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Winter Driving Tips

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Things to Remember...
  • Winter driving can be intimidating because of the bad road conditions
  • Know the best ways to stay safe when driving in snowy or icy weather
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The winter driving tips below can help keep you safe in winter conditions and keep your auto insurance rates low.

Staying safe on the slick winter roads does not happen by chance.

Safe drivers and those with the cheapest auto insurance rates are those who use common sense methods to lower risk.

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Get Dedicated Snow Tires


The first line of defense against that fluffy white stuff is snow tires. These tires are designed to give you the best grip possible while keeping the snow out from under your tires.

If you can’t afford snow tires, make sure you have a decent set of all-weather tires to ride on.

Driving around with bald slicks will only end up with you talking to the auto insurance agent about how you ended up in the ditch. Or worse, you will have to file a claim for an accident.

Seeing is Believing

Keeping your windows cleaned off should be a no-brainer to avoid an auto insurance nightmare.

You may even have to stop on the side of the road to clean your wipers and scrape your windows from time to time. How can you avoid a potential accident if you can’t even see?

Make sure your windshield wiper fluid is filled up at the beginning of the season. Look for the special type that won’t freeze up in the frigid temperatures.

Lighting Conditions are Good

Keeping your headlights cleared and working is a great way to avoid an auto insurance claim. Having working headlights will provide you two major benefits.

  • If you can see, you can’t avoid possible collisions. Working headlights also provide you a way to signal for help if the event of an emergency
  • The second benefit is to your fellow drivers. Turning your headlights on will make you more visible to oncoming traffic

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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Technology Provides You No Miracles

Even with all the miracles of GPS, ESC, ABS, and sweet electronic voices can’t help you during bad weather. The first line of auto insurance defense is you.

Don’t assume that those anti-lock brakes are going to keep you from sliding into a ditch because you were cruising too fast down the road.

Drive smart, drive safe, and drive to your abilities.

Practice in an Empty Parking Lot


You’ve heard just how much practice makes perfect. Why not hit a parking lot for a bit of a refresher course on how to handle winter driving?

Find a big empty parking lot when that first snow falls and start remembering how to drive in the snow.

Things you might want to practice include:

  • How to recover from a slide
  • How to break without locking up the breaks
  • How to make emergency maneuvers to avoid hazards in front of you

Make sure you choose a parking lot with enough open space that you won’t cause yourself any auto insurance headaches.

Winter does not need to mean several trips to the auto insurance agent thanks to car crashes. These tips will help keep you playing in the snow instead of cursing the snow.

Compare free online auto insurance rates by entering your zip code now!

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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