Car Insurance for the Disabled

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Things to remember...
  • Insurance companies offer special insurance coverage for the persons with disabilities
  • There are various conditions covered on the auto insurance for the disabled
  • Not every insurance company offers the same services for disabled persons
  • You can find car insurance rates by shopping around and knowing that you have rights not to be discriminated by the insurer

It can be a challenging for the persons with disabilities to get an insurance policy due to the high premiums incurred on them.

In the past, insurance companies were not willing to provide coverage for the disabled, but things have now started changing. Today, more insurers are offering the services.

Additionally, The Americans with Disability Act passed in 1990 considers it unlawful to apply price discrimination to anyone with a disability, of a different race, or gender.

Therefore, the insurance companies do not charge hefty premiums based on the disabilities but based on the modifications done on a car.

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Conditions Covered by the Auto Insurance for the Disabled


There are millions of people in America with poor eyesight, yet they still drive with glasses. Others with hearing problems use hearing aids while the blind may also get insurance coverage for the people driving them around.

Therefore, the insurance companies in America have other conditions which they may consider as more severe.

Some of these diseases include:

  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurological and mental health conditions
  • Visual impairments
  • Physical conditions
  • Medical conditions for example diabetes or heart conditions

Most people have the idea that the individuals who have lost a limb or paralyzed are prone to causing an accident. However, they are more careful drivers who are less likely to cause an accident.

A person with epilepsy who suffers a seizure or other conditions like a heart attack may cause fatal accidents at any time while driving and a seizure strikes.

In this case, the insurance company will request clearance from a doctor that shows that one is fit to drive.

When Diagnosed with a Disability


In case you had an insurance policy before, it is important to inform the company about the diagnosis of a particular condition.

The insurance companies may not use disabilities as one of the factors that determine their premiums, but your claim may be invalid in the case of an accident.

Therefore, it is important to keep the insurance providers up to date with your health condition even if it is not subject to increase in the premiums.

Additionally, persons with disabilities may consider making modifications on their vehicles that may lead to increase in the prices.

Car Insurance and Modifications for the Disabled

Individuals who have lost a limb may require modifying their cars to make them more functional. In 1995, there were more than 665,000 cars with aftermarket modifications in the United States.

The number has increased over the two decades though the insurance companies have a prohibition against hiking the insurance policies due to disabilities.

There is a law that allows for additional premiums for the highly modified racing vehicles.

The insurance companies have used this against the disabled persons who have added some modifications to their cars.The same law allows the insurance companies to increase premiums or refuse coverage for the highly modified vehicles.

A highly modified vehicle is what makes the car insurance policies for the persons with disabilities a little bit higher than other autos.

Some of the modifications included in the cars for the individuals with disabilities include:

  • Pedal extenders
  • Amputee rings
  • Wheelchair lifts and ramps
  • Wheelchair adjustable seats and belts
  • Push-pull hand controls
  • Siren detectors (for those with hearing problems)
  • Floor mounted steering
  • Joysticks
  • Child Harnesses
  • Steering wheel balls among others

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Special Insurance Covers for Disabled Persons

Apart from the usual auto insurance package for everyone, a person with a disability may consider having special coverage.

Different insurance companies provide different coverage for individuals with disabilities.

Beware of the insurance companies that tend to increase the premiums or deny cover if they have a proven record of anyone having a disability.

Knowing your rights and laws to follow is the beginning point towards getting friendly prices and fighting discrimination.

Some of the policies that you may consider purchasing include:

  • Equipment insurance – This may cover the portable items that a person with a disability uses all the times including oxygen tanks, walker, wheelchair and other medical equipment. Most of the times, homeowner policies cover the equipment, but they may exclude cases where there is damage in an auto accident.
  • Adaptation coverage – This insurance policy covers for the modifications done on the car. The insurance coverage only restores the vehicle to its new condition and does not pay for the aftermarket upgrades on the car hence the need for this policy.
  • Mobility insurance – This insurance caters to your alternative transport when your car is involved in a claim. An insurance company provides a rental car that may not accommodate the needs of a disabled person unless he has purchased a mobility insurance cover.

Getting a Good Insurance Company


When it comes to finding a suitable auto insurance cover for anyone with a disability, it is important to run a background check online and use a comparison website to find the best rates.

Keep away from a company that is not actively seeking new customers since they are less likely to give good prices.

Additionally, there are insurance companies who give persons with disabilities a top priority and it is wiser going with them.

Individuals with disabilities may consider taking defensive driving courses to lower their auto insurance monthly premiums.

Comparing Insurance Policies


Persons with disabilities may face discrimination from some insurance companies.

Any act of discrimination on the people with disabilities in the United States is illegal, and the insurance commission runs investigations on such activities.

Therefore, if you suspect any discrimination, report the case to the commission of the state where you obtained the insurance policy.

The commission then investigates the claim and penalizes the company heavily if they find them in violation of The Americans with Disabilities Act.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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