What are five cheap states for auto insurance?

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Things to Remember...
  • Certain states have cheaper auto insurance rates than others
  • Every state has laws for minimum levels of insurance coverage
  • Comparing the insurance rates from state to state can help you find the best deals

Where you live can play a big part in your auto insurance rates. For those who have the ability to move about, here are a few states to consider.

Even if you don’t plan on packing, knowing the average insurance rates in your state and the country will help you to assess your own premiums.

The five states listed below represent the cheapest auto insurance in the nation.

If you think you are paying too much, it may be time to shop around. Compare auto insurance rates online from competing insurance companies!

#5 – Utah


Utah fares much better in their auto insurance rates than those poor people living next door do.

On average, Utah drivers spend roughly $573 a year on auto insurance.

Maybe people here are just safer drivers. Better yet, maybe this low rate is because Utah has double the space of somewhere like Virginia but with fewer drivers.

#4 – New Hampshire


New Hampshire is a bustling state with lots of drivers. Yet, this state has a median auto insurance rate of $595 a year.

This just might be due to being close to New York City but having such a larger amount of driving space.

#3 – Hawaii

The state that brings the cost of a gallon of milk right up there with a good magazine makes this list.

Auto insurance company rates in Hawaii average right around $600 a year. Residents here might pay this little to help them afford to live on these small island chains.

Some contributing factors for this low rate are just how many people on the islands drive.

With such a small area and a high cost for cars, many people choose many other means of travel.

Auto insurance rates here might be low, but the cost of living more than makes up for those low rates.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

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#2 – Minnesota

The land of ten thousand lakes brings in some of the cheapest auto insurance in all the land.

Residents who are willing to deal with frigid temperatures in Minnesota will enjoy auto insurance rates that barely topple $563 a year.

Maybe the fact that people need snowmobiles nine months out of the year plays a role in this.

#1 – Massachusetts


Drivers in this state enjoy quite possibly the lowest auto insurance rate in all the land. Massachusetts’ drivers barely top the $500 a year mark for their premiums.

The people who live and work in Massachusetts also make a relatively high amount of money.

These two factors make this state one of the cheapest places to own and drive a car.

Massachusetts might be a frigid place to live a few months out of the year, but they have some of the cheapest auto insurance rates around.

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Of course, not everyone can just pick up and move someplace else to get the best possible auto insurance rates, but knowing what they are can help put you on the lookout for the best rates you can find where you live right now.

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