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633 Shiloh Pike, PO Box 556

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(800) 232-6992
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Things to Remember...

  • Cumberland auto insurance provides auto insurance for customers in Pennsylvania and Maryland
  • Cumberland also offers umbrella coverage for small business owners to protect their assets
  • Cumberland provides a variety of insurance options including fleet coverage and specialty insurance

A Cumberland auto insurance review found three locations for this insurer. The company headquarters is in New Jersey, while the branch offices are located in Prince Frederick, MD, Coatsville, PA, and Mansfield, OH.

Cumberland has earned an “A-” from A.M. Best, the expert insurance rater. Cumberland Insurance Group has approximately 400 agents between all four locations to services your needs.

An insurance agent’s job is to find the right fit for you according to your circumstances. Whether you need standard or non-standard insurance, agents with Cumberland can help.

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Cumberland Auto Insurance for Your Personal Needs


Car insurance in Pennsylvania and Maryland is the extent of which this company offers protection for your personal auto.

Policyholders in these states may combine their motorcycle or boat coverage with their auto or homeowner’s coverage to save money.

Cumberland also offers its policyholders an Identity Theft Resolution Services. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America today.

Cumberland does not allow its policyholders to face these incidents alone. They walk you through everything from filing a police report to notifying all three credit bureaus.

Cumberland Umbrella Coverage for Your Business Needs


Every day small businesses are opening in the U.S. with insurance needs every day. At Cumberland, it is important to have good coverage for your business, and an umbrella policy gives you extra liability for a small business.

If you are in an accident and you do not have enough coverage, you could lose your new business.

Umbrella coverage is important to small business owners as a number of their assets increase, especially if you have a small transportation business.

The average amount of minimum coverage will not be enough to protect your business from catastrophic losses.

FREE Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top auto insurance companies and save!

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Cumberland Auto Insurance Coverage for Your Fleet

If you have a fleet of vehicles, your auto insurance coverage needs are going to be different from the average driver or business needs. Each one of your vehicles has to be insured.

Some examples of fleets may be:

  • Limousines
  • Taxies
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Rental Cars

Whether you are into truck or boat sales or have an existing limousine business, your insurance needs have to be detailed to protect each vehicle.

New car sales dealerships have to have comprehensive coverage that protects their inventory while they sit on the lot 24/7.

The biggest risks with these type businesses are theftinclement weather, and vandalism.

Cumberland Auto Insurance Coverage for Specialty Cars


Specialty cars come in several forms, some of which most people are familiar. A few examples would be antiques, classics, hot rods, limousines, and some luxury cars.

These owners not only have to be concerned about where they park these cars in public, but where they store them as well.

Storage is one of the factors that qualify a car for its specialty status. Limousines, for instance, have to be parked in a garage specifically designed for their storage.

Another factor for specialty cars is part replacement since many of them have to shop at specialty parts stores or special order them.

Additional Cumberland Auto Insurance Coverage


RV’s or recreational vehicles fall in a certain class of their own because it is considered a combination of a car and a home.

Boating insurance is not mandatory for boat owners, although most boat owners want to protect themselves from the possibility of being financially devastated.

Most auto insurance policies include a rental car provision in the event your car is being repaired or if you are going on a road trip or short distance business trips.

You can use your existing car insurance coverage to protect you while your personal car is parked at home.

With a simple phone call to your insurance agent, you can cover your rental car under your existing auto coverage.

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