How can I know to trust an affordable auto insurance broker?

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Here's what you need to know...

  • An auto insurance broker can help you find affordable policies
  • Qualified brokers have industry contacts
  • Do your homework before trusting a broker

An insurance broker helps car owners find reputable auto insurance providers with affordable rates.  A broker has industry contacts and can find the right coverage far quicker than the average person. However, not all brokers are trustworthy.

The best auto insurance brokers are those who go the extra mile for customers, have low fees, and are clear and honest about what different car insurance groups have to offer.

The following are some signs that a car owner can trust an auto insurance broker.

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Honesty and Transparency


The best brokers are upfront and honest. They will talk with car owners about their insurance needs. In this conversation, a trustworthy auto insurance company or broker will be blunt about what to expect.

If something sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.

These brokers can explain what different terms and rates mean and can advise people on what type of deductible and premium to accept given the owner’s driving history and the age and type of car he or she owns.

It is appropriate for any car owner to ask if the broker is paid by specific companies to push their policies and it is also appropriate to ask for the broker’s credentials.

After all, cheap auto insurance plans are an important investment. It is important to work with a broker who knows what he or she is doing and that is honest.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Visit the Auto Insurance Broker’s Website

A broker’s website says a lot about who they are. Be wary of any professional that does not have much of an online presence.

This could suggest that the broker has little experience or is not particularly reputable.

The best professionals in the industry have professional-looking websites that are informative and easy-to-navigate.

It is important to visit potential brokers’ websites to find out more information about their services, experience, and rates.

Social Networking Websites


Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are valuable resources. Here, one can ask people if they have any suggestions about which auto insurance brokers to use.

Additionally, this is the chance to see if different brokers advertise or have profiles on such websites.

With the click of a button, one can reach a lot of people and get important information about how to find affordable auto insurance.

Ask Loved Ones for Referrals on Brokers

Loved ones, neighbors, and coworkers are great resources to turn to when looking for brokers.

These people can explain who they have used in the past and whether or not they were satisfied with the results.

It is important to spread the word that one is looking for experienced auto insurance brokers. Car owners might be surprised at the information that pours in.

Contact the Better Business Bureau


It is important to double- and triple-check that brokers are reliable and responsible.

This means contacting the Better Business Bureau and other consumer advocate groups.

If a person has a complaint about a broker or business, they will most likely file it here.

This is a chance to make sure that a broker has a solid reputation in the auto insurance world and will not take a person’s money and run.

Trust One’s Gut Feeling

It is important to trust one’s gut feeling about an auto insurance broker. This is an important relationship. Such a broker can find people great coverage at an affordable rate, or they could scam people out of their money.

One should pay attention to the broker’s location, the look of the office, and all associated marketing materials linked to this professional.

If his or her business cards look shoddily made or the office looks temporary, then it may be best to work with a different broker.

The details count quite a bit when gauging a person’s professionalism.

Careful research will help a car owner find a trustworthy auto insurance broker. The right broker can really save a person a lot of money.

This is a chance to invest in professionals who have connections that make it easier to find deals on excellent coverage.

There are great experts out there. People just need to take the time to find them.

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