What are the Full Glass coverage laws in New Mexico?

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Things to remember...
  • Chipped windshields are one of the most common consequences of flying rocks on the highway.
  • New Mexico laws explicitly state how the windshield must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers, thus it is illegal to drive with broken glass
  • There are no specific laws guiding how the repair of the broken or damaged windshield should be completed in New Mexico
  • The law that insurance companies must fix windshields for free and offer zero-deductible on this service is not adopted in many states, including New Mexico

As of 2015, there are over 660,000 vehicles registered in New Mexico. The high vehicle utilization in this state is reflected in many highways that spider-map its grounds such as I25, I40, I10, and so on.

This comes with high risks of accidents, however, pertaining to the auto industry. For example, a lot of the highways listed above facilitate thousands of deaths every year due to negligence.

You can also get exposed to a situation that does not tend to be life-threatening, such as getting your windshield chipped or damaged by a rock.

Depending on the size of the rock and how fast you were driving, the consequence can be a minor chip or a complete wreckage. Make sure you are covered with our free quote tool above today! 

Replacement Parts Law in New Mexico


New Mexico has a specific replacement law that states how insurers may choose aftermarket parts if those are similar in kind and quality to the original manufacturer parts.

This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how high-quality you want your windshield to be.

Meaning, if you just want to spend less you can purchase cheap glass, but this can turn out to be a problem later on.

– Communication is the Key

As your insurance policy is probably different than mine, or any other driver’s policy, you will need to look through it and talk with the provider.

By not doing this, you are wasting an opportunity to get to the bottom of the cheapest repair!

Zero-Deductible Full Glass Coverage in New Mexico

The zero-deductible law is available in a handful of states and it forces insurance companies to treat glass damages by non-accident issues as regular repairs that they are paying for.

New Mexico, however, is not one of those states, and you will generally have to pay for this repair yourself. If you want a way around this, comprehensive coverage is the answer.

– Comprehensive Glass Coverage

If your car is vandalized, damaged by a flood or fire, or even stolen, a lot of insurance companies will not have to pay you. The only approach you can take to obtain funds to repair or recover a vehicle is through a comprehensive coverage policy.

As the name says, it will give you the comprehensive protection that applies to dozens of different scenarios.

Therefore, if your windshield is damaged by a rogue rock, you will be able to charge repairs to the insurance provider. Even the states with zero-deductible laws often insist that drivers have these type of policies over the basic ones.

Of course, nothing in the car industry is completely perfect. Buying this option is a lot more expensive than basic packages.

So, how do you find the best comprehensive coverage in New Mexico? Seems like a very specific search that will be hard to do.

In reality, all you need to do is look at the websites that have already done this research for you. These websites are run by businesses that analyze various insurance companies and provide people with a comparison of multiple insurers.

Finding the best rate is pretty straightforward when there are dozens of options on one single page, right?

Repair Vendor Laws in New Mexico

Choosing an appropriate vendor is something that the insurance company should help with. Most providers have contracts with vendors around the United States and this helps them keep the repair costs for people low.

There are no specific laws on this in New Mexico, but you will need to contact your insurance agent if you want to save money.

Not only will they find the cheapest repair, they might charge you the difference between the repair shop you found and the one they had in mind.

This means that paying more will often be non-refundable and simple conversation can prevent this from happening!

Staying Safe with the Right Car Insurance in New Mexico


To prevent equipment-caused accidents, you should drive a safe vehicle. This is especially true in a state like New Mexico where the annual reports show worrisome numbers of casualties from car collisions. To keep your vehicle safe, you will have to maintain it frequently and fix any issues as they arise.

Unfortunately, the lack of glass laws in the state of New Mexico creates a large gray area damaged windshields.

It is not a requirement that insurance companies reimburse you for repair costs unless your insurance policy has a specific clause or provision on this.

Also, there are no mandatory standards for how and where the repair will be handled so long as the cost is acceptable to you, the driver, or the insurance company.

Best case scenario is when you are on the same page as your provider and when there is a mutual agreement on the most convenient course of action! Make sure to compare rates with our free quote tool below now! 

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