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Where are trustworthy auto insurance company reports?

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Things to Remember...

  • Several independent rating agencies research and rate auto insurance companies on different dimensions
  • Customer reviews may provide insight by personal, individual customer experiences with companies
  • Make sure to shop around to get the best rate for the coverage you need

Many sources for trustworthy auto insurance company reports may be found online.

In most cases, these reports are published on the Internet. Use our FREE online auto insurance comparison tool to compare rates from multiple companies when you enter your ZIP code.

For example, JD Power and Associates provides an extensive survey that samples hundreds of auto insurance customers from all over the nation to query them about their satisfaction level with their current auto insurance provider.

A.M. Best examines auto insurance companies’ financial standing and market strength.

State insurance regulatory agencies publish various data with regards to the auto insurance providers that offer coverage to drivers in the state.

Extended Research


When researching reviews of auto insurance companies, be sure to refer to the trustworthy sources to find out about the company and how it does business.

In addition to rating agencies, many sites provide customer reviews of an assortment of companies, including car insurance companies.

Customer reviews may provide insight by personal, individual customer experiences with companies.

Some customer review sites are monitored and others are not. Some customer reviews may be biased, possibly written by a competing company or individual.

Though customer reviews may provide interesting anecdotal information about car insurance companies, the most trustworthy sources of company reports about the highest rated auto insurance companies are the professional rating agencies.

JD Power and Associates

JD Power and Associates has been reviewing and rating companies for well over 50 years. A good rating from JD Power and Associates is a great marketing tool for the receiving company. Companies will seek the endorsement of JD Power and Associates.

Those who rate high on JD Power surveys will be listed with honors high on JD Power and Associates Top lists.

For example, JD Power and Associates publishes the Top 10, as well as the Bottom 10, car insurance providers based on their nationwide random-sample survey of auto insurance customers.

The JD Power and Associates website at allows users to perform searches on companies to see companies’ rankings. If a company is ranked well by the agency, the company usually incorporates the ranking into various marketing campaigns and strategies.

Companies pay the rating agency a licensing fee to use their name and logo in company marketing materials.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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A.M. Best

A.M. Best both rate auto insurance companies based on their financial strength. This means that agencies like these rate companies based on their credit report, stock reports, and other public financial information.

A.M. Best grades auto insurance companies with an “A” or “A+” rating if the company’s credit rating is excellent and they are a financially strong company.

The A.M. Best rating is considered a very credible and reliable rating system and companies will use a good A.M. Best rating as a marketing tool.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a print publication that reviews and ranks products and services. Consumer Reports will occasionally report on car insurance company rankings.

Consumer Reports is considered a very trustworthy source, whether shopping for car insurance or products for the home or business.

Consumer Reports also offers a web-based version of the publication. Search the archives on the web-based publication for car insurance company reports and reviews.

State Regulatory Agencies


In certain states, the agency that regulates car insurance companies will post various reports about the car insurance providers in their state. For example, Texas publishes the top car insurance agencies in the state based on market share.

Market share is determined by the most policies (in total number and in total price) sold to consumers in Texas.

Using trustworthy reports and data is one way to compare auto insurance companies to ensure that you obtain your car insurance policy with the best provider.

However, another way to compare auto insurance companies is with an auto insurance comparison web application. These comparison applications are easy to use and plentiful online.

From the application, users may compare auto insurance rates of various companies. Make sure to use our FREE auto insurance quotes from the application.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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