How long does it take to get auto insurance?

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Things to Remember...
  • Comparison shopping premiums through several insurers is the most effective way to find low-cost auto insurance
  • Having all of your personal information available reduces the time it takes for quoting and filling out applications
  • Many companies allow you to get quotes and activate coverage same-day online in just minutes
  • Instant quotes aren’t guaranteed and rates can legally change once the policy is underwritten is there’s an unintentional agent misquote
  • You should verify a company is licensed and financially stable before buying coverage to buy from the best insurer

There are literally hundreds of insurance companies that sell personal car insurance around the nation.

While each one of these companies sells a similar type of financial product with similar terms and conditions, every company has its differences.

As a consumer, you should buy competitively priced insurance from a reputable carrier. To find the best insurance policy from the best insurance carrier, you’ll need to research companies and compare rates.

Now, with a majority of major carriers offering consumers convenient online tools, pricing, and purchasing insurance can be done in minutes.

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How long will it take to get an insurance quote?


It’s difficult to pinpoint just how long it’ll take to get coverage because every company has it’s own application.

Some insurance carriers ask you more detailed questions to assess risk and underwrite the application than others.

Providing the most accurate underwriting information to the company will give the insurer the clearest picture to rate your policy.

Since there’s not just one standard system used industry-wide, there’s no way to say exactly how long getting insurance will take.

How long does the average online quote take direct through the carrier?

While some systems take upwards of 15 minutes to navigate through, others have been known to take five minutes to complete.

Some portals can automatically pull vehicle information up with your name and VIN.

Individuals who retrieved online quotes have claimed to have spent an average of about eight minutes per application getting quotes.

Since you’re advised to retrieve at least a dozen quotes for a fair price comparison, shopping for insurance online can still be tedious when you’re shopping direct through the insurer online.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid visiting several different sites and navigating through different systems to customize several personal auto quotes at once.

These brokerage-like systems only ask for personal information once and then provide this information to each insurer so that rates calculations are done behind the scenes.

What do application questions have to do with underwriting risk?


No matter how useless some of the information that you’re asked for might seem, every piece of information that the insurer wants to know has a purpose.

Insurers ask application questions strictly to assess risk and then assign premiums.

Some insurers use their own data, and others will reference analytics from outside vendors like Moody’s Analytics to gain insight.

Insurers believe that the information provided can be used to predict behaviors and how likely you’ll be to file a claim.

Some of the information used is based on your segment or demographic, and some is based on your household, habits, and vehicle information.

Here are some of the most important factors that can affect pricing:

  • Vehicle type
  • Gender, age, years of driving experience
  • Driving record and claims record
  • Garaging zip code
  • How you use your car and how much
  • Credit rating

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

What information must be provided for an online quote?

Every answer that you provide on an electronic application will change your risk class and could potentially change your premiums.

Here are some of the most common application questions that you must answer to complete an auto insurance application:

  • How many years of experience does each driver have in the United States?
  • Does any driver have moving violations?
  • Do any household members have accidents on their record?
  • Are full-time student drivers eligible for Good Student Discounts?
  • Does the vehicle have anti-theft device? Passive or active?
  • Where is the vehicle primarily parked?
  • Is the vehicle financed or leased?
  • Do you have prior auto insurance?
  • Do you have any lapses in coverage?

Determining How Much Coverage You Need Before a Quote


One way to reduce the time it takes to get car insurance is for you to assess how much coverage you need beforehand.

Each state has its own insurance laws, but purchasing state minimum coverage doesn’t necessarily protect you.

If your car is financed, the finance company will require physical damage coverage and possibly gap insurance.

If it’s paid off, you still may want optional coverage like Medical Payments and Uninsured Motorist.

Take the time to review coverage options and state requirements.

If you already have coverage, just make sure you’re doing an apples-to-apples comparison so that you can clearly see if you’re getting the best deal with potential insurers.

By getting quotes with the same limits and options, you’ll know whichever insurer you choose really is offering the best deal.

What to Consider When You Are Comparing Auto Insurers


Price shouldn’t be the only consideration to keep in mind as you’re shopping around to get insurance.

Before you assume the cheapest policy is best, you should look into the carrier’s reputation. When choosing an insurer, you should make licensing a priority.

If you do business with a company that isn’t licensed in your state, you can’t turn to the Department of Insurance to settle issues you have with the insurer.

If you don’t want to spend 15 minutes on each quote you request, you can provide your information just once and review dozens of quotes instantly.

Before you get quotes, check into licensing and financial stability ratings so that you only do business with reliable companies.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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