Farmland Auto Insurance Review (2020)

Looking at Farmland auto insurance? They offer commercial insurance to agricultural businesses and have a rating of A+ (Superior) from A.M. Best.

Company Details
Address: One Nationwide Plaza
City: Columbus
State: OH
ZIP Code: 43215
Phone Number: 1-877-669-6877
Year Founded: 1909
AM Best Rating: A+
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Things to Remember...

  • Farmland Mutual Insurance Company is owned by Nationwide Mutual
  • Farmland Mutual has a high rating from A.M. Best because of the management of Nationwide
  • Farmland Mutual provides insurance products to commercial agricultural businesses around the country

This Farmland Auto Insurance review looks at Des Moines, Iowa-headquartered Farmland Mutual Insurance Company, Inc.

Farmland Mutual was originally founded in 1909, in the town of Aurelia, Iowa, as Farmers Cooperative Elevator Mutual Insurance Association.

Today, Farmland Mutual Insurance Company is wholly owned by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Nationwide purchased the company in 1982.

Because Nationwide enjoys sound financial management, Farmland Insurance receives an “A+” rating, A. M. Best’s highest rating for insurance companies.

The company is one of Nationwide’s Agribusiness companies and offers a variety of farm auto, truck, equipment, and tractor property & casualty insurance lines.

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Farmland Auto Insurance Company Overview

Farmers across the United States still feed the nation, so insuring agribusiness is more important than ever before.

In the year of the company’s founding, elevator grain fires wiped out stores of important foodstuffs. Grain elevators were usually made of wood, and fires resulted in tragic losses of life and grains.

Nationwide’s Agribusiness unit stays close to its beginnings. The company insures the following groups:

  • Dairy farms
  • Food processors
  • Feed mills
  • Sugar refineries
  • Other agribusiness-related concerns like bottling companies, greenhouses, and nurseries

The company is one of the leaders in providing insurance to commercial agriculture in the United States.

Farmland Mutual Insurance Company’s products include cotton farmer and ginner insurance coverage and commercial insurance policies.

Workers’ comp plans for the agricultural industry help employers manage the uncertainty of employees’ health during the growing and harvesting cycles.

Farmland Mutual also provides umbrella liability policies, commercial auto fleet insurance, and customized products geared to the needs of specific industries.


Farmland Auto Insurance and Farmland Mutual Financial Information

According to Dun & Bradstreet, Farmland Mutual generated $22.07 million in annual sales during the fiscal year 2010, and the company is considered a low-risk vendor.

The parent company, Nationwide Mutual Insurance, was originally founded in 1929. Nationwide employs 32,000 people around the world.

The company shed about 11.1679 percent of its employees in 2010. The company is privately-held and is one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

Standard & Poor’s and Dun & Bradstreet consider Nationwide to be a low-risk vendor.

Farmland Auto Insurance Agents

Nationwide maintains both an employed insurance marketing and sales arm of about 3,300 agents, and an independent insurance broker and agent network of about 4,000 agents.

Farmland maintains some specialty insurance agents within its general Nationwide sales and marketing network.

Farmland’s regional locations include Columbus, Ohio; Amarillo, Texas; and Merrill, Wisconsin.

While Farmland will offer the lowest rates for some, it is not the best auto insurance company for everyone. No matter which provider you use, you need to compare those rates annually to stay competitive.

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