Professionals Advocate Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Company Details
Address: 225 International Circle Box 8016
City: Hunt Valley
State: MD
ZIP Code: 21030
Phone Number: 800-492-0193
AM Best Rating: A-
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Professionals Advocate is a liability insurance company for physicians and dentists. This is not an auto insurance company, rather a company that offers a variety of products used by doctors from different fields to protect themselves and their practices. Enter your ZIP code below to get your FREE online auto insurance quotes today! About Professionals…

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Progressive Snapshot Review (2021)

Company Details
Address: 6300 Wilson Mills Road
City: Mayfield Village
State: Ohio
ZIP Code: 44143
Phone Number: 440-461-5000
Year Founded: 1937
AM Best Rating: A+
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

At a time when people get easily distracted and engage in countless driving hazards, many insurance companies want to help keep the roads safer—saving money on claims in the process. Progressive Snapshot is one program designed to encourage and incentivize safe driving. With Snapshot, Progressive promises to reward policyholders for their good habits while monitoring…

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Progressive vs. State Farm Auto Insurance (2021)

Progressive and State Farm offer cheap auto insurance to customers. The company with the best rates depends on your age, but Progressive has better financial ratings. Comparing Progressive vs. State Farm will help you find the best choice. Before starting this Progressive vs. State Farm comparison, enter your ZIP code to find free auto insurance…

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Progressive vs. USAA Auto Insurance (2021)

Progressive and USAA offer cheap auto insurance to customers. While Progressive has lower rates for younger and older drivers, USAA has lower rates for people of other ages. Comparing Progressive vs. USAA will help you find the best choice for your auto insurance needs. Before starting this Progressive vs. USAA comparison, enter your ZIP code…

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Proselect Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Company Details
Address: 101 Arch Street, 4th Floor
City: Boston
State: Massachusetts
ZIP Code: 02110
Phone Number: 800-225-6168
Year Founded: 1975
AM Best Rating: not rated
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

A Proselect Auto Insurance Review leads to the ProMutual Group. ProMutual was founded in 1975 and in 2005 Proselect dissolved into ProMutual. This company only sells medical malpractice and liability insurance for physicians, medical groups, hospitals, and dentists. They do not sell commercial or personal auto insurance coverage. If you are looking for personal auto…

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Protective Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Company Details
Address: PO Box 12687
City: Birmingham
State: AL
ZIP Code: 35202
Phone Number: 1-800-866-9933
Year Founded: 1907
AM Best Rating: A+
Company Rating 1 (1 review)

Protective auto insurance is actually a sub-category under the Protective Life Corporation. Protective Insurance is, firstly, a life insurance agency. Protective Insurance sells investment products and a variety of insurance products in the U.S. The company was founded in 1907 and sells many of its products through subsidiaries. We’ll discuss those companies, their products, and…

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Providence Washington Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Update:Providence Washington liquidated in June 2004. A review of Providence Washington Car Insurance Company leads to a company that is no longer in business. Providence Washington was a strong company and a leader in the insurance industry for many years. However, after some financial struggles, it closed its doors for good in June of 2004…

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Prudential Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Company Details
Address: Prudential Plaza 802
City: Newark
State: NJ
ZIP Code: 07102
Phone Number: 973-802-6000
Year Founded: 1875
AM Best Rating: A+
Company Rating 3 (2 reviews)

Can you buy Prudential auto insurance? When it comes to auto insurance coverage, we know there are many companies to choose from. If you’ve been researching insurance options, you’ve probably stumbled across Prudential insurance during your search. This is because Prudential is the largest insurance company in the United States. Because Prudential Financial Company is…

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Public Service Mutual Company Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Company Details
Address: One Park Avenue
City: New York
State: NY
ZIP Code: 10016
Phone Number: 212-591-9500
Year Founded: 1925
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Public Service Mutual Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the Magna Carta Companies, which were established in 1925 in New York City to underwrite insurance for taxicabs. Magna Carta companies include Paramount Insurance Company, Western Select Insurance Company, and Public Service Mutual Insurance Company. Compare auto insurance quotes online by entering your zip code now!…

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Putnam Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Company Details
Address: 165 Broadway
City: New York
State: New York
ZIP Code: 10006
Phone Number: 212-365-2200
AM Best Rating: A
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

The Putnam Auto Insurance review shows that the Putnam Reinsurance Company is a member of the Transatlantic Holdings, Inc. Group. The other two companies that make up this reinsurance group are the Transatlantic Reinsurance Company and the Transatlantic Reinsurance Company of Canada. Our FREE online tool makes finding the most affordable auto insurance rates easier…

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