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How do I get a quote online from auto insurance companies?

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Things to Remember...
  • Auto insurance is required, but the process of finding insurance quotes does not have to be complicated
  • An easy way to find auto insurance quotes is to use the Internet, either by going to a company website or a comparison website
  • Whichever method you decide to use, make sure you ask about any available discounts or promotions to save money on your policy

Comparing auto insurance coverage always begins with the quote. Car owners must obtain auto insurance, but that does not always mean spending hours seeking coverage options.

While it is important to compare different prices and coverage options, consumers also need to consider methods of finding out the information before they waste time doing incomplete research.

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Benefit of Online Quotes


Online auto insurance quotes have few major benefits that make it appealing for many who are comparing different companies.

By understanding the benefits, it is easier to find the best company in a particular area that is offering recommended auto insurance coverage levels.

The major benefits include:

  • Easy comparison shopping
  • Extra promotional discounts
  • Ability to compare at one website
  • Convenience of the process

Getting Direct Quotes


Obtaining an insurance company’s coverage quote is possible directly through the company website. This is one of the easiest ways to get the quoted data about a specific business.

The direct quotes begin with going to the company website. The website will have a button that says something similar to get quotes or online quotes.

Anyone seeking a quote directly through the company will need to provide the make and model of the vehicle, the year it was made and the preferred coverage.

In some situations, it might be necessary to also provide some personal data, such as a driver’s license number, before obtaining the quote.

While some information is optional, the more details provided on the website will result in more accurate quoted information.

After filling in the basics, the website might start a chat with a representative who will often ask for more detailed information about the vehicle and the primary driver.

The basic quote provided through this service will provide information about the basic coverage or liability coverage.

Those who want full coverage or additional coverage will need to give the preferred coverage information to the representative for more detailed quotes.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Quotes From Websites That Compare Prices

Beyond direct quotes, consumers are also able to obtain several quotes through comparison websites that specialize in providing several options to compare prices in the same location.

This type of quote provides a general idea of the potential costs of several different companies so that it is easier to identify the best prices in the local area.

Comparison websites will ask for similar details as the direct website about the vehicle, number of drivers, ages of the drivers and other information that helps determine the appropriate coverage.

The website will also ask about coverage preferences to get the most accurate quotes.

After providing all of the details about the coverage, consumers can expect to receive the quotes from local, state and national companies who provide auto insurance to the local area.

When viewing these, know what to look for in cheap auto insurance providers.

The quotes give an idea of various prices for different companies and the company giving the best rates for the preferred amount of coverage.

Many of the quotes will only give a price estimate and the name of the company based on the provided information.

In some cases, the websites that compare prices will also ask for information that might seem irrelevant, such as grades in school for younger drivers.

These questions often relate to special discounts that are usually available through the company and help bring down the expense.

Making Use of Promotions and Discounts


Promotions and discounts that are always available offer a method of reducing the expense while comparing the prices of various insurance companies.

Comparison websites will vary in the number of discounts provided based on the common types offered by companies and potential promotions.

Some of the promotions might only be available when comparing the quotes directly on the website of the company rather than through the use of comparison websites.

Direct websites make it easier to obtain special rates, promotions, and discounts because the representative talking through the online chat will have the most updated information about specials and discounts available for consumers.

When working with the direct website and representative, the best way to obtain the most accurate quote is asking about the discounts available beforehand and seeing if any are applicable.

Some promotions or discounts are automatically added to a quote such as discounts related to specific age groups that statistically have a lower incidence of accidents.

Other discounts are only added after asking for the promotion. Be sure to ask if you qualify for an auto insurance discount.

Asking about the latest promotions or any discounts the company offers will help determine if it is possible to reduce the cost of insurance coverage further.

Compare Quotes Before Choosing One


Any websites that compare company prices will often ask some details about personal driving records, school, or other common discounts that might apply to the account.

Depending on the website and the insurance companies working with the website, the ability to add promotions might vary.

Some websites will only offer the basic discounts while others will add special promotions and updated rates.

Obtaining quotes for auto insurance online is not as complicated as it might seem as a comparison website can offer direct quotes from several auto insurance companies.

After obtaining the most accurate estimates possible, it is then possible to compare the different coverage options in the local area and determine the best company to meet personal needs.

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FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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