Should I compare car insurance companies before buying?

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Here's what you need to know...

  • You should compare at least quotes from three different companies before making a final decision
  • Online qu0te finders can save you both time and money
  • Make sure you have the necessary information available before you request a quote

In order to ensure the consumer is getting the best coverage at a fair price, it is critical to compare several companies before purchasing new car insurance.

The temptation for most car owners is to use the insurance company that they are accustomed to or that a friend or family member recommends without checking into the available options before purchasing.

Find auto insurance companies that use a host of information to determine rates for each driver. Just because one driver received a deal from that company doesn’t mean that everyone will get a comparable deal.

Online car insurance comparisons make finding the best rates easier than ever. Enter your zip code above into our FREE auto insurance comparison tool to simplify your car insurance search.

Online Quoting


Websites have been created by most of the major companies that make receiving quotes much faster and easier than before.

Some of the insurance companies that provide online quoting are:

The quotes do not cost anything to the consumer. Also, once several quotes are received, they can be used as bargaining power with the other insurers to lower the rates they quoted.

Drivers should get quotes from as many companies as they feel are needed to feel comfortable with the prices.

If a few pieces of information are available when it is time to purchase car insurance, it will make the quoting process very quick and pain-free.

This information includes:

Most companies use the information above to determine a rate.

One piece of information that is used by some companies but not all is credit history. The consumer should inquire if that is used for determining rates if they are concerned.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Discounts for Drivers

In order to stay competitive with each other, most car insurers offer discounts to their customers at the time of quoting. When purchasing new coverage, the driver should check that all discounts are being offered.

These include:

  • Location – some areas have lower accident rates and crime rates than others and insurance can be adjusted based on this
  • Age – older drivers, to a certain extent, receive better rates
  • Previous Accidents – If the driver does not have accidents on their record, it will reduce their premiums
  • Theft Devices – Cars that are equipped with theft devices will receive lower rates than one without the devices
  • Combining with home insurance – Some companies offer a discount to drivers that combine their automobile insurance with their home insurance

Automatic Withdrawal from Bank Accounts


Another advancement in technology that makes acquiring and paying car insurance easier is the use of automatic withdrawal from bank accounts.

Several of the auto insurance companies have offered discounts to customers if they choose to use direct withdrawal.

This makes it easier to consumers to pay their monthly premiums and helps to ensure that no late payments are ever made.

Comparing Quotes

Once the quotes are received, the insurance purchaser should take a few minutes to compare the quotes to each other.

When comparing quotes, a few vital pieces of information should be paid particularly close attention to:

  • Check to make sure all of the quotes are for the same amount of coverage
  • All vehicles and drivers are covered by all quotes
  • All available discounts are being offered by all companies
  • Price is obviously the biggest consideration

In the past, acquiring new car insurance was a slightly unpleasant experience. With new advancements in the quoting process, the experience has become a pleasant ordeal.

By shopping around to several different automobile insurers, a consumer can ensure that they are getting the best possible rate on their coverage.

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Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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