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How do I get an auto insurance company review?

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Things to Remember...
  • There are several ways to research a company’s reputation before choosing to purchase
  • Check a company’s customer service by going to websites such as The Better Business Bureau
  • Research a company’s financial status by looking on websites such as A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s

When you are buying auto insurance, you should do as much background information checking as possible before you make a purchasing choice.

While most insurance companies are reputable and operate legally, they may not offer the best customer service or pay claims as readily as you need if your car is damaged in an accident.

There are numerous places you can look for reviews on auto insurance. The internet makes finding unbiased reviews of auto insurance companies easier than ever before.

Not only are reviews available online, but car insurance comparisons are also available to get the best rates.

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Consumer Complaints


Car insurance companies often receive consumer complaints when they increase their premium rates or a customer has a problem with a claim.

You can find out information about consumer complaints by going to the Better Business Bureau website.

The Better Business Bureau works with consumers to mediate solutions and resolve customer problems. They also monitor and report on how well businesses are perceived by consumers.

The Better Business Bureau also has a certification program which awards certification to companies meeting their standards of business conduct.

Another place to learn about consumer complaints is the state Consumer Affairs Department.

Each state has a Department of Consumer Affairs which oversees auto insurance companies, including licensing businesses operations and awarding licenses for insurance agents and brokers.

Your state Department of Consumer Affairs also monitors insurance company complaints and lawsuits and provide ratings based on the number of complaints against insurance companies operating in your state.

Insurance Review Websites

Insurance review websites provide a wealth of information about auto insurance companies.

Many insurance review websites review individual car insurance companies and provide ratings based on the company’s premium rates, customer service and services and products offered.

Insurance review websites also may provide consumer reviews which are based on first-hand experience of insurance companies. 

Insurance review websites also may have a list of recommended auto insurance companies.

You may also be able to request an auto insurance policy rate quote through an insurance review website.

Financial Stability


Another type of review of auto insurance is regarding their financial stability. Insurance companies are financial service companies.

They provide you with financial protection by paying for damages if you are involved in an accident. This protects you from potential lawsuits and from the expense of paying for damages yourself.

Insurance companies, regardless of what kind of insurance they offer, are required to have large amounts of financial reserves in place to pay claims filed by policyholders.

The stronger their financial holdings are, the better rating they receive from reviewers.

A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch Ratings are three of the best-known sources for reviews and ratings of insurance companies.

You can find insurance company ratings by visiting any of these company websites.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is another review evaluation which can provide you with helpful information. JD Power reviews auto insurance companies each year and issues an annual report with their findings.

JD Power asks consumers about their perceptions of each company, their satisfaction with customer service and their satisfaction with policy rates.

You can find the JD Power annual review of auto insurance companies on their website.

Consumer Reports also conducts regular evaluations of auto insurance companies. They review insurance company products and services, along with efficiency in claims processing and customer services.

Consumer Reports interviews customers and evaluates consumer satisfaction with products and services. They issue their findings in their publication and on their website.

Comparing Auto Insurance


When you compare auto insurance policies, there are many factors to take into consideration.

For example, although you want the best rates possible, customer service and efficient claims processing are also extremely important.

The best car insurance companies will process your claims quickly and efficiently.

Find out if they offer the ability to file claims electronically through their website and if their claims processing is automated and allows body shops to submit estimates online.

This will eliminate the time needed to have a claims adjuster evaluate your car in person.

Consider the availability of customer service agents. Find out if you can talk to customer service around the clock on the telephone.

Be wary of any auto insurance company that only provides customer service communication via email or has limited service hours.

You can compare car insurance rates through several different avenues:

  • You can talk directly to an insurance company, either on the telephone or through their website
  • You can also request rate quotes from independent insurance brokers or from comparison websites

Regardless of which auto insurance company you ultimately decide to use, make sure you compare at least three companies.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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