IDS Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Company Details
Address: IDS PROPERTY CASUALTY INSURANCE (wholly owned by Ameriprise Insurance)
State: WI
ZIP Code: 54304-3922
Phone Number: +1- 920-496-5100
Year Founded: 1894
AM Best Rating: A+ (“SUPERIOR”)
Company Rating 1 (2 reviews)

IDS Property Casualty Insurance, the focus of this IDS review, is a wholly-owned operating unit of Ameriprise Financial. Ameriprise has built a solid franchise selling financial advice, products, and services to affluent individual investors. IDS Property Casualty Insurance was formerly owned by American Express. American Express spun off IDS, a retail broker and distribution company in the…

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IFA Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Company Details
Address: 14 Walnut Avenue
City: Clark
State: New Jersey
ZIP Code: 07066
Phone Number: 1-877-432-2277
Year Founded: 1972
AM Best Rating: C++
Company Rating 1.6 (15 reviews)

This IFA Auto Insurance Review is for the New Jersey-based company that offers personal auto insurance coverage in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Founded in 1972, IFA Auto Insurance services private customers only and does not offer commercial coverage. IFA Auto Insurance offers a special discount to employees and members of businesses and organizations who…

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Illinois National Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Company Details
Address: 300 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2100
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
ZIP Code: 60606-6613
Phone Number: 1-877-638-4244
Year Founded: 1933
AM Best Rating: A
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Unfortunately, there is very little to say in relation to how Illinois National does business, due to the fact that it operates as a subsidiary AIG. We do know that Illinois National was originally incorporated in 1933 to serve the personal insurance needs of customers at the retail level. The best auto insurance rates are…

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Imperial Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Company Details
Address: P.O. Box 753
City: Opelousas
State: LA
ZIP Code: 70571
Phone Number: 800-960-7777
Year Founded: 1988
AM Best Rating: A-
Company Rating 1 (4 reviews)

Imperial Fire & Casualty Insurance Company is based in Louisiana. Imperial focuses on the auto insurance needs of individuals and businesses. In addition, Imperial underwrites personal property and flood policies. Imperial Fire & Casualty Insurance Company has regional office locations in Dallas, Texas, and Miami, Florida. The company’s claims office is located in Bossier City, Louisiana….

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Infinity Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Company Details
Address: 2201 4th Avenue North
City: Birmingham
State: AL
ZIP Code: 35203
Phone Number: 1-800-463-4648
Year Founded: 1955
AM Best Rating: A
Company Rating 1 (12 reviews)

This Infinity auto insurance review will provide an overview of Infinity Insurance as a company, as well as information for those seeking auto insurance quotes. Infinity Insurance Company was founded in 1955 as a small provider known then as the Dixie Insurance Company. Since then, it has expanded into 43 states and has become one…

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Insura Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Company Details
Address: 4450 Sojourn Drive, Suite 500
City: Addison
State: TX
ZIP Code: 75001
Phone Number: 1-800-877-0226
Year Founded: 1998
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

Insura Auto Insurance is part of the Affirmative Holdings group which underwrites non-standard or high risk insurance policies. The company has continued to grow over the years by acquiring other non-standard insurance companies. Compare auto insurance quotes online by entering your ZIP code now! Insura Auto Insurance and Affirmative Holdings Locations Insura/Affirmative currently offers products…

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Insurance Company of the Americas Auto Insurance Review (2020)

This Insurance Company of the Americas Auto Insurance Company Review explores the Insurance Company of the Americas. Insurance Company of the Americas was originally licensed in the state of Florida, but established insurance operations in the state of New York and elsewhere. According to the scope of examination filed in 2006, the company received a…

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Insurance Corporation of New York Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Company Details
Address: 425 Kings Hwy East
City: Fairfield
State: Connecticut
ZIP Code: 06825
Phone Number: 203-292-5881
Year Founded: 1968
Company Rating 0 (0 reviews)

This Insurance Corporation of New York Auto Insurance review will notify consumers that the company was officially liquidated in March 2010. As such, it no longer offers auto insurance coverage. For those seeking auto insurance quotes in the Fairfield, Connecticut area, a review of Lapolla Insurance Agency follows. See auto insurance rates from the top-rated carriers…

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Integon Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Company Details
Address: P. O. Box 66790
City: Saint Louis
State: MO
ZIP Code: 63166
Phone Number: 1-800-325-1190
Year Founded: 1939
AM Best Rating: A
Company Rating 1.09 (11 reviews)

Integon auto insurance is managed under its parent company, National General — formerly known as General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC). Therefore, any Integon auto insurance you receive will come from National General. If you buy Integon auto insurance, you’ll notice the company goes by many names, but all names connect back to National General. Each…

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Interinsurance Exchange Auto Insurance Review (2021)

Company Details
Address: P. O. Box 25001
City: Santa Ana
State: CA
ZIP Code: 92799
Phone Number: 800-222-4357
AM Best Rating: A+
Company Rating 1 (1 review)

This Interinsurance Exchange Auto Insurance review shows that all searches for Interinsurance Exchange lead to AAA of Southern California. AAA has a long history of assisting drivers, and membership offers many incentives including: discounts roadside assistance insurance and financial services. When most people think of AAA, they automatically think of the roadside service that they…

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