Is Mitsubishi’s safety rating on small SUVs better than Fiat’s?

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Things to remember...

  • The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a half-a-century old company that evaluated how well manufacturers are protecting the buyers of their cars
  • Fiat 500X is a small SUV model that possesses perfect crashworthiness, advanced crash prevention, and marginal child latches capabilities
  • Mitsubishi Outlander has received five good scores for crashworthiness, a superior rating for crash prevention, and an acceptable grade for child latches, making it one of the most outstanding vehicles in the market of small SUVs

SUVs are one of the most popular types of cars in the United States. This can be partially attributed to the wide-range of cars that will be classified as a small, mid-size, or a large SUV.

Most common reason for SUV purchases, however, can be assigned to the spaciousness that is mixed with a high-quality design and power.

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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)is one of the companies that operate in the car-testing services. Established in 1959, the IIHS operates under the leadership of Dr. Adrian K. Lund who has been serving the company for over 35 years.

The tests are broken down into the following categories:

  • Crashworthiness — How well does a car do during a collision? What are the risks of injury to the driver? How big is the cabin intrusion?
  • Crash Prevention— Can a vehicle detect danger? Is the car capable of auto braking and avoiding an accident? How good are the headlights?
  • Child Anchors — Does the vehicle have child LATCH? How well are these placed? Is the overall accessibility satisfactory?

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Fiat 500X Versus Mitsubishi Outlander

– Crashworthiness

The first category that the vehicles were assessed for showcased perfectly matched abilities of both Fiat and Mitsubishi. The 500X and Outlander both received five good ratings while the passenger-side small overlap test was not rated.

This lack of rating is a consequence of the test being developed only a few weeks ago.

The survival space retention was reasonably good and the airbags deployed in a way that the dummy’s head was protected. Fiat exposed the dummy’s legs to the moderate risk of injuries while Mitsubishi only showed a low danger in this area.

Similarly, the Outlander had a slightly better roof strength-to-weight ratio that was 4.95 as opposed to 4.26 of Fiat 500X.

Head restraints received all good scores in the two sub-areas that include dynamic rating and seat/head restraint geometry. Overall, the vehicles performed similarly to one another and it would not be objective to give either model the lead.

– Crash Prevention & Mitigation


The major differences came in the crash prevention/headlight category. Unfortunately for Fiat, the superior, six out of six rating that Outlander scored was a lot better than the four out of six, advanced score 500X model had.

Mitsubishi completely avoided a collision in both auto brake tests, while Fiat only slowed down by five miles per hour in the high-speed test. The collision was not avoided and that there is room for improvement for the Italian producer.

Similarly, Outlander’s headlight scores overpowered a very disappointing performance by its competitor. When the Institute conducted its four tests of headlights on Fiat 500X, every single area of visibility was inadequate.

Mitsubishi, on the other hand, only had issues with the gradual left curve visibility and got an acceptable rating.

– Child Seat Anchors (LATCH)

To cement its loss, Fiat came short in the latch test with its marginal score. Outlander received an acceptable score that was enough to beat its opponent once more.

The areas where Fiat struggled were the location of the anchors that was hard to find and the difficulty of maneuvering around the LATCH.

Mitsubishi also had issues such as other hardware being easily mistaken for an anchor as well as those anchors being placed too deep in the seat. Regardless, the issues that the Japanese vehicle faced were not as severe as those that the Italian automobile had.

2017 Top Safety Pick and/or 2017 Top Safety Pick+


The Institute implements to following criteria for its awards:

  • Top Safety Pick – Good scores for crashworthiness and an advanced/superior crash prevention rating.
  • Top Safety Pick Plus – The above plus an acceptable/good headlight rating.

Thus, Mitsubishi Outlander was given the Plus award while Fiat captured the Top Safety Award.

After comparing the categories thoroughly, one can see that Mitsubishi was the overall winner. Fiat came short in every single category besides the crashworthiness where it was tied.

Its advanced score for crash prevention, poor headlights, and marginal child LATCH cost it a lot of points that Mitsubishi captured.

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