless documents and paperless auto billing both cut down costs. So does an early signing discount.

As for those who chose to make installment payments, an on-time payment discount is accessible.

– Claim Free and Continuous Coverage

Insurance customers who don’t cost the company money are worth retaining. Those who don’t file claims for several years receive discounts. Continuous coverage rewards those who do not allow their coverage to lapse.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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– Garage Storage

A lot of harm may befall a vehicle parked out in the open. All human and natural disasters could cause damage to a car. Locking the vehicle up in a garage adds a great deal of safety, safety the insurance company notices. If the garage is part of a home, a stable residence discount might be added.

– Defensive Driver and Driver’s Education

adobestock_118532921-1600x1600Responsible drivers do everything to curtail the chances of an accident. Enrolling in courses and programs designed to avoid accidents through better driving and appropriate defensive responses display responsible behavior.

Insurance companies deliver rewards for such effort. The Hartford also serves up a safe driver discount for those who qualify.

– Homeowner, Multiple Policies, Drivers, and Vehicles, Family Plan, and Married Couples

Purchasing several policies or maintaining a certain status has its rewards. Those rewards come in the form of less-expensive auto insurance through The Hartford. Occupation-specific discounts are possible as well. Certain groups and memberships also qualify for discounts.

– Good Student

Good students are highly prized customers for insurance companies. Good students do show a potential to be safe and responsible drivers, which usually translates to fewer claims. Good students can be joined by distant students to access a discount.

– Age-Related Discounts

Both a recent retiree and senior driver discount show the rewards that come with age. Once retired or a certain age is reached, contact the insurer for a reduction in premium costs.

– Newer Car Discounts

While more costly than an older model, newer cars give drivers what they pay for. New cars generally don’t suffer malfunctions and drivers may be more careful with them.

Problems covered under the warranty might free the insurance company from making payments.

Does the new car come with adaptive headlights? Those headlights deliver discounts.

Lesser-Known Discounts

hands-coffee-smartphone-technology-1600x1600Lesser-known discounts can be newer ones emerging due to changes in the current auto industry landscape or very specialized discounts available only to a limited number of drivers. Lesser-known or not, the discounts would be worth taking advantage of.

– Green Vehicle

As the public become more aware of conservation and environmentalism, more people choose greener cars. These drivers can be rewarded with a lower insurance rate through The Hartford.

– Low Mileage

Driving a car infrequently not only puts the vehicle at less of a risk for an accident, wear and tear diminishes. Wear and tear create the potential for a collision or the need for roadside assistance. Any surprise why insurance companies would encourage lower annual mileages?

– Performance and Handling Discounts

An obvious theme here is enhancements of safety lead to discounts. The following performance and safety add-ons do yield discounts:

  • Driving Device App
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Passive Restraint
  • Forward Collision Warning

Even if the car did not come with any of these features, they could be installed by a mechanic. Removing the discount from the picture, drivers should look at the added safety benefits these features present.

– Unique Vehicles

Special vehicles can come with surprising savings. Discounts for farm and utility vehicles through The Hartford prove this.

Stay Current on Discounts

The current list of discounts available through The Hartford could be updated at any point in the future. Drivers should always review available discounts to check for the addition of a new one.

Reviewing the availability of new discounts would be a prudent step for any driver wishing to save money. Make while you are reviewing discount you are comparing rates to make sure you are saving the most on your insurance policy!

Things to remember...
  • Liberty Mutual offers many types of auto insurance discounts
  • These discounts could add up to substantial savings on coverage
  • Be sure to compare multiple policies to see which company can offer the best rates to meet your needs
So many different types of discounts offered by insurance carriers. It truly can be hard to keep track of all of them! Take a top 10 auto insurance carrier in the form of Liberty Mutual. If you were asked today, what all of the discounts that the carrier offered, would you be able to give a solid answer?

You would likely be able to name off a few of the discounts, but it is doubtful you would get all of them in one shot. Having a firm grasp of what discounts are offered by Liberty Mutual, as well as other carriers, is a major step in smart shopping.

You want to be an intelligent consumer when you are shopping the car insurance market. There are just too many options out there for you not to be! Think about GEICO, Progressive, State Farm, Liberty Mutual.

All of these companies are fighting for your business. Having a firm grasp of what discounts are offered allows comparison shopping to be made easier. Let’s focus on some of the bigger discounts Liberty Mutual offers to its auto insurance consumers.

Policy Level Discounts

adobestock_117120157-1600x1600The first type of discounts that are going to be offered by Liberty Mutual is going to be based on your policy. The most common discount that they offer is what is known as the multi-policy discount.

This is a discount that you are going to get when you have both your auto and home insurance policy with Liberty Mutual as a carrier. They will offer you a discount rate off of your car insurance premium for having both coverages with them.

A preferred payment methods discount is another common one that consumers take advantage of. There are going to be a variety of billing options that you will get when you go to purchase an auto insurance policy.

Discounts are going to be offered when you either pay the policy premium in full up-front or agree to enroll in automatic payment methods.

The new vehicle discount is going to benefit you when you bring a car to the carrier for the very first time. If you have purchased or leased a new car or even a used car that has yet to be covered by Liberty Mutual, they will discount your premium for bringing that vehicle under its insurance umbrella.

In the same light as the new vehicle and multi-policy discount, a multi-car discount is offered. If you have more than one vehicle being covered on the same auto insurance policy, you will receive a discount compared to covering them on separate policies.

Vehicle Level Discounts

Some discounts are also going to be offered based on the vehicle that you have covered. A hybrid vehicle discount is one that many consumers take advantage of.

Preserving the environment is crucial, and Liberty Mutual takes that seriously. When you drive a hybrid vehicle, they will lower your premium as a result of doing so.

Do you have a vehicle that has a lot of the latest and greatest safety features? Think about the anti-lock brakes, backup cameras, lane detecting sensors, etc. All of these innovations are making in safer to be behind the wheel, and a discount will be offered for having these equipped.

Personal Situation

AdobeStock_87768368-1600x1600What is the particular case that you present to Liberty Mutual? Are you a student under the age of 25 with good grades in school? If so, you are going to qualify for the good student discount. If you are a teen driver with a safe driving record, a discount is also going to be offered in that situation as well.

For those that have just made significant moves regarding life events, discounts are also available. If you have recently graduated from college, new graduates will qualify for a discount.

The same can be said for newlyweds who will be using car insurance together for the very first time. If you have just retired, there is a discount for that as well!

Have you moved houses recently? A new move discount will help to reduce the premium that you pay now that the vehicle is going to be insured and parked in a new location the majority of the time.

As you can see, Liberty Mutual offers a lot regarding discounts to customers. There are so many for you to take advantage of and it is important to be aware of what is out there. When you start to compare discounts from Liberty to the GEICO, Progressive, and other carriers, it will help you comparison shop to get the best value possible!

Things to Remember...
  • There are many websites whose sole purpose is to compare and contrast different auto insurance policies
  • As the car insurance market is one of the most competitive in the world, many times a car insurance company will simply not offer its best price up front
  • There are many things that you can do to make yourself more attractive to car insurance companies overall, giving yourself a greater chance of getting the premium payment that you want
  • Make sure to shop around every year to make sure you are getting the best coverage for the best price

Car insurance is easily one of the largest expenses of the average modern individual and household. However, many third-party independent research companies have concluded that most people, almost 50 percent, overpay for auto insurance.

Find out if you can save on auto insurance today for FREE quote tool above!

Independent researchers may suggest many different solutions for places to find cheap car insurance and actions to take to lower one’s overall premium.

In terms of finding a cheap car insurance company, there are many courses of action.

Using Comparison Sites Online

dollarphotoclub_82337319-1600x1600There are many websites whose sole purpose is to compare and contrast different auto insurance policies. The most comprehensive of these sites offer much more than simple price comparisons.

You should also look for the following traits before you compare auto insurance anywhere:

  • Comparison of the nuts and bolts of each insurance plan
  • Lists of car insurance companies that can be trusted
  • Lists of what to expect in a car insurance plan
  • Listings for professional drivers’ car insurance plans

As you go through the different facets of car insurance on these websites, you should be prepared to contact the companies for quotes and to test their customer service.

Make sure that the auto insurance companies are prepared to back up the prices that are quoted on the websites.

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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Negotiating with Car Insurance Companies

After you have a good indication of the market for car insurance through the car insurance comparison sites, you are fully ready to begin contacting the companies individually to see if they have put their best offers online.

As the car insurance market is one of the most competitive in the world, many times a car insurance company will simply not offer its best price up front.

They must know that you have done your research and are prepared to move to another company if you do not get the absolute best price.

You can show them proof of this research as you print out the results of the comparison site and get quotes through the comparison site that can be taken as offers.

Making Yourself Less of a Risk

AdobeStock_65265779-1600x1600There are many things that you can do to make yourself more attractive to car insurance companies overall, giving yourself a greater chance of getting the premium payment that you want. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

First, remember to report all things that mitigate risk. Many people simply do not report the things that could get them various auto insurance discounts.

Some of these things include different methods to prevent auto theft by installing an alarm on your car, installing a steering wheel bar, and parking your car in the garage instead of on the street.

All of these things entitle you to a decreased car insurance premium, but these are not questions that a car insurance company normally asks. They must be reported to the company by you.

Consider an older model car. For a car insurance company, the newer, faster models of cars means more risk for them. Newer models of cars often have more horsepower and torque, and more power overall.

These things are not mitigated by the installed theft deterrent systems; the two issues are considered separately by most car insurance companies. Also, for the same reason, car insurance companies like used cars better than new cars.

Most used cars are already older, but even if it is not older, a person who would purchase a used car instead of a new car is considered more risk averse by the car insurance companies.

The bottom line is to find the cheapest car insurance that you can, you must first familiarize yourself with the car insurance market.

Then you must make yourself as attractive an investment as you can to the car insurance companies by following some of the tips above if not all.

After that, you will be ready to walk into the offices or call the offices of individual car insurance companies and negotiate the lowest price for a car insurance premium that is possible. Find out what your costs for auto insurance will be with our FREE quote comparison tool!

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